I was asked

Can you feel it

I try and laugh it off

Because maybe I had lost the ability to feel

And just didn't notice the manner in which

I was being socialized to be

Was it to be me?

Nah, tough, strong, and individualized

With emotion hidden way back behind the eyes

I was asked

Can you smell it

The underlying aroma of the world

Hidden beneath thick layers

Trying to burst through

And into my pores; our pores and just stay; just remain

But with age, comes strength

and my nose is stronger now

So the faintness is now picked up; I can filter right through it

Getting to the real because into my world, it no longer fits

I was asked

Can you touch it

The barrier separating the world the she and I lived

In; She wants to break through

But her attempts result in deflection

I attempt to help

We both need it gathered by my deduction

We both needed and wanted to help

We become each other's reflection

I was asked

Can you see it

I answer yes; its hidden in plain sight

Imbedded in our every day

Our every hour, our every second

Infecting what we hear and say

These eyes are open, ingesting every sight

We can't leave it this way

Without putting a good fight

I was asked

Can you hear it

That's the future calling in

The past was a puzzle in need of being fixed

And the present needed to pause

And get itself into the mix

Because the past shapes the future

With our present stuck in the middle

Which leaves it up to us

To solve this life's riddle