Chapter 1

Welcome to Sask!

"You lost again." I told the boy. The face of his was frustrated, and he pouted before kicking the ground in stubbornness.

"Again! I will win this time!" the five year old boy challenged. I smirked at the boy before we started once again.

I would always win at our challenges. We only knew each other for a year but he dedicated himself to win. We were only five, and we were both childishly fighting; a war of never ending challenges.

"You know what? I will keep trying. I will win every time, and when we meet again; I will crush you!" he spat, as he ran off. I felt sad at his words, I liked spending time with the boy. I knew that I had to go; something happened and I may not be able to see him again for awhile.

When I opened my eyes, I found I was in my room. The dream I had was very familiar; ever since my mother died I would always perform my best at everything with very little chance a failing, I always won my challenges.

I got by without my parents quite well. I don't remember my father much, but my mom would always tell me to give every challenge my best effort for her. The school I went to was a top academy in the neighborhood, it was named the Kiosha academy. I was exceptional and always came first in the school, it wasn't expected from someone with such low status as me; but many people have gotten used to it by now.

"I only handed out the examination two minutes ago miss, this is supposed to be an hour quiz."

"I completed every question and double checked twice already. I am finished."

Everyone thought I cheated somehow at everything I did; my perfect scores seemed like proof to everyone, not to mention everything I did was so easy. I never had a lot of close friends, but I did have many rivals.

"They say you are perfect; lets see, I challenge you then."

"You lost."

"I demand a rematch tomorrow!"

I'm not particularly rich either, I knew I wouldn't be able to stay at this academy for long. I had taken the liberty to research possible scholarships and found a vast majority of rich schools taking in brilliant students with an 4.0 average to apply for a free admission.

I guess the only problem would be which school to go to.

"If you are looking for advice for choosing a school, I heard Outran has the best clubs."

"Miss isn't interested in that! She likes being first! Lets put her in a school that's more serious. Like Trochee!"

"If she is looking for a challenge she could always try Kazuma Academy."

It was decided through the many whispers of the school, for my next challenge I was to dominate Kazuma academy. I printed off the application sheet on the Kazuma site and applied the next day; I knew I passed with flying colors because it didn't take long for the board to contact me directly.

"So, Naomi is your name? You got perfect on the exam you sent in."

"Yes, I will be in Kazuma academy when I move next week."

"Of course but even if it says all expense paid we only mean admission, remember that."

"Of course and please everyone just calls me Nao, Nao Midas."

"Yes of course we can register you as Nao Midas, no problem."

That is again how I ended up here, in this small town house on the outskirts of Kan. Kazuma academy should be a small bus ride from here, which isn't too bad. School starts tomorrow for me, I can't believe its really been two weeks since I left Kiosha.

I realized quickly that this new school was very different then my old one. The class was divided by the smartest and richest to the less smart and less rich students; as a scholarship student they put me in class 1-D. They said that it was a challenge to get into the top divisions; the highest being the Sask, a special class that only the top ten students in the school were aloud to be. I decided to start right away in becoming the top student, it indeed was a challenge that I would never succumb to.

"The new student looks just as pretty as one of the Sask members." I heard whispers all around me, I understood what the lower class men and women meant; but I couldn't help but wonder if it was just a bit of a exaggeration.

"Pretty boy huh?" one of the kids sneered. I made a confused face, glancing to look at my reflection on the glass doors. It was hard to see but I caught a slight glimpse of my light blue eyes and shaggy brown hair. I guess I forgot that I cut my hair off a week ago, the new neighbors kid put gum in my hair and I lazily cut it off. I sighed to myself, I guess I look like a boy now.

"So how does a student quickly get into the Sask division?" I asked a teacher I found in the hallway, after a bit of observing. The teacher calmly explained that 1-A students were permitted to write a special test each year, and if they perfectly passed they would be able to take Sask tests from then on. If they passed the tenth person in Sask, they could take their place in the division.

"Could I take this test anytime soon? I'm only in 1-D on a scholarship, that exam was painfully easy however, and I grow very bored of the division here." maybe it was too soon, but I wasn't the type of person that liked to wait on things. I normally did things quickly and I hated waiting. When it came to challenges I was no different, the quickest way to victory would be preferable over a long drawled out way.

"Anyone can take the 1-A test, but it is only recommended that the 1-A class to take it every year." the teacher smiled. "If you come with me I can take you to the teacher that runs the 1-A tests, I remember there was a retest being done today because last year someone decided to cheat and hack the answers off of the boards computer."

"Yes please."

Each division was like stepping into a new building, each time the building got better and bigger. Students would curiously glance at the new kid and the 1-D teacher, there really was never a reason for a 1-D teacher to visit a 1-A in this place.

"Mr Saki, what brings you to division 1-A?" a sharp voice greeted us in the exam room. The test had already started thirty minutes ago but I insisted on trying it still.

"Good luck passing the first page then, little 1-D." the teacher rolled his eyes and leaned on the door frame. I walked over to the first open desk and sat down. I felt the 1-A students glaring at my back as I took my pen and started writing.

"Done." I murmured to myself ten minutes later. I had to admit it was slightly harder then any other test I have done but it was by far not challenging. I was almost disappointed.

"What?" the poor 1-A teacher coughed on his water he had been drinking. "Is this some kind of joke?"

"No joke, I believe I got perfect on the test. I even double checked." I gazed at him, handing in the paper.

"I will be the judge of that!" he hissed swiping my papers and sitting down at his desk in annoyance; this time I waited for him against the door frame, instead of glares I got surprised glances in my direction.

"I can't believe it..." after about ten minutes of checking my answers with an answer sheet and going over everything about four times, he came over to me and gave me a yellow sheet of paper.

"If you go to the Sask main building there are ten kids, it does not matter who you show this paper to. They will know what to do." the teacher said before sitting back down at his desk in defeat. I shrugged before making my way out of division 1-A.

Only problem was I had no idea where I was going, you would guess that the Sask was in the academy; but after asking about four people I had begun to understand that the Sask in the building beside the academy. Why would such a huge building belong to only ten kids I would never know, a run down observatory no less.

"Oh? Such a little kitten like you shouldn't be here. Your clothes are from 1-D." I looked up at a beautiful women with warm brown eyes, she had short black hair but it was way longer then mine.

"Are you from the Sask? I am not lost, I have this for you." I gave her my yellow slip, and she gazed at it excitedly.

"I guess you are not a lost kitten after all. Sorry my name is Lea, I am ranked fourth in the academy. The tenth person is always being kicked around in the Sask, the newest member is a pain if you ask me. Nothing but a spoiled rich brat, I am glad someone finally got that test right." I blinked, in confusion at the girl.

"So what now do I take another test with the Sask members?" I asked. Lea smiled grabbing my wrist and walking my down the path towards the observatory, she seemed very smug.

"Attention Sask members!" she yelled letting go of my wrists and making her way towards a table in the middle of the observatory.

"Oh here comes miss fourth place, the loudest and the obnoxious one of the group." a girl with brown eyes and blond hair snottily greeted, her gaze flickered over to me and she scowled.

"Oh that is right miss tenth, I am happy to announce that you are in danger. Your little throne in the Sask is slowly losing balance, tittering on a spike!" Lea seethed. The five other people rolled their eyes, used to the two's constant bickering and instead gazed over to me in curiosity.

"People call me Nao, if I do get in here I would hate to be called a number. I really don't care for boasting." I introduced myself modestly; from left to right at the table there was a boy and a girl, twins by the looks of it; they smiled warmly at me, there brown hair and beautiful green eyes twinkling in warmth. The second person was a boy with black hair and brown eyes, he seemed nice. The boy beside him had blue eyes and crazy orange hair, he seemed distant not gazing at me at all. Lastly there was another boy, he seemed excited. His blond eyes sparkled as he smiled, he brought a hand through his blond hair meekly as if he too was used to the two girls arguing.

"The others are not here yet! You loud cow!"

"Only rank five, seven, and first aren't here. Even if she were to pass them, you would still get the heel!" Lea argued with the girl, my eyes widened.

"No, I will wait for them." I told Lea, in order to be first I needed to beat the first ranked person in the school. I knew I could do it.

"How courteous!" Lea's attitude changed quickly as she skipped towards me and hugged me. I blinked at her in confusion, this girl is rather odd.

"I see how it is, that's probably her boy friend!" rank ten, (only because I don't know her name.) stated blankly. My face turned red at the accusation, considering I am not a boy...

"Uh, you are making a mistake, I-"

"Who cares who this young man is to me? I don't hand out these yellow slips!" Lea interrupted me flaunting the slip in front of 'miss ten.'

"Yellow slip?" I heard a voice from behind me. I would have jumped if I had not heard his footsteps behind me in the first place. I glance back and saw the remaining three members, two boys and a girl. The one who spoke was very handsome, his vibrant blue eyes contrasting against his dark black hair. The other boy had blond hair and bright green eyes, he seemed off in his own world; the girl beside him looked like his complete opposite with dark green eyes and beautiful black hair; she gazed at the ground as she walked.

"Oh Kou my darling!" miss ten exclaimed. Kou only sighed in annoyance as he past me and took the yellow slip from Lea's hand.

"I am not your darling!" he growled, as he examined the sheet.

"Okay Nao ranked first in the school is Kou, he is a smart kid. Second and third are the twins at the table, Sou and Kit. You already met me, beautiful Lea and fourth ranked in the school! Fifth is Violet, she came in with Kou awhile ago. Sixth is the fiery redhead; Nash at the table, don't worry; he may seem like a hot head but I am sure he will talk to you. Seventh is Ire, he loves nature and he usually spaces out around any plant life. Eight is Taro, the very odd blond beside Ire. Ninth is Creon, he is always looking after the twins. The tenth is Vita, and honestly I can't stand her. I swear she only got in here by cheating, and because she has had a major infatuation with Kou since forever." Lea told me, as she quickly introduced every person; with each passing sentence I saw Vita's obvious dislike for Lea show through her disgusting glare.

"Nao huh." Kou gazed at me in confusion. "Your that transfer student from 1-D." he commented as he walked towards the table and sat down. He seemed vaguely familiar but I shrugged the feeling off.

"Lea, please get the Sask super attendant, she should have our test ready by now. Creon, may you please pass me the tea?" Kou asked politely. Lea jumped for joy and ran off, while Creon poured him a cup.

"Nao, you can sit down if you like." Sou said patting at the seat beside him, Kit nodded in agreement.

"So tell us about yourself Nao, you like cooking?" Creon asked warmly, I shook my head explaining I can't cook for the life of me.

"So you plan on getting tenth of the Sask? It isn't going to be easy." Vita stated, I gazed at her and looked down at my lap.

"Actually, I don't plan on becoming tenth. I plan on becoming first." I replied. I wasn't being arrogant or anything, but Vita didn't seem to sense that.

"Good luck with that, Kou here has never been beat at anything." Nash said, his orange hair covered his eyes; but I knew he was staring right at me. "I like your confidence though, it's something I have yet to see in new members-no offense Vita."

"None taken." she replied.

"So what if you lose Nao?" Kou asked in amusement; he seemed to like the idea of asking twenty questions, not that it effected my concentration.

"What if I don't?" I asked back, catching his icy blue eyes with mine. He chuckled before sipping some tea; was he mocking me? I clenched my jaw in frustration.

"I see that someone likes Nao!" Taro sung in excitement he seemed to be posing all the time, trying his hardest to make himself look very cute; or maybe he was just flawlessly pulling it off. He brought his face close to mine, our noses barley touched and I flushed a brilliant red. "He does look very cute."

"Cut that out Taro, stop making him feel uncomfortable." Ire seemed to be drawn back to the conversation, gazing away from the plants around him. Taro dejectedly sat back in his seat.

"I'm back!" Lea's voice echoed through the observatory walls, she was dragging an older teacher behind her.

"Oh—Lea, let me catch my breath at least! Here take these test papers—five full sheets per person should do." the poor teacher huffed sitting down, Lea happily passed the test around the group members.

"This test would normally take a few minutes for Kou, but it takes about an hour for Vita to do." Lea mumbled, I heard Vita scoff at her but I was concentrated on the test. This was the challenge that I was waiting for, this test made the gears in my head turn easily.

"Done." Kou replied, standing up and handing in his test. My eyes widened, he was fast.

"Me to." I replied, I didn't want to double check. I was sure I got it all correct as usual.

"Oh really?" Kou raised a questioning brow at me, he was curious I guess.

I glanced at him and smirked. "Really, really."

we waited for the teacher to check our tests while one by one the rest of the Sask finished. The last test to be handed in was Vita's exactly one hour later.

"This is surprising," the teacher commented after correcting all the tests. "yes very interesting indeed."

"What is it?" Kou asked, he glanced at me ever so quickly, but I noticed it and smirked.

"Tenth place is Creon, Ninth Taro, Eighth is Ire, Seventh is Nash, Sixth is Violet, Lea is fifth, third and fourth are the twins-"

"We get it! We all got bumped down by either Vita or Nao here. So who is in?" Lea interrupted in frustration, she didn't seem to care that she was lowered in ranks; everyone else seemed shocked and unable to breath however.

"Well Vita has the lowest score, so I guess I would like her to return her Sask uniform to the main office tomorrow. Oh and since Nao is now ranked second in the school, I have a uniform right here for him." the teacher happily chirruped as she gave me a uniform. I took the clothes but I couldn't believe I was second! I thought I answered everything perfectly! The teacher dragged the very shocked Vita away, leaving all of us speechless; more or less for the same reason.

We all couldn't believe I was second ranked in the school.

"Well this was unexpected, when you said you aimed for first I didn't believe you would actually climb decently high." Kou stated, smirking at me. I had no idea why, but his face right now really made me angry.

"I will beat you Kou, if it's the last thing I do. I will beat you in something." I replied glancing at everyone else who wore the same amused expression.

"I don't really care who beats me, as long as we are far away from Vita I could care less." Lea replied cheerfully, she happily jumped around and hugged me.

"I'll show Nao where the change room is." Taro stated, clawing Lea off of me. I followed him through the observatory and into a smaller hallway, the change room was very large.

"Thanks, I'll just change over here." I replied making my way into a change room.

"You sure you don't need any help?" Taro asked, as he followed me into the change room. I pushed him out, my face reddened in frustration.

"I swear I don't need any help!" I sighed. I couldn't see Taro behind the curtain, but he was quietly waiting on the other side.

After changing I heard Taro on the other side, he seemed a bit nervous and confused but I wouldnt know why.

"Uh Nao? You done yet?" he asked, he sounded strange. I opened the curtain to see him gazing at my wallet—wait how did he get a hold of my wallet?

"Yeah, I'm done now." I replied cheerfully, I curiously grabbed onto my wallet without yanking it away from him. "Could I have my wallet now? I don't know why you have it."

"Nao? Are you a girl?" Taro asked. I saw his cheeks burn as I took the wallet away from him, he was looking at my drivers license I see.

"Well yeah, biologically; I am a girl." I blinked as his face turned red, I quickly explained what happened to my hair; I never corrected anyone for calling me a boy because I didn't care really.

"I-I see." Taro was red as a tomato, he quickly walked out.

"Why is it I can't beat you?" The five year old boy asked in anger; I giggled sitting down beside him.

"I guess it just goes to show you can be beaten," I replied grabbing his hand, I smiled at him. "you know, it makes me feel special I am the only one that can beat you in this game."

"I can never be beaten by anyone, but at this one simple game you always win. I don't understand."

"Just accept the fact I am first for once Kou."

Kou, is he that little boy from way back then?