Circus Glendale, September 27th, 10:27 A.M

"Grand tournament, 28th of September. Maybe we should join. What do you think Bryan?" Monika asked holding the flyer.

"Well that depends. What's it for, teams or solo fighters?" Bryan replied.

"Both apparently. We should do it! It would be a great opportunity to further ourselves against the Order! The winner will get to be called the King of Warriors by everyone else. Not to mention the cash prize!" she said cheerfully. The Order was a rival team that was immensely powerful and sadistic. They had almost killed Monika more than once. She had made a vow to herself to beat them no matter what, no matter the cost.

"Hold on a sec Monika. It says here that we have to qualify for this tournament. Plus you have to consider what Kifune, Wrecker and Jason are going to say. They're still pretty banged up from last time, remember?" Bryan said.

"Fine, but let's sign up anyway as solo competitors. Besides, a sign up center is ten blocks away."

"All right. I haven't had a good challenge in a while. It'll be a nice break from all that defending Saiba City crap."

" Let's go!" Monika said.

Sign up Center, 10:33 AM

As Monika and Bryan entered the mall where the sign up was Bryan noticed the mass of people. All of these people were going to be competitors and Bryan even recognized a few of them. He could recognize Asher, The Phantom of the Dark and Magnus M, the Blazing Spirit among others. If this was the competition then only the truly best would make it to the final 16.

"This is the competition? This is gonna be one tough qualifier," Monika said.

"Don't forget, this is just one sign up center. There are 20 other places designed for exactly the same purpose. For all we know this place could produce the worst fighters of all the centers," Bryan said.

"Way to stay positive Bryan," Monika replied sarcastically.

"Not like you're doing any better," he retorted.

Before the two of them started arguing they were greeted by someone else. Both Bryan and Monika recognized him at once.

"Bryan, Monika! Still arguing as always I see!" Fate, the Master of the Cards greeted them cheerfully.

"Hey Fate. You sign up already?" Bryan asked.

"Yep. The sign up guys gave me the seal of the ancient wills. There are ten different seals you need to collect and present to get to the finals. You automatically start out with one. The seal your given is random and you have to get nine different others. The only way to get them is by defeating others in battle. You'll also be given a special pendant thing which you can choose to change into anything of your choosing, as long as it's wearable on your body, weapon or is show able. Also the pendant automatically takes the shape of your emblem so it's instantly recognizable. Finally, when you initiate a fight, your emblem glows and projects an arena around all competitors so you don't destroy the city with your weapons."

"Ooh, nice. Good for accessorizing I see." Monika said.

"Sure is. I made mine into the crest of my disk. I gotta be going now so sign up quickly. Tell me what seals you got later!" Fate said as he walked away.

"C'mon. Let's go sign up," Bryan said.

After 10 minutes of waiting Bryan and Monika finally reached the front of the line where they were greeted by a man. His name plaque identified him as Anders.

"Good morning both of you. You're here to sign up for the tournament as singles, correct?" Anders said.

"That would be right," Monika said.

"Excellent. Name and titles please."

"Monika Sirello, the Shining Dawn."

"Bryan Anderson, the Frozen Blades."

"Great. All done. Here are your seals. Bryan, for you the Seal of the Giant's Hammer. For Monika, the Seal of the Night Suns."

"Thanks," Bryan said.

"No problem. Now get out there and win some matches. I want to see you two in the finals!" Anders called as he left.

As Bryan and Monika left the mall the pendants they were given started glowing. Bryan's all of a sudden changed into a tattoo on his left arm bearing his emblem, a white katana blade entwined by two blue dragons. Monika's pendant turned into a circlet on her head, in the shape of prince's war crown. Her emblem, a white circle with six curved points coming out of the sides forming the shape of the sun, was emblazoned on the front of the crown, on her forehead.

"A crown, seriously? What are you, six?" Bryan commented.

"At least I'm being high class. What about you Mr. Talk Softly Carry a Big Stick Stereotypical Guy?" Monika snapped back.

"Fair enough. Let's get some lunch and head back."

Warehouse 8, 1:32 P.M, West End

When Bryan and Monika got back to the warehouse, only one other person was there. There were 15 people who lived in the warehouse, including Bryan and Monika. Each person had their own room and there was a living room, dining room, kitchen and training arena on the ground floor. The den was, ironically, on the top floor.

"Hey guys, you get the things we asked for?" Kifune Hisagawa asked.

"Course we did. What do you take us for?" Bryan replied.

"Whatever. Have you heard about this tournament thing being held in the city? All the best fighters are entering it and first prize gets like a million bucks."

"We know. Me and Monika entered this morning."

"Really? I'm gonna go sign up tomorrow after my doctor's appointment."

"Great. Are you the only one here? Place seems kinda quiet."

"Yep. Wrecker, Amad, Jacko, Rachel and Hillary went to go sign up as a team. Lee is in Milan. Jason, Six and Michael are at the basketball court. Amanda, Aaron and Gabe are at a hockey game."

"Great. I'm gonna take a nap."

"I'm gonna watch some T.V in my room," Monika said.

"Okay. I'm gonna go and visit a friend now. I'll be back by dinner," Kifune said as she went out the door.

11:00 P.M, Dockyard 8

"Have the necessary preparations been made?" a voice asked from the other side of a wall.

"Yes Sir. The girl signed up today at noon. There was another person, a man, with her," another voice replied. This voice in fact belonged to Anders.

"The boy is in effect, disregardable. The girl however, holds the keys to unlocking the gate," the voice said.

"How does she hold the keys? She seems quite weak for sure," Anders exclaimed.

"All will be revealed in due time. I want you to wait on standby and eliminate fighters from the tournament as well. Have you signed up some of our men?"

"Yes Sir. Escher, Viktor and Siren have all been signed up among others."

"Good, very good Anders. Your services have been very beneficial."

"Yes Sir," Anders said.

"Oh and Sir, you are truly an evil man." Anders also said.

"That I am child." The voice said leaving without a trace.