Down by the shore,

Sat all alone,

A small small shell,

Salty and disowned.

Spat out by the sea,

Unwanted by the shore,

A futile fight between them,

To have the shell no more.

Still waiting in the rain,

Still waiting in the snow,

Still waiting in the wind,

Left there all alone.

Tugged down to the sea,

Heaved back onto land,

Tumbled in the seaweed,

Crushed into the sand.

Broken fragments left behind,

Still continuing the dance,

Between the fierce sea,

And the cold, hard sand.

Shattered once more,

The pieces flew afar,

Carried by the wind,

Tumbling in the dark.

They finally came to rest,

Torn from the whole small shell,

That once had been so pretty,

And was now another wreck.