rape poem


no No NO

How many times must I tell you:
you've got it all wrong, completely and utterly wrong.
I don't want you touching me, I don't want your hands on me at all.
I was fine before you started unzipping my pants,
before you started in with your tongue and lips and fingers.
I was content with hand-holding and maybe a kiss here or there,
happy and sheltered by your side.
But now it feels like you are conquering me,
that I am some piece of earth, a mound to be moved,
and I simply do not want to be moved. I need to be grounded,
not relocated. You should know this by now.

So I tell you
no No NO

But you do not seem to hear.
This is such a primeval story: the brute's ears closing over
when lust and erection take hold of him.
He cannot be stopped; the wheel rolling down the hill.

I do not blame you for an urge that came centuries before
you were even born, an urge I am sure I must have hidden
somewhere deep inside of me.
I do not blame you for wanting to conquer me - god knows
I wanted to conquer you. But don't you know
there are more subtle, more quiet
ways to conquer someone and their flesh?
This way is just too

(c) copyrighted 05.16.01 , 06:02:41