Chapter 1


It was my second year studying as an aristocrat, I remember when I was first dragged into this school; when society found out I wasn't a normal pedestrian from the outside walls. The dorms were lavishly designed for dukes, daughters and royalty; the majority of aristocrats in this school were born into a life of power and spoils.

"As review, the four basic elements are fire, wind, earth, and ice. I will be your new teacher here, I am an earth alchemist. Today, we will start with something simple; alchemy."

Each student was assigned a nickname based off of their skill and element, the most powerful mage would be a tetra mage; a beginner would be called a mono mage.

"as you can see, I can easily turn these pebbles into copper; I can do this by linking the basic element of Cu and manipulating it."

My name is Axial. I don't really fit in with this rich school, I don't have many friends. I don't have a nick name since I am the only mage that does not have an element yet. I can't even do basic magic from any four elements; one can say for an aristocrat, I really sucked at magic.

"Axial, why don't you try turning these rocks into copper?"

My eyes flickered over to the teacher, I nervously stood up and warily gazed at the three pebbles in the middle of the classroom.

"Oh no, don't let Axial do it... She is dangerous! She will blow up the school!" my classmates would moan and complain; I have gotten used to their teasing outside class, and I knew as well as they did this was not going to end well.

"Nonsense! This is alchemy! It is the simplest form of earth magic, come over here Axial; why don't you try?" the new teacher didn't seem convinced, despite the classes warnings and protests; I slowly made my way to the middle of the room.

I gazed back at the terrified students, as they ducked under their desks in cover; it was nice to know they had very little confidence in my abilities. I took out my wand and looked back down at the pebbles, the beaten up piece of wood was shakily hovering over them.

"Don't worry Axial, just concentrate on the metal your trying to manipulate." the teacher encouraged. I took a deep breath; maybe this time, I can do it.

"Est il met." I whispered, I concentrated on the metals I had in my disposal; copper slowly coming in view. The flash of magical succession, and then-the room was enveloped in a disastrous explosion.

"Axial just pulled another zero, she is a worthless aristocrat."

"We told you she can't do magic properly."

"Why did you have to call on Axial! She has zero chance of success and absolutely zero accuracy!"

I felt disheartened by the magic screw up, but it wasn't anything new to me I guess. I sighed and winced slightly at my singed clothing, before apologizing to the terrified teacher.

"Y-your not an aristocrat! You are an abomination!" she yelled, I lowered my head; unable to look at her.

"I am really sorry, I really am." I whispered, feeling the slight disappointing pain in my chest.

"Ugh whatever Axial, it is fine. Your not from a rich family so I guess there isn't anyone you can dishonor, I only want to know what kind of monstrosity you will summon for a familiar." the teacher coldly sniffed, before brushing past me. I had forgotten that the second years had to perform a summoning ritual. My eyes widened in fear, what would I summon? Is it possible to fail at a summoning ceremony? My hands shook from the fear, as I made my way out of the half destroyed classroom; the students were whispering behind my back, realizing that the ceremony was very soon.

"Well well well, look what the knights dragged in. Zero Axial and her dominating unsuccessful power." Majolica teased. Majolica was from a long line of snotty fire mages, her heritage was actually very impressive; it was the reason why she barley had to sit in on pitiful lessons.

"Leave me alone Majolica." I whispered sadly. The fiery woman only glared at me in malice, enjoying on the little confidence I had.

"Poor pitiful aristocrat; doomed to be nothing but a lowly commoner with little magic skills. It is a wonder that you have enough power to be an aristocrat, yet you can't even control it; can you not manipulate simple elements? Or are you not trying hard enough? Maybe your just a fool that doesn't care?" the girl snickered and circled me, like a carnivore playing with her prey.

"I'm trying, I really am trying." I muttered.

"It's a shame really, considering tomorrow we have to summon our familiars; a life long creature, forever bound to an aristocrat. With your skill, I wouldn't be surprised if you summoned a dead animal. No magical creature on Valencia would dare to answer a failure like you." Majolica hissed in delight. I didn't know what to do, or say to defend myself. I felt horrible deep down because, I agreed with her and I felt terrible about that; I can't believe I would totally disregard my ability, I had no confidence at all in myself.

"I...I don't know what will happen, but I do know that my familiar will be a precious pearl compared to any other familiar. My familiar will be unique and my perfect match, I am confident that I will summon something beautiful and powerful; maybe like a dragon!" I exclaimed to her. I didn't know where the confidence came from; maybe it was just something I kept telling myself and wanted to hear.

"Can't wait to see it." Majolica snorted sarcastically, before brushing past me. I watched her leave, until she disappeared around the corner. I felt my chest ache, but I didn't dare cry; I was not the normal commoner anymore, I needed to be strong.

When I got back to my dorm I was strangely very tired. I never was used to the lavish and large room in the academy. I used to stay in a small packed room with an innkeeper; when the innkeeper found out I had magic potential he didn't hesitate to send me away. It didn't matter much to me I guess, it wasn't like he was my father or anything; my parents died a long time ago.

I quickly changed into my pajamas, I loved the small dress and how it contrasted with my dark blue eyes. I pulled a brush through my white hair and untangled the snowy curls from the stressful day. I really had to think of a beginning chant for my ritual tomorrow.

"When you summon a life time partner, you are actually gaining a pet that will live as long as you do. You will create an unbreakable bond of friendship, and will complete the ceremony with a rune. In order to create the rune, you must seal it off with a small kiss; this rune can determine a great deal, and can sometimes grant your familiar with many special abilities. Remember, the pain and life that you encounter will always be shared with another soul when you finally gain a familiar partner. It reminds us aristocrats that no matter how alone we feel, or where we are in the world; we always have someone that knows a piece of us, and shares a piece of themselves with you."

The sun was shining in through my windows and hitting my face, when I opened my groggily eyes. I had a good dream last night, imagining the many creatures I may get from this world.

Maybe I will get a gargle, a griffin, or maybe even a legendary dragon. I hoped that my 'zero' curse would not screw up my summoning, I needed a friend in this lonely school. I would even be happy with a small white mouse, as long as I had something to share my failure with.

I got dressed and made my way to the mesh hall, I was not feeling very hungry but I decided to stuff a small pelf fruit in my pocket for later. I was thinking of getting some advice from the summoning teacher when something very peculiar caught my eye; there was a man dressed in pure white, fumbling with a beautiful black wand. I didn't want to seem rude, but the beautifully carved wand was fascinating; the wood was pure black like a raven, I had never seen something like it before.

"Excuse me, but what kind of wand is that? It is beautiful." I commented. I know it was rude to speak to someone visiting and so obviously of higher status then you, but I couldn't help my curiosity.

"Oh this piece of junk? It's called the void wand; legend has it that this wand once belonged to a powerful tetra mage. I am a treasure hunter and when I got my hands on it, I could never get it to work; my spells kept exploding on me, it is really pitiful. I was just throwing it out," the man laughed throwing the dark stick into the school trash, he dug his hand into his bag and pulled out a letter. "by the way, I need to speak with the mistress; could you direct me to her office?"

I gave the man directions to the headmistress office, she was a busy lady so he must be here on some important business. I watched the man as he gave me a thanks and ran off, I was about to leave as well for the summoning ceremony but I couldn't help but gaze back at the peculiar wand in the trash.

"Well if it is trash, there wouldn't be any harm taking it... right?" I murmured, quickly grabbing the wand and wiping it off. Even if it didn't work, it was very pretty. I wouldn't mind holding onto it.

"Axial! What are you doing down here? The ceremony is starting!" my professor shouted at me from behind. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me through the halls, my ceremonial dress whipping at the sudden rush.

"Wait! I don't have my wand!" I exclaimed. My regular school wand was still back in my dorm, I had forgotten to take it with me when I left I just realized.

"Nonsense! You have a perfectly capable wand in your hand!" the professor scowled, leading me into the courtyard.

"I... well... but." I couldn't tell him it was trash could I? I couldn't say I found this in the trash bin.

It seemed as if some students already went, I saw many creatures in peoples arms or beside them. Majolica even got a fire lion, one of the most passionate fire creatures in all the land. I sucked in a deep breath, I was suddenly nervous; what would my familiar look like?

"It seems that it's your turn Axial, you may begin."

I felt very nervous, and maybe even a little scared. The void wand was trash right? It felt like fire in between my fingers as I nervously started my ritual.

"Celestial being, my one and only partner; come to me to be by my side and to carry my burden. If you be not from this planet or the next, I only hope we come together. I summon you, whether or not you come to me or I you. I only wish for us to be powerful, graceful, and strong in the ceremonial binding of our two conjoint souls!" I made sure my voice was leveled, and I made the proper gestures with my void wand; the wood was very hot and heated, I have never felt a wand react like this before. I wondered if I was doing something wrong.

"I have never heard a summoning like this before." I heard my teacher whisper; I started to tremble and I felt my magic buildup and shake in my wand. It was different from all the other times, I could control it if I was calm; but I wasn't at all, I was panicking.

"Stay back everyone! The summoning is going backwards! Back up clear out!" the teacher started shouting, I watched people around me fade away and I saw such a harsh light.

Then all of a sudden, I felt a strong gush of wind. The light still blinded me, but it felt as if the wind was sucking me downwards; it was if I was falling.

I felt so tired, the magic collapsed on me. The light faded into a blackness that I couldn't see in, but I still felt myself falling.

After what seemed like hours I stopped falling, and hit the hard cold ground. I felt long grass tickle my bare arms, and smelt beautiful flowers that I assumed to be around me; but I could not open my eyes, I was still very tired.

"What? Where did that girl come from?"

"She is cute."

"Ah! What? Who?"

"Oh she crushed the flowers! What will he say? Hide her before they find out!"

I heard voices but who were they? I didn't understand them, did they speak English? I wouldn't know.

Did I perform the summoning ceremony properly? I felt very different, like there was something connecting me with something, or someone; but not now. I couldn't open my eyes to see, or even finish the ritual.