You know in those movies or T.V shows that there is always this popular girl? The girl that is hated by all people that are beneath her, the one that could have any guy she wanted. But when she does get the guy she truly wants, he is ripped away by some brilliant new girl. Depending on the creativity level of the writers. Well that girl is me.

I was the popular cheerleader, with the stereotypical blonde hair, blue eyes and a skinny waist. I was the girl that guys wished they could go out with. I would play with them and mess with their heads. I'm not proud of the fact that I did, especially now that I know how they feel. Then I met Logan. He was nice, charming, handsome and not to mention popular. What else did I need? My first goal was just to toy with his mind, but then I started to fall for him. Fall for him hard. Okay more like fall and trip. I was his proud girlfriend for six months.

Then Annabell ruined it. She came along as the new girl, (fitting huh? The person who steals it all, is just another cliche') the girl where you knew that she didn't fit in with my crowd. I didn't see her as threat at first, I mean who would? She had mousy thin brown hair that just went past her shoulders. Short and skinny, with no curves. The only thing interesting about her was her eyes. They were emerald green but as you get closer to the pupil it becomes a hazel color.

Anyways she was new and unexciting, never noticed by Logan. Then that day, that day I knew I lost him. She was in the hallways getting bullied by popular-wannabes (I would never actually bully someone, the bad experiences in the past prevented that) when Logan dropped my hand and stormed over there and told the girls to quit it. Then I knew that things were different. I could feel it, I knew that Logan standing up for her just shows his good nature but I could sense something else behind his random act of kindness.

He begun to hang out with her more often, calling their little play dates "study sessions." I knew better. He was beginning to distance himself from me. After that I rarely saw or talked to him. There were days that I forgot he was my boyfriend. Then one random day he broke up with me. Just like that, I didn't even have a decent conversation with him that day. The whole thing was through text message, he didn't even have the courage to say it to my face. In those shows or movies, they never let the cheerleader have a proper breakup, they don't have the boyfriend say it to their faces. It seems show writers and movie producers forget that we have emotions too, we still cry when things like this happen.

And cry I did. I sobbed for hours, then I felt nothing. Just emptiness in the pit of my stomach. That's when I figured something was wrong. I shouldn't feel nothing after losing the love of my life. And no I was no being melodramatic. I truly loved Logan, I tried to give him everything he wanted. When he wanted to hang with Annabell I didn't stop him like any other girl would, I just let him do what he wanted. I wasn't the possessive type like usual girls are about their boyfriends. I gave him his space, I loved him, I was faithful, so what happened?

I asked myself this question a lot. What could have changed his mind? What did she have that I didn't?Sure I wasn't the smartest girl around but I kept above a C. I'm not trying to be self-centered here but I was prettier than her. I was funny, charming, beautiful and I was true to him. Then two days after he dumped me, I see him kissing Annabell in one of the hallways at school. Well at least he had the decency to wait two days, though it was probably for him to work up his courage. Before I was able to leave he turned around and just stared at me. I stared back, with dead eyes and I knew he could the hollowness inside them. I didn't let him say anything. I just spun on my heel and slowly walked away, resisting the urge to look back. I wasn't going to make a big deal and run away crying, I walked silently away. He didn't run after me, I didn't expect him to.

Life carried on for everybody else. I felt like I was trapped in a never ending cycle of depression. My friends tried to help me, but they were never the loyal ones. They left me like he did. I was once this popular, happy cheerleader but now I am a sad nobody. But I was okay with it, I didn't want anybody's pity. Pity meant sympathetic looks in the hallways and people trying to talk to you just because you're sad. Summer came and went. I came back to school and they were still happy together. I saw his face light up when he saw her. Then I realized I can't hate her, no matter how much I wanted to. Annabell made Logan happy. Who was I to deny him that? Who was I to rip his happiness from him by trying to break them up? The song Someone Like You by Adele floats through my mind when I see them together. Unfortunately I know that I will never find someone like him. Nobody could replace him.

Guilt, I wonder if this is what occupies his body. Does he feel the slightest remorse for throwing me out like trash? Like a used tissue, I was no longer needed. I know here is where I was being a little dramatic. I know that wasn't the case. He left me because he stopped loving me and found someone better. Or at least what he considers better, not sure the rest of the student body thinks so. I didn't want their approval anyways all I wanted was his.

I was cut in half. I wanted him feel guilty and loose sleep over his decision. I also wanted him to be happy, and if he is happier without me by his side then so be it. I was assigned to live my life alone by fate. Who am I to question fate itself? Through the happiness that he radiated whenever he was around her a little resentment forced its way into my mind. Resentment remember not hate, just sad that she took away my happiness. I desperately attempted to push it away and thankfully I succeeded. I didn't have enough room in my body to hate her and soon I would explode if I kept my hate Annabell attitude.

I came home from school one day and saw my memory box peaking out from under my bed. It seemed like it was inviting me look at it's contents, to look at happier times. I open the container and I see piles of old artwork and yearbooks. I page through pictures of me and my friends laughing and being young teenagers. I get to the bottom and all that is left is a letter. From the dust settling on it, the letter seems to be at least three years old. I tear open the envelope and was surprised to find a letter written by me to me. I was thirteen and I wrote this letter to my future self. I skimmed the words but one line jumped off the page at me. I just wanted to tell you that you don't need a boy to make you happy. Remember the old times where I was single, but I was having the best days of my life.

I mulled these words over in my head and came to realize they're true. While Logan made me happy beyond my wildest dreams, he wasn't the reason I was living. With the new found realization I made a promise to myself never to let a guy get to me like that. I promise to myself that I will move on.

"Sweetheart, there is somebody that I would like you to see." My Mom yelled from downstairs. I jogged down the steps and see somebody I never though I would get to talk to again. My old best friend.



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