Curious George

You are eight years old, a little boy named George. You are cute and devious, but above all, you are curious. Yes, you are called Curious George and you are proud to bear the glorious name of your fictional primate idol.

One school day, you purposely miss your bus and go back home because you forgot your lunchbox, and food is very important to you. You have no idea how you forgot your lunch in the first place.

You are childishly pondering this like the child you are as you sneak back into your house.

You spot you col Yu-Gi-Oh! Lunchbox on the kitchen counter – nothing beats Yu-Gi-Oh!, no matter what your little friends believe – and you quickly grab it, jumping as high as you can to reach it. Your shoes land thunderously on the floor and you freeze, whipping your head back and forth as you listen intently for footsteps.

Nothing, except for your mommy's giggling and a low voice.

Wait. Mommy's laughter?

The monkey in you comes out of hiding. You know you should just hurry back to school but you can't help your curiosity. You tiptoe down the hall, following the familiar laughter to your parents' bedroom.

Peeking in through the small crack in the doorway, you see your mommy playing around on the bed with a man…and he's not your daddy.

You are confused. You wonder what the man is doing here with your mommy while your daddy is working.

You look back inside again, trying to figure out what is happening.

And then you see it, the image that will be burned in your memory forever.

You mommy and a stranger leaning in, their lips meeting in a kiss.

You have a flashback. You remember asking your mommy and daddy why they give each other a kiss on the lips every morning. You remember them laughing and telling that it is something that people who love each other do. You remember them kissing again.

You come back to the present. Staring at your mommy and the man, you want to run in and yell, "No! Stop! That's only for my mommy and daddy!" but you don't move. You notice that your mommy is not pulling away.

Does she love him too?

Numb, you turn away and slowly walk back to the bus stop, where your bus driver is furious and still waiting for you. You tell your driver that you were only gone for a few minutes, but at your tender age, you recognize the irony: those "few minutes" changed the path of the rest of your life.

Curious George died that day, and Robot George rose from the ashes like a phoenix.

It was on that day, a random day in your eighth year of life, that you grew up.

© Copyright 2012 by the Siege