Author's Note: This is very very short, but I felt a should put it up anyway, because school and such have reared their ugly heads, and it might be a bit before I can update. Thank you all for your patience... -Kathryn Angelle


"Why is there a frying pan?"
"Frying pans are useful. Don't you like frying pans?"
"I don't like this one. It keeps banging against my leg."
"I'm terribly sorry for you."
"I'm going to get a bruise."
"I'm terr-"
"Never mind."

They had been riding for nearly an hour on the black horse when Geoff finally talked Erien into stopping so he could move the frying pan. But even though they weren't moving, he could still hear horse hooves.
"I think we're being followed."
"Yes, but it might-"
"Then shush!" she said excitedly. "I and the horse will go on this side of the road, and you go over there. Take this."
"What am I supposed to do with stick?"
"Whallop whoever is following us over the head!"
"That doesn't sound very princely."
"I'm terrib-"
"Never mind!"
Geoff went to the other side of the road with the stick on his shoulder and stood behind one of the trees. He was beginning to think that Erien knew next to nothing about how these things were supposed to be done. Girls and twelfth princes didn't go on quests, and they didn't steal the king's horse, or take frying pans, and princes didn't hit people who might be following them over the head with great big sticks. But she just didn't listen when he tried to explain either. He had a couple of minutes to ponder this, before the reddish horse came into view.
There was a great deal of crashing, and Erien on the black horse came out of the trees.
"Geoff, what is-" she stopped. "It's a horse," she said flatly.
"This is Carrot."
"Your horse was following us?" She sounded disappointed.
"Well. Get on it then."
She paused. "Your horse is named...Carrot?"
"Yes." She stared at him. "Well, you can't see right now, but he's this red color..."
She shook her head. "Whatever. Just get on it."
"Yes Geoff."

On the third day, even Erien seemed a little tired of questing. It was raining. They were out of food except for the tough meat strips and biscuits- the ones that resembled rocks. And Erien's rump seemed to be sore, because she decided walking would be a good idea. But she was game, and on the third day they reached the mountains.