Written by Duzen Broken DreamZ

Written on February 22, 2012

Took the wind right out of me
Was never something I expected to see
I can still feel the ache in my heart
From the first word to when the pain had start
I'm left here grasping for reasons
Gasping for some breath
I know I'll never find peace
But I've made peace with that
I'm a walking contradiction
Thank you for making a mess of me
I'm blank headed full of thoughts
I'm broken inside but you'll never know
You never see because you're always on the go
I'll smile for you and make things okay
But inside I'm screaming
Wishing you could just hear me
One day I know I'll shatter
But you won't be able to pick up the pieces
I'll be too far gone
Your voice will be just a faint echo
A lonely memory that will never again be
I'll walk through walls
And down corridors see my mistakes
I'll reflect all I want, night and day
But it'll be things you'll never hear me say