Feelings, something I don't have

They have been lost on me

For my heart does not own them.

If you look in my eyes, you'll come up empty,

My face doesn't show them either, but

Why am I telling you this? You don't care.

To you, these are only words on a screen that don't mean anything,

You don't try to find meaning behind them

You read them then say this is good/amazing/love it.

You have no idea

Absolutely no idea how dissapointed that makes me.

Said I didn't have emotion? Yeah?

Well guess what? I lied.

I have emotions, I choose not to show them.

No one cares either way, why waste them?

These words are twisted, they all are

You choose not to understand them to save your sanity

You don't want to know the meaning, thinking youll stay safe.

Guess what? We're never safe, never.

Don't understand? No that's not it.

You don't care.