The Boring Exciting Introduction

The wind is blowing through my hair.

The sound of bells is ringing in my ears.

'What a soothing sound,' I think to myself.

'This sound, it's beautiful and…familiar.'

I opened my eyes and in flooded the night-lights of the city. Like a swarm of fireflies lighting the night air, the city illuminated the area magnificently.

I was getting closer to the lights as I began to fall.

Tumbling down to the Earth beneath.

'What an interesting world,' I thought.

'I wonder why…?'


Ariel's eyes flew open as she awoke from another peculiar dream.

'Again?' She thought, 'this recurring dream is starting to bother me.'

She looked up at her ceiling. She saw her detailed drawing of the Angel of Hope, painted onto her ceiling. At the bottom right of the angel was Ariel's signature and her sign of authenticity.

A chibi angel wing.

Ariel looked over to her alarm clock.

6:12 am.

'I have 18 minutes left,' Ariel realized. 'Shower.'

Ariel removed the blanket from her body, allowing the comparatively freezing air of the morning to wash over her. She moved over to the en-suite bathroom and ran the hot water.

She removed her pyjamas and stepped into the flowing water.

'I've always liked the idea of flying,' Ariel deliberated, 'but I've been having the same dream since 7th Grade.'

She washed her hair and turned off the water. She stepped out of the shower and reached for her towel. She wrapped it around her body and walked back into her room and began to look through her large array of clothes. After settling on an acceptable winter outfit

– consisting of a purple jacket with a fur collar, a deep blue long sleeve shirt, a black skirt that went down to her knee and a pair of fuzzy boots – she dried herself off and began to get dressed. She looked back over to the alarm clock.

6:28 am.

'It'll go off in 2 minutes. I haven't even needed the alarm clock in a year, damn dream always wakes me up,' Ariel contemplated, 'but I know the day I turn it off my dreams are gonna stop.'

The alarm began to ring but Ariel simply turned it off.

She walked over to her desk and looked over the books. Wondering if she was going to need any of them. Today was the weird day in her schedule.

She had two art periods, recess, two study hall periods, lunch, a math class and an English class and then she was done.

She picked up her sketchbook and her art supplies (paint, bushes, pencils etc.) She grabbed her math books, her play copy and her essay, placing them all in her bag along with her laptop.

She looked in the mirror and lined her lips with a pink lip-gloss. She smiled a pearly smile and left the sanctity that was her bedroom.

She walked through the hall and down the stairs and made her way to the kitchen to find her father cooking breakfast.

"Hey Angel," her dad, Simon, smiled. "Up early again?"

Ariel sat down in her usual place at the breakfast table.

"Have been for awhile," she sighed.

"You sure you're getting enough sleep?" Simon asked, concerned.

"No, but there have been no side effects yet," Ariel smiled, "Besides, I always wake up just in time for there to be no point in going back to sleep."

Simon laughed.

"Ah well, the early bird catches the worm,"

"Yes, well, I'm getting somewhat tired of worms, so I have to hope you're making waffles,"

Ariel leaned over to see what was being prepared.

"Close, pancakes," he grinned, getting ready to flip one.

"You wanna flip a couple?"

Ariel smiled.


Ariel walked around to grab the pan; she moved the pancake around to make sure it wasn't stuck.

She then took the leap of faith.

She lowered the pan and brought it up in the motion that allowed the pancake to leap into the air and perform the acrobatics so closely associated with the breakfast favourite.

The cooked batter did a total of two somersaults, before returning to the pan.

"Good job Angel," Simon patted her shoulder.

Ariel smiled smugly. Then they both laughed.

"Alright, 6:50," Simon realised.

"I'll go get your Mom up, can you handle breakfast for the minute."

"But of course," Ariel smiled.

Simon walked up the stairs calmly, leaving Ariel to tend to the pancakes.

'I wonder what it would be like to be an angel?' she wondered.

'To not only be an intelligent being, but also to have the ability to fly on your own without machines or containment, but to be one with the wind. To co-exist with the skies, with the clouds and look down upon the world. How incredible.'

Ariel reveled in the realms of her fantasy world until the smell of smoke assailed her nostrils, immediately waking her up and forcing her to realise that the pancakes needed to be put onto a plate. She removed the fire hazard from the pan and replaced it with another coating of batter.

After the trial of waiting, she flipped the pancake twice and placed it on a plate. Including Simon's, the total amount of pancakes was now up to 3.

'That's enough sweetheart," Ariel's mother, Marissa, called from up the stairs.

"Morning Mom," Ariel smiled as she turned off the stove.

"Good morning," her mother answered.

"How did you sleep?"

"Alright, you?" Ariel replied.

"Well, I managed to fall asleep, which at my age is a great achievement," Marissa stretched.

"Anything special planned for today?"

"No, nothing in particular, although I was planning on going to Kayden's house after school, if that's alright?" Ariel grabbed the 3 plates, placing one of them in front of her mother.

"Thank you," Marissa mumbled through the cascade of crumbs.
"Sure it's fine. Just be back by 6, your uncle Greg, aunt Danielle and cousin Brian are coming over at 7 and we're going to that new fancy place."

"You hate going to posh places," Ariel reminded her cheekily.

"You'd rather get a meal at the nearest fast food place than go to 'that new fancy place'."

"I know, but they're really excited, apparently they have the best salads 'in the entire world'," Marissa explained, mocking the voice of her sister Danielle.

"But, by 'best' you mean…" Ariel started.

"Most expensive, yes," Marissa finished.

Simon came down the stairs in his work suit. Being Editor-in-Chief for a large fashion magazine required some flashy clothes – surprise, surprise.

"Well, I have to get down to the office and make sure everybody's getting the work done," Simon said, checking his watch.

"Oh come on," Marissa chided.
"Sit down. Have breakfast with your family once in a while."

Simon hesitated.

"Oh what the hell, its Friday, everyone else is going to be late. Why not indulge myself?" He said, sitting down.

"That's right," Marissa said, rubbing his back

"Take it easy once in a while. If everyone else can be late, the Editor-in-Chief can treat his family every now and again."

The whole family was in agreement.

Ariel placed Simon's pancakes in front of him.

"Looks good," Simon rubbed his hands enthusiastically.

Ariel sat next to her father and munched away at her breakfast contentedly.


After breakfast, everyone went to his or her respective place of work:

Simon went to the office of 'Style Heroes'.

Marissa went to work as a retailer.

And Ariel went to school.


As Ariel walked through the doors of Alviso Middle School, she remembered the levels of immaturity a middle school held.

There were boys picking their noses; girls so desperate for the new idea of popularity, they felt no choice but to cake their faces in their mother's make-up. The boys who were good at sport picked on the boys that were good at maths. And everyone was fixated upon placing every single person in their fictitious, fragile and equality defeating hierarchy that would fall apart with the simplest adjustment.

Ariel was one of the few girls who didn't find make-up necessary but wore what she thought made her look good, and if anyone else had something to say against that opinion she had some less-than-kind words with which to retaliate.

Ariel walked down the hall, neither drawing attention to herself, like a popular girl, nor hiding in the shadows, like an established 'nerd'.

She walked straight to her locker and put in the combination, granting herself the power to open it.

She reached in and took out her pink paintbrush, her favourite. She put it in with her other supplies.

"Yo! Ariel!" a voice called from afar.

Ariel turned around to see her best friend walking towards her.

"Hey girl," Ariel replied hugging her friend.

"How you been?"

"Eh. Been better, been worse," Kayden shrugged.


"Same," Ariel smiled.

Ariel and Kayden had known each other since before they could remember. Always playing together, laughing together, crying together and getting better together. They had been through a lot, they had their fights like other friends but they always made up again. But, when you see someone everyday and you genuinely care about them, it's hard to stay angry for a long time.

"You ready for Art?" Kayden asked.

"Always am," Ariel grinned, closing her locker.

"Do you know what we're doing today?"

"Nah," Kayden shrugged.

"But I'm guessing we'll find out pretty soon."

"Always such a laid back attitude," Ariel chuckled

"What's your logic?" PHLAWD LOJIK!

"A saying I heard a while back," Kayden smiled softly.

"The smart ones sit back and let karma do the work."

"Sounds like a lazy excuse," Ariel said.

"It's not a lazy excuse," Kayden winked, "it's a lazy value."