I was the one

I was the one standing there
When everyone else left your side
I was the one holding on
When everyone else let go

I was the one wiping away your tears with my sleeve
While everyone else ran out of tissues
And decided that their clothes were too expensive
And left while I stayed

I was there when he broke your heart
I was the one on my knees with you
Helping you pick up the pieces
While everyone kicked them aside and kept walking

I was the one on the phone for hours
Listening to your broken voice
As everything around you was going wrong
While everyone else were at clubs having fun

I was the one that made you laugh
When you couldn't get yourself to smile
While everyone else decided jokes were too cheesy
And left for something a little more dramatic

I was the one there for you
Whenever you needed me
But you were the one who left me
For the crowd that left you.