I don't' know what you're thinking, but it has been years since I've spoken to you. I've changed. I'm not the pathetic little girl I once was. I've grown up into a strong, independent woman. I've married; it's been four years this May. Justin is his name, too. He is my whole world….I don't know who the fuck you think you are to jump back into MY life and assume I'm talking about you…when it was FICTION PRESS that alerted you to my stories. Not me. I blocked your ass YEARS ago. You think for one minute I'm pining for you? That I put your face in place of my HUSBANDS?


Justin is everything I've ever wanted. And…I hate to burst that bubble you're starting to build here, but he's WAY better than you'll ever be. He's smarter, stronger, better looking….And he's bigger. Like WAY WAY WAY bigger. So, please, get off your high horse and leave me alone now. I'm moving my writing off of Fiction Press, as my profile page says I am, and I'm NEVER writing here again. I will NOT be like my mother, stalked by people of my past. The past is the past and that is EXACTLY where it will stay. That's where I'm keeping all memories of you and the incredibly brief time we spent together. In the past. I don't know what else I can say to get it through your thick skull. You are NOT the only man on Earth named Justin! As a matter of fact, that's also my brother's name. And now it's my husband's. And my husband is not your ass. I don't know how much more clear I can be. Fuck off and die. You'll never bother me again anyway.


P.S. Just in case you were wondering…Sex with MY Justin is mind blowing, and happens AT LEAST once a day. He is AMAZING in bed, and makes me cum better than you ever could….Not that you could anyway….all those times we had phone sex? I faked it. Every fucking time, asshole.