She walks surrounded by friends,

Giving off happy signals all around

Except for her

She doesn't talk,

She stares out the window

In a world of her own.

She looks neutral,

No expression present on her face

Denying any suggestions of problems.

Her friends take her word,

Leave her alone and talk about anything but.

She walks behind them,


I watch her from afar,

She knows I do

She catches my gaze at times.

She writes amazing poems,

Words twisting, not meaning the original meaning.

I read them, fascinated.

I tell her she can talk to me,

To open up,

I don't mind.

But she never does,

Keeping it mild,

Saying she's different, strange even.

I tell her I don't mind.

But she does.

Her heart is cold,

It needs warmth

But she doesn't plead.

I reach out,

She cringes away

Saying it's not a problem.

She told me the reason,

She knows I care


She stays away from reach.