Chapter 12

Bale's Truth

I was bitter the rest of the week because of the fact I kept having dreams of this shadow, he hasn't told me anything new so far however. I always wake up in a foul mood because of that fool. On top of that shadow going out of its way to annoy me, Alois still had yet to return my wand. The kid probably lost it at that fair he tricked me into a few days back, just thinking about it made me furious.

"Going somewhere?" Kai asked as I walked past him without acknowledgment. "If you keep clenching your teeth like that, your face might end up getting stuck that way."

I stopped in mid step and tried to calm myself. "It's a Saturday and I'm free today. I am marching my way to the hospital to see Alois." I remembered all the times after school I wanted to go see him, but was stopped by Nole or Fay. They would ask for help on certain subjects in school or ask if I could go to the store with them. Even Blondie, who came home early on Thursdays apparently, was asking for me during some nights to help out with dinner and such.

"Don't be so angry, Alois probably just genuinely forgot." Kai stated falling in step behind me. "He is an odd kid, up to the day I met him he was always odd."

I slowed down and started to walk beside Kai, my curiosity clearly broader then my rage. "I heard from Neal you brought him to the hospital a year ago."

"Yup, I remember it was raining that day." Kai nodded. "He looked like a lost and very confused puppy."

I pressed him for more information. "What do you mean?"

Kai chuckled at me before answering. "Alois was wandering in the rain alone, he told me he was lost and didn't know where he was. At the time, I thought he was just a lost little boy and offered him my phone to call his house or parents." he paused and fumbled with his shirt a bit before continuing. "He then started to talk nonsense, he yelled and screamed. He said he was a powerful warlock from Aicnelav, and he was attacked by his assistant."

I looked at him in confusion, for a second I wondered if Alois was crazy. "Did he hit his head or something?"

"Well at first I thought he did. I let him stay in my apartment and all he did was read my medic books, he was very interested in diseases. It was amazing how he could easily recite every book I had on anything that had to do with a disease, from acute myeloid leukemia, arteriosclerosis, to even the common cold. With a photographic memory like that I highly doubted there was anything wrong with his head, and on top of that he didn't know how to do basic things like cook or clean. I ended up taking him to Neal, a close friend of mine and a psychiatrist to help Alois regain his lost memories, if any." Kai rubbed his head. "Alois was the first patient I ever had, where I had no idea what was wrong with him. I found it really frightening."

I gazed ahead, the hospital was in eye sight. I wondered where Alois was originally from, and I wondered if his family missed or worried about him. Last year, all I did was break walls, hurt students, and accidentally create dangerous potions.

"Well whatever the case... I still need my wand." I stated. Kai nodded and we both walked silently into the hospital.

"Speak of the devil." Neal greeted us when we entered the emergency doors. There wasn't any unusual injuries like last time we were here, twisted creatures don't seem to be attacking regularly.

"Hey Neal how is everything?" Kai waved. I saw Alois peek his head out from behind Neal and smirk at me.

"Alois!" my anger quickly came back after seeing his mischievous smile. "Give me back my wand you little brat!" I started my way towards him but Kai casually grabbed my arm and smiled at Neal.

The psychiatrist just gazed at us in amusement before replying to Kai. "Things are actually progressing with Alois and I. He has a sudden interest in the library and he said he made a friend, but other then that he can't seem to recall any solid memory yet. In due time though I believe he will get something."

I struggled, trying to shake Kai's arm off of me. "New friend huh? Probably a girl friend." I drawled out the word. "Yeah a girl that you took to the amusement park huh? Leaving me with this demon!" I pointed at Kai with my free arm. "On top of that, you ran off with my things!"

Kai didn't seem to be having any trouble holding me in place as he casually gazed off. "Well I'm glad we are making progress. Soon he will be able to go home."

I gave up trying to get Kai's arm to let go and reached out, swiping at Alois with my other arm. "Soon after he gives me back my stuff! Then good riddance!"

Neal nodded at Kai in agreement. "Yeah, I'm glad he doesn't confuse people anymore around here. Talking about random stuff and carrying on, just before the massive outbreak of monster attacks he shouted at me that the bridge gap between existence and life are two completely different things, but they work the same. Whatever that's supposed to mean."

I then realized the two were completely ignoring me. So I gave up.

"Angel! Want to see my new books?" Alois interrupted the two and innocently looked up at me. "I completely forgot about that stick I took and I'm really sorry. I kept it in a safe place though, come with me!" Alois then tugged at my sleeve trying to lure me away.

"See Axial? He just genuinely forgot about it." Kai commented. Oh so now he is talking like I'm here huh? Stupid demon...

Kai was about to follow Alois and I, until Neal stopped him. "Alois is picky about who he lets to see his stuff. He didn't want me to see his books because he told me they were childish and he didn't want me to view him differently."

Alois stopped and turned to face Kai. "That's right, only the angel can see. She won't view me differently, even if I read children stories or fairy tales."

Before Kai could protest, Alois was dragging me through the halls of the hospital. Alois explained to me that his room was away from the emergency surgery rooms and closer to diagnostic rooms since they frequently used him for facts in the rooms.

"Epilepsy, appendicitis, coronary heart disease..." Alois listed off different names as we passed by the rooms. It was almost scary how it rolled off his tongue, he really was a walking encyclopedia.

"Hey Alois? What is Ebola?" I narrowed my eyes. I learned of this disease in biology a little while back, testing Alois and trying to uncover what he didn't know would be amazing to figure out.

"Ah Ebola, that one is a favorite of mine." Alois turned to me with a smile. "It's one of the thirty known viruses to date that is capable to cause a viral hemorrhagic fever, as far as the VHF viruses go, this one is notorious. Its rapid, fatal, there is no cure, and very few know where this virus originally came from." Alois smirked as he opened a door that lead to the diagnostic rooms. I was still stunned that Alois knew so much, and I found it quite odd how he took such an interest in such vile things.

Alois ended up leading me to a room with nothing but a small bed, a bookshelf, and a small window in it. Alois locked the door to his room and made me sit on the bed, he smiled devilishly.

"Finally I can speak with you alone." Alois said as he reached into his pocket and took out my wand. He had it on him this entire time!

"What do you want Alois?" I narrowed my eyes as I caught my wand as he threw it to me. "You weren't serious about the books now were you?"

Alois shrugged and took a few books off his bookshelf. "I'm not sure, these are little kid stories, I can tell. Something about magic, elements, and existence. It's your typical children story, what caught my interest was the evil creatures and the people who saw or interacted with these creatures had some mutated diseases." Oh, of course it had something to do with diseases. I rolled my eyes at the boy, Alois was nothing more then a kid to me, even if his interests were weird.

"So a fairytale about mutated disease..." I was losing interest already. I really didn't see why Alois wanted to show me this.

"It reminded me of that one day we met actually." Alois continued on, not catching on to my boredom. "It's very similar to what those patients had, and to see you actually curing them is abnormal to me." Alois waved his book in my face, before giving me another one. "This one is too childish for me though, maybe you would like to have it."

I murmured a thanks and Alois let me leave, he told me to say bye to Kai for him before he closed the door. I met up with Kai and Neal after wandering around the diagnostic room for ten minutes trying to figure out how to get back on my own.

"Alois isn't back with you?" Kai asked me when I got back.

"No, he just gave me my wand and this book. I don't plan on reading it, I don't really like children stories." I placed the book in Kai's hand.

"The fifth element huh? Sounds like a peculiar book to me." Neal commented. "I guess Alois wasn't very interested in it."

I froze before quickly glancing at the book in surprise. I heard about the fifth element before, it was back where we encountered Majolica. I remembered it clearly, I created a hexagram there.

"I can barley understand the text in this too." Kai murmured as he opened the book and peered inside. Of course he wouldn't understand; the text there is written in old Valencian, but how did Alois get this book I wonder? Did he randomly find it like I found the book of twisted creatures? There had to be some sort of connection between the two books.

"Give me that." I snatched the book back from Kai and gazed at the pages. "It states that Bale was the first wizard to create the fifth element, but he claimed there was a famous wizard, who went by the name of Alistair, before him who taught him of this technique. Even though Bale claims Alistair to be famous, no one knew who he was talking about. Even friends and family of Alistair did not recall him, so Bale created the fifth element rule, which stated that you could not use the octagram since it used life force."

Kai's eyes widened and he inched closer to me to see the book. "You can read this gibberish?"

I narrowed my eyes and growled a little. "Of course I can, what do you take me for?" I rolled my eyes at him and continued to read. "Soon after Bale died he had ten successors who passed the technique down to many generations of wizards, but the octagram rule was slowly forgotten and soon the octagram itself was considered impossible to do. Many people started to question the octagram and doubt it ever existed."

Neal interrupted me as I paused to catch my breath. "Yeah this is definitely old folk lore fairy tales, no wonder Alois gave it to you."

Kai put his finger to his lips, shushing Neal. "Let her read, this is actually interesting." Neal rolled his eyes and cleaned his glasses as he pretended to not care much.

"One day, a man named Theodore stood up against the idea of the octagram not existing and ventured out to Exciton: the floating islands that Bale lived for twelve years. No one ever went there because of the vicious dragons that now preoccupied the walls of the floating grounds, but Theodore was quite knowledgeable already with dragons and mythical beasts." I gazed at the pictures and saw the huge island being kept aloft in the sky, many colorful dragons clung to the outer ground and made their nests in the walls. The only way a wizard would be able to get there, would have been by magical creature or portal. I remembered Exciton from the aristocrat academy texts, the only known portal that was powerful enough to bring you safely to the surface of the islands was buried long ago and is now currently in the ocean.

I flipped the page and continued on. "Theodore's familiar was a gryphon, and was able to fight off the dragons who attacked them relentlessly as they searched for the portal. It stated that it took Theodore six months to find the location of the portal, and another two months to actually reach it." the book was interesting but I quickly skimmed through a couple of pages. Kai started to complain but I quickly told him to shut up.

"After nearly escaping the trap with his life, Theodore finally had what he came for, Bale's journal. In this journal Bale wrote about the true nature of the fifth element and the mysteries it had. I remember Alistair, using the octagram even when I begged him not to. He told me it was a necessity but there was another way right? I saw those timers as well but he said that it was suicide, he much rather simply not exist then to die. I didn't understand what he meant back then, but now in my last years of life I understand. Only I can remember him, and it kills me that I can't even talk about him with his family, but as long as I teach this element his ideal will live on and that is proof enough that he was alive. The very last journal taught Valencia the truth behind the octagram and it stated. I told everyone that the octagram would slowly kill you and eat at your life force but that is not entirely true. It eats at your existence, and when that is gone, you will disappear from the world you live in and it will be as if you were never there in the first place. No one will remember you, and anything that relates to you will disappear as well. What I will never understand, is why I remember him, but I assume it has something to do with the fact I saw him use the octagram multiple times and since I was aware of his existence I would never forget him. Sometimes I wish I did though, for this pain is sometimes hard to deal with." I shut the book, I didn't feel like reading all of it now. Neal seemed interested in it now though as he attentively listened with Kai. I swear they were both children...

"Can you read it all to me?" Kai asked childishly. I rolled my eyes, he really thought this was a children story.

"No, learn old language yourself." I hissed before leaving the hospital. Kai didn't know though, he didn't know about the fifth element from my world yet. I guess I forgot to tell him that detail.

"What language is it?" Kai whined.

"Its called fae's tongue." I stated in annoyance. "This is a book from my world, and its not a fairy tale, this is history."

"I would love to go to history then." Kai mused as he gazed at me in curiosity. "Have you ever used the fifth element before?"

"Only the pentagram," I stated casually. "I did not even attempt a heptagram yet."

"Well hopefully you don't attempt a octagram." Kai pointed out, I rolled my eyes.

"Of course I'm not! Why would I?"

Kai and I ended up taking the long way back to my house, and we ended up passing the mall. We ran into Ricky and Jack, who both seemed to be very happy all of a sudden.

"You should have seen the fuss she made about her hair being cut!" Ricky laughed.

Jack seemed to smirk devilishly as he gazed back to the first shop on the right of the mall entrance. "I'm just surprised she hasn't torched anyone yet, she doesn't hesitate to burn me all the time!"

I gazed at the doors of the mall, Ricky and Jack probably went outside to avoid being killed by the fiery haired girl. I wouldn't blame them.

"Jack... Ricky..." speak of the devil. Her voice was cold and ridged, if I ever saw Majolica mad before this really took the cake. I could almost see blazing fire in her vibrant green eyes as she narrowed them at the two boys in annoyance, she didn't even see me through her anger. "I will kill you. I will boil, ground, scorch, burn, and engulf you two in flames of a dark hell."

Ricky stopped laughing and gazed at her. "Actually I think you look a lot better with short hair." the brave Ricky walked over to her and patted her head. "You look kinda cute when your angry now."

Her glare didn't falter as she poked him with burning hot fingertips, I could see the small smoke Ricky's clothes made every time they made contact. "How dare you Ricky! I will skin you alive first!"

"Ow ow ow! You are so violent! Stop ow!" Ricky complained and hid behind Jack.

"Flame mages take pride in their long hair. I remember Maj's late cousin Shatter, had a long braid of dark red hair. He was nicknamed the flames shadow for his amazing skills and prowess, the legendary family would always state that the longer their hair was and the brighter or darker it was meant the more powerful the mage was." I gazed over at Majolica who seemed to notice I was here now. "Another reason Majolica used to tease me was the fact my hair is white and colorless, meaning I was a big fat zero compared to her."

Majolica's look of disgust stayed on her face as she hurt Ricky some more. The kid was like a personal punching bag for her.

"Ever since she learned how to make some of her fire come out through her fingertips she has been burning us Axial!" Ricky whined as he crouched around me. "Make the bully stop!"

I gazed at Majolica, and I swear I saw steam evaporating above her head. It was times where Majolica scared me just with her fiery gaze, we were opposites and I wasn't used to her at all.

"How about we all cool off and go get some ice cream at the witches lair?" I asked hopefully. I didn't remember much about Majolica, but I did know she had a sweet tooth. Back in Valencia, we were supposed to capture and dissect chocolate doves, it was almost impossible for me to catch mine, never mind actually cut it open, but Majolica quickly caught and ate hers. The teacher then yelled at her and said if she wanted one she could have bought one at lunch, and she replied with 'after those licorice serpents I only had two crystals to spend and doves cost three'.

"I wouldn't mind going." Kai stated. "Its hot out today, and we have been walking for quite awhile."

Ricky jumped at the chance to change Majolica's attitude towards him. "Yeah! I heard the ice cream is the best in town! Here, I will buy you one Maj, you got to try it!"

Majolica seemed to be considering it but quickly hit Ricky on the head. "Only that brat calls me Maj! Who said you could refer to me in such a horrendous way?" She exclaimed.

Ricky whined some more before Jack cut them both off. "I'll go, if Majolica rather stand here and hit Ricky I will be glad to be far away. I'm just happy to see her mad about her hair being chopped off, I did win the race of course."

I swear I saw Majolica's eye twitch as she grabbed him by the collar. "Actually I AM going and Ricky here IS going to buy me ice cream! Right Ricky?" She glared daggers at the brown haired boy. Ricky could only nod meekly.

"Welcome back my lady and her lords!" Max beamed at me when we entered the cafe. "Please come with me and I shall show you your table."

"What an odd place." Majolica commented bitterly. She sat down and stared out this window, she seemed to be in a sour mood but I knew she was amused.

"May I take your order my lords and lady?" Max asked us. I ordered a chocolate sundae and Kai ordered a caramel one, as we argued which one was better, the other three gave Max their orders.

"Caramel is for old people! You are the type of person I can see with those caramel flavored cough drops in their home candy jars, that isn't candy! It's a cough drop!" I exclaimed.

"They are called Werther's Original, and they are the best things ever invented! Besides chocolate is just too sweet, I can see you drenching your dessert in chocolate and then bouncing around the house a few minutes later only to crash and fall asleep like the kid you are!" Kai responded.

"Oh I'm sorry, is my bouncing around ruining your afternoon nap old man? I thought you were a demon... demons don't fall asleep at 6:30pm on a weekend!" I replied to him.

"That was one time! Who told you about that anyway?" Kai narrowed his eyes and glanced up at jack who was eating his Oreo blizzard innocently. I then realized we were already served and we didn't notice. Majolica didn't seem to mind us though, she was happily munching on a strawberry from her ice cream. While Ricky took a small bite into an ice cream cake he ordered. I then quickly forgot about Kai and his caramel sundae and focused on my dessert.

I need to take this time to count how many things I ended up disliking from the time I spent on Earth. First, people commenting on my hair is a big one, second would have to be people calling me delusional, and lastly would have to be caramel, but that can easily be turned into anything Kai likes is gross, he is demon after all.

After our ice cream Majolica seemed slightly happier, she still looked annoyed and frustrated, but at least she didn't want to kill anyone.

"You looked so cute eating that strawberry sundae!" Ricky cooed as we walked home together. "Who would have known the mighty fire mage Maj, who strikes fear into the hearts of many men with her gaze would be toppled by a simple strawberry flavored dessert!" he then poked Majolica's shoulder. I could only gaze at him in horror. He was suicidal and trying to kill himself.

"Ricky, did you know I have a tattoo?" Majolica asked him suddenly. I didn't know what she was getting at but Ricky shook his head taking the bait.

"I got it because it symbolizes me as a fire mage, my parents didn't agree with it but I got it anyways. Its really cool looking and its now a part of me. I control fire, so it was stained on me." She explained simply. She then narrowed her eyes and glared at him. "Do you want your skull tattooed on me as well? I can probably control the way you die as well."

Ricky kept his mouth shut for the rest of the walk, and Jack couldn't help but snicker the whole time.

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