"Goddamn it Nate, just hit the ball already!" Phil yelled.

"Yeah man, it's been twelve hours since we started!" Shawne growled.

Nate was still lying on his stomach measuring the distance between the ball and the hole with his putter. Once he got up, he started to make a practice putt to judge how much force he would need to hit the ball in order to make the putt. However his friends grew impatient as time went by due to the time been taken for him to make his move.

"Nate just hit the fucking damn ball already!" Phil demanded.

Nate turned and said, "Phil, I know how you feel but if you continue to bitch like that, there's no way I'll be able to concentrate."

Phil and Shawne looked on in anger as their friend continued to determine whether he should make the shot.

Nate shook his head and said, "This won't do." and dropped back to the ground to measure the angle with his putter. After spending few minutes measuring the distance again, the time waster got up onto his feet and made another practice putt to measure the force he should make. Then he walked over to the hole to see if the path in the green would affect the direction of the ball and would continue spend several more minutes looking at the hole before returning to decide whether he should make his move.

After pondering for few minutes, Nate immediately dropped down to measure the distance again.

Phil struggled to restrain Shawne who became furious and tried to assault Nate with a driver. Once Nate got up, Phil was unable to hold back Shawne any longer and yelled, "Nate, run!"

Nate turned around to see what was going on when his putter accidentally made contact with the ball and then...

Shawne stopped as the two others watched for the ball to move.

The ball kept on rolling and then...it stopped right at the lip of the hole.


But then a bird flew by, knocking the ball into the hole!

"Finally!" said Shawne.

"It's about time!" yelled Phil.

Happy that it was finally over, the three looked up at he sky and it was dark.

Nate began to move on and said, "Let's go guys, on to the sixth hole!"