"Rise and Shine!" Gran gently shook me from my slumber.

"Rise to what shine? It's still pitch black." I grumbled.

"We've got to collect the eggs." Gran persisted.

"Five more minutes!" I groaned. Gran yanked the soft quilt my body, forcing me to get up.

I dressed in the overalls Gran gave me and haphazardly put my hair in a ponytail. I sauntered downstairs and to the kitchen where Gran waited for me.

"What's for breakfast?" I asked, a wee bit hungry.

"The eggs, once we collect them." Gran replied.

I moaned.

We trekked outside and to the barn. Sunlight started to leak over the horizon and the roosters and chickens squawked loudly, ready to announce the coming morning.

Gran led me to a chicken nest. "Just reach in, and grab the egg." She instructed. I did as she told and grasped one. It was slippery and slimy.

"Ew!" I cried and drop the egg, sending the chickens into a frenzy.

"You must be gentle and calm!" Gran hissed and let me try again at another nest. I grabbed another one, this time gently. I turned to put it in the bucket, but it slipped out my hand and dropped to the hay floor again.

"How about I'll grab the eggs and you hold the bucket." Gran finally said.

"Yes, please." I agreed.

After we collected the eggs, we headed back to the house. Gran immediately started to cook the eggs. Eli walked in, looking the same as yesterday only his flannel was blue and he didn't have a cowboy hat on.

"Mornin'." Gran and I said in unison. Eli gave a quick nod of the head and sat down.

"Mmm, hmm," He inhaled, "delicious, as usual."

And breakfast was. I had gone back for seconds and thirds and was going back for fourths but there was no more.

We all sat at the table, not speaking for a while, just letting our food digest. Finally, Gran sat up and dabbed the corners off her mouth with a handkerchief. "We best start working. You wouldn't mind helpin' Eli would you, Jules?" She turned to me.

"As long as it isn't bothering Eli." I turned to him.

"Sure. I could need the help." He said.

At the pasture, the cows mooed lazily and grazed on the grass. "Those cows sure are energetic." I said sarcastically.

Eli laughed. "Yeah, they don't do much." He then hopped the fence in one, fluid motion. He turned back around to me. "You comin'?" He asked.

"I don't know how to jump a fence." I admitted.

"It's easy. Come on, just try." He persuaded.

I took a deep breath and stepped back. Then I ran at full speed and tried to clear the fence like a hurdle. It almost worked, but as I was about to get my right foot over it snagged on the fence and I started to fall face first into the dirt.

Eli caught me just in the nick of time. "Thanks," I panted, out of breath from my short panic attack. Eli shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal.

I scrambled off of him and dusted myself off. "Now where were we?" I changed the subject so it wouldn't be awkward.

Eli smiled a big grin. "You're going to help be clean out the poop."

"You did not…" I said with disbelief. He nodded happily.

"Don't worry, I have a method to make these interminable task go by quicker." He assured and disappeared into the shed.

When he came back, he had two shovels, a giant bin, and an iPod dock. Eli dug in his docked and fished out an iphone 4s.

I looked at him with shock. "What?" he said. "Never seen a country boy with an iphone before?"

The song, Country Girl (Shake It for Me Girl) by Luke Bryan started to play. Eli started to dance. I giggled. Then the he started to mouth the lyrics.

Got a little boom in my big truck,

Gonna open up the doors and turn it up,

Gonna stomp my boots in the Georgia mud,

Gonna watch you make me fall in love,

Then when the chorus came, he replaced the word 'country' with 'city'.

"City girl, shake it for me girl, shake it for me girl, shake it for me!" He sang loudly. I rolled my eyes.

The song was catchy though, and it did make me wanna dance…

I started to do this awkward little wiggle and Eli said, "Nah, that ain't a shake, you gotta do it like this!" Eli showed me his way and I busted out laughing. I did it though and we both did it while we shoveled the poop into the bin. Eli was right. It did help.

At noon, when we were finished, we went back to the house. We hummed it all the way home, and Gran asked us what song we were humming. Feeling no choice but to replay the song again, Eli turned it back on. Soon everyone, including Gran, was shaking their butt.

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