Chapter 1


The academy was far from what I have dreamed of, I would never tell Aqua this, but I was amazed at the fairly large building and the all too serene look of the boundless fields that stretched far off and around the area.

Aqua, I still didn't know much about her character. She was very hyperactive and very childish, her blond curly hair would slightly bounce in every step she took. Her childish blue eyes sparkling in excitement, it amused me how much authority this kid actually had in this land. She was a highly respective officer, and how she became of one I would never know or care.

It all started where I came from, well for me anyways. It was a dark and gloomy place, only for people and creatures that didn't 'belong' anywhere in the three realms. It was pitch black and we were caged like animals, many of the people residing here were highly dangerous others were worthless and gloomy, crying to themselves in their sleep when they think no one could hear.

The three realms consisted of light, dark, and the human world. Given how the realms of darkness and light didn't get along at all and it was highly dangerous to travel there, we couldn't be dragged to the other side. Since we were born in the realm of the light and we were different, they would lock us up in here, in the overwhelming darkness.

They said we were demons born here, our natures were demonic, scary, and overall we were the only people of our kind. The creature in the cell beside me had beautiful angel wings, but jagged horns that covered her head and kept going all the way down the end of her spine. She was a mutant in the people of the realm of lights eyes, so she was brought here. Just like the rest of us monsters.

I was the normal one here, I had a human form like all the other angels had. They would keep their human shapes and walk around with their beautiful wings fluttering on their backs, like the other people of the light world. I heard stories of dragon people, only showing their tails, or the mighty gryphons only showing their cat-like eyes.

So why was I here? I did look human all around, but if you looked closely. If you stared deep into my right eye you would see it, a crystal flickering slightly with my heart beat. People were afraid of the crystal, and my power that I never showed. Was I truly a monster? No, I never would have turned into a demonic beast and destroyed anything around me. I knew a lot about my power, I learned something new almost everyday, or on labor nights.

That's what I called them anyway, labor nights seemed to be happening more often then usual. Its the only night a 'demonic monster' like me was aloud outside to roam. It was when the guards would order an execution, and one of us would have to do it.

Of course they usually pick me, I was the very few that cooperated with them. I realized that we were like pets, and if we didn't do what our masters told us to do, we would be put down. I didn't like the idea as much as the next 'monster' but it kept me alive and far away from the next victim of the labor nights. I never used my powers to kill however, it always kept the guards guessing and it was the only thing I had control of in this very dark place. The victim of labor night was usually caged anyway so its quite easy to take care of them from the other side, swiftly and painless of course, with no remorse and definitely no regrets.

The other people called me the reaper; heartless and cold. The guards and I knew very well I had a name, like we all once had, but now I'm only prisoner thirty three, no need to keep a name if I have a number.

I remember the day Aqua met me, of course she sought me out surprisingly. She was the only one I have ever seen to look at us, but instead of carefully selecting someone, it seemed she was looking desperately for something or someone. I didn't quite understand it myself.

"You." she pointed at me through the bars, I stood up and slowly made my way towards her. I kept my gaze fixated on her dark blue eyes, she had trouble seeing me in the dark so she impatiently pouted and whined for me to get closer.

"Miss, these people are highly dangerous and hostile. I would not put your face so close to the steel bars." I heard the guard behind her and she shook her head swatting away the guard impatiently.

"I have no time to hear of your petty warnings, do you realize who I am?" she asked not taking her eyes away from me as her blue eyes met mine and locked.

"hmm, unlock this one here. This is the one, her eye. I want to speak to her alone." Aqua stated bouncing slightly up and down in excitement, I blinked at her warily. Her moods seemed to switch quite quickly, I couldn't understand her.

The guards mumbled opinions and warnings didn't seem to sway her, as she was locked in the room with me and the guards left us there in the darkness alone.

"My name is Aqua!" she squeaked in excitement making her way towards me, I calmly observed her. She was no threat to me, she looked human and quite frankly I wouldn't be surprised if she was.

"You don't talk much... do you?" she giggled gazing up at me. She was very short, I wondered if she was younger then me, but I didn't focus on it for much longer.

"Okay then, I will talk and... I guess you listen." Aqua pouted, disappointed she wasn't getting any reaction with me. She seemed very impatient as she talked, pacing around like she couldn't handle sitting still. Her eyes still glittering like a child though, and her excitement never left her tone of voice.

"I am a seer, I dream about things that are about to happen in the future. In my dream I saw you, well sort of. My dreams never show your true face but they give me a feature about you that I remember. From my dream it was the glow in your blue eyes, the slight pulse in your left eye. Its a crystal right? I thought so in my dream." Aqua spoke quickly, and her voice was like a small bird squeaking from time to time in excitement or childish tones. I didn't really understand it all, but I liked listening to her.

"Anyways... before I dreamed about you, I saw a distant future and in it the land of the light is destroyed! Oh boy isn't that horrific? Everyone here can't live without this realm, even the human realm will perish! Well the humans will perish first but we are shortly after! The demons in the dark realm don't mind though, they just destroy everything when the barrier between our world breaks!" she seemed to be distracted by her own thoughts, commenting on almost everything she said from time to time. It was like she was having an in depth conversation with herself and I so happened to be here listening.

"So when I saw you in my dream I knew you would help stop it! The guards can't question my authority. I am the seer in ABI, I pretty much run things when it comes to law. I can get you out of here if you agree to help me, there is only one other person I have seen in my dreams and we have to find that person!"Aqua seemed to be finished her rambling as she quickly explained the situation to me.

"You talk to much." I commented, my voice was low and scratchy. I haven't really talked in a long time, considering there isn't many people to talk to here. I shifted my position so I stood close to her, she seemed quite taken back from my movements as I cleared my throat.

"My appearance for going out is very gruesome, the people here as you can tell aren't really taken care of. I haven't seen light in years, we are treated like monsters here." I stated, gazing coldly at her. She blinked before snickering to herself and bounced back to the door to my cell.

"Well if you come with me, I will clean you up and lend some clothes to you. If you don't want to come and earn your freedom by saving the realm of the light, I guess that's fine with me. Its your decision I guess..." she was trying to bribe me with freedom to help her, but I didn't understand why. I was going to anyways, but I ended up rolling my eyes sighing at her.

"Fine, I'll come for my freedom." I smirked, walking towards her. I followed her and she explained the situation to the guards as I waited for her return.

I don't know how she got me out of that prison, but as the sun burned my eyes as I strained to see in the overwhelming light that I was far from used to, I knew that finally I would see a different world other then the pit of my cell. Which I was actually kind of glad for, I felt new respect for the kid bouncing around in her step, I think I sort of owed her.

"Whats your name? You never told me." she asked curiously. I glared at her before replying.

"Neglect." I told her, my voice hardened. That's all I really remembered from my past, my only name, the only thing I was called. There, she saved me from prison and in return she is the only one in the world that knows my real name. I think its safe to say we are pretty much even.

After she cringed in my rather ragged appearance, she took me to her hotel she was staying in and cleaned me up. She gave me clothes to keep rather then the old rags they had me in, and I couldn't understand her generosity towards me. Was I really that special? My power was pretty much useless in some ways, does she know what I really am?

After some time I gazed at my appearance in the small hotel mirror, I was actually really pretty after all the dirt and blood stains were cleaned off. My eyes were reddish brown, they were almost too intense to stare at. My long now straightened black hair lay gently around my shoulders and kept going down my back, thankfully enough Aqua cut the dead crazy looking twisty ends of the hair so it looked normal.

"See? Look at what I did, yes me perfect little me! Look how fabulous you look!" she smiled, bouncing slightly on her heels as she gazed at me.

I remained quiet, the light still stung my eyes and I think it was harder for me to see in the light oddly enough. I couldn't see far away, was I blind? I could see far away in the dark.

"Anyways the next person is going to be difficult, he or she is mysterious. That's all I know so far, oh! They also go to the angel academy down the road from here. Only the brightest minds study there." she hummed grabbing keys to what I assume to be her car. Not like angels needed cars, didn't they all have wings to fly?

That's how we ended up here anyways, the academy was huge and as I watched Aqua try her hardest to find the person I couldn't help but take interest in the school more then her person hunt.

"Hey I'm trying to find a tall and mysterious person, have you seen anyone that matches that description? I need to find the person in my dreams, its a matter of life and death!" Aqua rambled on and on to a small group of angels, they all seemed confused and rather scared and I shook my head amused by them all.

"Hun, you just have to wait until the right man comes along..." one of the angels stated, they all giggled and Aqua flushed a bright red.

"Not like that! No, no no no!" she wailed as the angels left her pink and frustrated.

"Find the person yet?" I teased, as if I wasn't there a second ago. She rolled her eyes at me and pouted.

"It isn't going to be easy, I have no powers other then my seer ability. A lot of people here are taller then me, and mysterious." she childishly pouted to herself, I sighed in annoyance. She was going to pout all day and I was the one that would have to listen to it.

"Well it seems like we have to live here in order to know everyone here well enough to actually know who was in your dream. Seems like too much effort if you ask me." I commented, calmly fixating my gaze on a pond. I didn't see the wide smile spreading on Aqua's face but I did notice her quiver slightly in excitement. I stole a short glance at the girl, I really hope I didn't give her any ideas.

"That's a great idea!" She chirped happily grabbing my wrist. I sighed letting her drag me into the academy. This is just great, you would think this girl would just give up already but no. This school we had to share rooms in. my last roommate was killed by me. How would this be any different? I swear she is only creating another lawsuit to cover up with her badge.

Oh well, it couldn't possibly be any worse and besides. How hard will it be for her to find one person really?