Written by Duzen Broken DreamZ
Written on February 25, 2012

I Don't Know What This Is…

These thoughts go too fast

I won't last

I'm out paced

I hate this race

Trying really hard not to lose

I lost myself, within myself

Can't find me, can't find peace

I won't do that

I know better

But here I go for another round

I'm alone but paranoia clutches me

I might as well be surrounded in a crowd

C'mon help me out

But I won't ask

These thoughts go too fast

I'm stuck here in misery

I'm stuck here for eternity

I clutch my chest,

What the fuck is this mess?

I hate that I know better

But I make these fucking mistakes

I'm misplaced

I've got to be,

Someone help me

These shadows move in the dark

Whispers sound in the wind

I've hit the dot but missed the mark

Turning in circles, where I've been

No idea but it's been here

Let me breathe, ha-ha no chance

My heart sinks, I'm on the brink

I stare at myself in this glass

Punching at walls, they're closing in

I won't last

I'm suffocating, asphyxiating

But too scared… what if I break?

I've been scarred, I've been cut

I bleed, I've bled

Suicide killed the life I led,

But here I go, resurrected

Ready for another shot

Slice some skin, kill myself

I'm so broken and disillusioned

I believe it's all I've got

But what am I, if I don't believe?

I was told I have a life to lead

I feel it in my gut; I'm stuck in a rut

Every corner I turn, is another block

A block turns to a casket,

A box waiting for me to rot

My thoughts scare me

Enclose on me like a casket lid

Monsters chasing me, trip over my feet

I battle them, one two three

And every time I think I've ran away

I'm left in a corner

Running and racing, I've got no pace

Stuck here in misery, for eternity

Because I made the same mistake

I stare at these walls,

Hallucinating, imagining

Where I've been, my mind's no friend

I'm still barely breathing

Waiting for time to get me

I know it's soon,

I look over my shoulder,

Waiting for the impending death to come