Chapter 1 remake


Many unique worlds, hidden and unseen lie right on the outskirts of earths blind eye. Many are forgotten, some are peaceful, others are delightful, and unfortunately, some are very dark and merciless. These worlds, even unknown to earth, are all connected. They survive off each other, and cannot survive on their own for very long. Each and every world uses this connection, as a link to a pure life source in the very middle of the ongoing population of life giving worlds. Earth is different however, because it doesn't have a link. It is a limited planet, with natural resources that grow sparse, day by day. Until the planet itself, topples on into itself, collapsing into nothingness. As all the life from it, drains away. Earth is known to the other worlds, as a paradise planet. No one could go in, and no one would ever be able to get out, but that statement is wrong. Only the chosen could get out, and no one knows how to unlock the barriers surrounding earth.

A chosen one, is a rare occasion however. This chosen one, has to restore order to the worlds when something goes terribly wrong. Sometimes this happens when a link flickers out, and the chosen have to go fix the problem, and on rare occasions it's something even bigger. Something, that twists the very reality into a dream, or even an illusion. A problem that creates a domino effect, causing every single link to flicker out, and causes an unbalance so disturbing it brings imagination to life, as monsters.

Ema is one of these chosen ones. She will travel, and overcome many obstacles. Even if right now, she thinks of herself to be an ordinary girl. She will soon find out that destiny, has already chosen her path.

"Ema! Over here!" Ema snapped out of her daze. She loved watching the evening waters ripple with the cherry red sunset reflecting upon the waves, it made her feel calm, and it always cheered her up. "Yes Luke?" Luke was Ema's friend she met a few years back, he always seemed to be surrounded by people. His personality shining through whatever horrible looking sweater his mother made him wear, "what do you need Luke?"

"I need some help finding seashells, can you help?" Luke asked.

"Sure," Ema replied, as she stood up in the snow white sand, "what ones are you looking for?"

"Pink ones," Luke said, and he reached into his pocket and pulled a very small beautiful, and fragile shell, "like this one. Sometimes you can see them sparkling in the water."

"Okay," Ema said looking inquiringly around the beach, "but I've never seen one like that before." Ema turned away from Luke and started to walk along the coast of the beautiful sandy beach, her eyes scanning the now dark blue waters for anything that resembled the shell. The sky was no longer filled with beautiful colors, but darkened with a ghostly purple when Ema started to lose hope of finding any shells. She had been looking for the unfamiliar shell, for what felt like hours already. And Ema felt that if she looked any longer, she wouldn't be able to find her way home.

When she found out that Luke gave up looking awhile ago, and went home. She decided to give up searching as well. However before she did leave, a small glint coming from the now black waters caught her eye. She knew that she would have to come back for it later unfortunately, because of the fact that she didn't want to get her clothes wet. She picked up a stick and lodged it deep in the sand so she could find it later, and then she went home.

The night air was silent and peaceful for Ema, as she walked slowly and examined the night sky full of beautiful stars. A small wind gently picked up and tugged at Ema's hair, making Ema smile to herself. The night seemed to be all hers in the deserted city, and she didn't want it any other way. Her smile however, slowly faded when she got to her home. The only thing stopping her from never leaving the beautiful dark outdoors, was the image of her worried sick mother flashing through her mind. Pacing around in the small house and her face full of worry, while she wonders where her daughter has mysteriously disappeared to. Ema took a deep breath, and made her way inside.

"Where were you?" her mother, Mel asks. Mel. Ema never called her mother anything else.

"At the beach, as always Mel." Ema replied.

"Luke came by," Mel said sounding relieved. "he said that he was going to continue looking for something tomorrow." Mel glanced at Ema questioningly, and shrugged. "Whatever that means."

"He is looking for a rare seashell, and I'm helping him." Ema replied. "Thanks for telling me Mel I will surely look again tomorrow." Ema gave Mel a hug before going to her room.

"Good night Mel!" Ema shouted down to her mother.

"Night Ema." Mel replied, chuckling to herself softly.

The next morning came quick, and Ema couldn't wait to spend the day at the beach. She grabbed a towel and wore her swimwear under her clothes, she said a quick good bye to Mel before racing out the door. Ema walked quickly to the beach, passing by many people and waving at her neighbors cars as they quickly zoomed off to work. The brisk morning air was beautiful, but nothing compared to the silent night sky. Thought Ema, as she passed a few kids on their bikes. Ema's excitement intensified when the beautiful white sandy beach came to view, and she started to run towards it. The light blue waters called to her and even though she planned on helping Luke look for a shell, she knew that she would much rather swim and look for it in the deep waters.

"Ema! You made it!" Luke exclaimed, when Ema reached the warm sands of the beach.

"Yup, of course I did," Ema smiled at Luke. "but I'm looking for the shell in the waters."

"Okay." Luke replied, nodding his head. "I also got help from Nick, and Leanne." Ema cringed when Luke said Nick's name. Nick, a girl named Senility, and Ema used to be the best of friends, but ever since Senility disappeared, Nick would always act differently around Ema. She didn't understand why, but it's as if Nick blamed Ema for her disappearance. She remembered the day as a far off dream, and it was hard for Ema to remember her. They both decided to take a walk along the coastline of the beach one day, the sun was setting and Senility seemed nervous as ever.

"I need to leave." she said to Ema, as she stopped walking abruptly and gazed at the calm waters.

"Huh? I don't understand." Ema replied eying her friend cautiously.

"I have to leave, I need you to tell Nick. I don't think I can..." Senility was murmuring nervously to Ema. Ema gave her friend a worried glance before gazing at the cherry red skies, almost at a lost for words.

"I-I don't understand, your not making any sense." she replied to her best friend, Senility shook her head and faked a smile.

"Never mind, I'm going home now, I am kind of tired." she smiled sheepishly. Ema nodded in confusion.

Before Ema could say anything else, Senility quickly ran home. Leaving Ema speechless on the coastline, little did Ema know that would be the last time they see each other.

"Who's Leanne?" Ema asked shrugging off her memories and trying to sway the subject from Nick.

"A new girl, apparently she is from Florida or something like that." Luke replied.. "No one knows her that well, she doesn't really talk that much. Want to meet her?"

"It's okay, I'll meet her later." Ema said nervously. "I'm going to swim around and look for that shell now."

"You know, you don't have to look if you don't want to." Luke said eying Ema curiously.

"Nah I'm having fun looking for your shell," Ema replied, gazing longingly at the water. "and besides, I'm up for a challenge."

"Alright then you look in the water, and I'll go and tell the others to search on land." Luke says before turning around and running back to his friends. Ema sighed with relief and changed into her bathing suit before walking towards the water. She kicked off her flip flops and she slowly dug her feet into the damp sands. The water called out to her, it was perfect. She walked slowly into the refreshing, welcoming waters before swimming off to find shells.

It wasn't that long until she found the tree branch she dug into the ground last night, unfortunately Ema could not find the same glint in the waters as she did before. It was strange, the usual calm beach waters were now all of a sudden small delicate waves. Probably the reason why the glint was no longer there, but the waves in this part of the beach was very confusing to Ema. She had never seen them here before.

"Hey Ema, Look! Look at this!" Luke called out to Ema. Ema turned to see Luke crouching along the shore of the beach, strangely he was focused on something small and dark in the white sand. Ema still pretty confused, swam over to him. "You see that?" Luke asked Ema, when she knelt beside him. "What is that?" He was pointing at something that looked really dark blue, almost purple. It looked like some sort of rock, sort of like a shard actually. It was mysterious and to Ema, it seemed strange.

"I've never seen a rock like that before," Ema said, reaching out to touch the stone. "it must be rare." Ema's fingertips just barley stroked the strange shard, before it started to move. Ema pulled her hand back in surprise at the reaction, and before she or Luke could do anything, the rock melted into the ground, and disappeared. It took a while for Ema or Luke to register what just happened in their minds and only until the waves from the waters snapped them back into reality, they stared at the same spot in a daze.

"What just happened?" Luke asked in a trance. "What was that?"

"I don't know," Ema said slowly. "but I now have a feeling it wasn't a rock after all."

Luke parted his mouth as if he were to say something, but he didn't. While Ema on the other hand felt queasy and uneasy, she sensed an unfamiliar air at her favorite beach. It was as if that one shard changed everything around her, and Ema did not feel right about it.

"Maybe we should go home." Ema said all of a sudden.

"I'm sure the rock was nothing. Lets stay for a while, there's no rush." Luke said, his voice didn't sound as sure as his words though. Ema shook her head as she felt a wave of fear creep up on her, which surprised her. "I'm going to go home." Ema told him, while standing up to get her things. "I'll see you at the beach tomorrow, we have all summer to look for shells you know." and with that, Ema turned on her heels and left, her gut twisting with a strange sense of foreboding.

Time seemed to be at a standstill as Ema briskly walked away from the beach. Her fear still overwhelmed her, and she didn't know what to do other than return home. Along the way, she passed by many people and many buildings. She knew something was not quite right, and it was as if she didn't belong here. Her pace quickened suddenly as her fear pulsed into her chest yet again, she wanted something that would calm her like the night sky on a beautiful evening. She stopped and gazed at the sky longingly, but there were no stars or gentle moon that told her everything was alright in the sky. The clouds seemed so calming with the baby blue background which was the sky, and the ceiling of the earth. She wondered how the night stars and the morning clouds could be so different, yet so alike. Ema narrowed her eyes and kept her concentrated stare in the calming sky. She looked at the colors and the many different shaped clouds, and right before she was about to look away a wind picked up. The wind seemed unnatural at first, and Ema felt as if it was trying to warn her or push her away with force. Her fear grew when the sky started to flicker slightly, but she kept her gaze transfixed out of curiosity at the light sky. It was as if something big hit a computer screen hard, and it caused the screen to flicker and fade slightly. Is that even possible to happen to the sky? Ema thought, as the sky returned to normal, and the wind died down. Ema then tore her gaze from the suspicious sky and started running to her home.

"Back already?" Mel asked Ema as she ran through the door.

"Yeah, I... I felt sick," Ema lied smoothly. It wasn't that she didn't want her mother to know what was happening outside, but she didn't want her mother to worry too much. "but now that I'm here I think I feel better." she added quickly. Mel smiled at her.

"Well if you want, you can go with me to the market street and help buy some food with me," Mel said, getting her shoes on. "with two people I can carry more, and besides what else are you going to do alone here?" Ema still felt uneasy even around her own mother and she was still afraid to go outside, Ema shook her head.

"I think I need to lie down, I don't want to feel sick again. Is that okay?" Ema asked her mother.

"Yeah, that is a better idea anyways." Mel said opening the front door. The air from outside still felt horribly wrong to Ema, and she couldn't help but blurt out. "Mel, maybe you shouldn't go out today." Mel stopped and turned to her daughter. "Why not? It is a beautiful day to go out." she replied smiling at her, "Maybe you should get some rest dear, the sun must have been getting at your head." Ema nodded. Maybe she was in the sun a little too long.

"Okay then Mel," Ema said. "I will be in my room getting some rest then." Mel turned around mumbling a cheery good bye before closing the door behind her and Ema just stood there, feeling the uneasiness settling in around her. Ema sighed and made her way to the living room, sitting down on the chair nearest to the window. She watched her mothers figure disappear around the corner while her feelings only grew with each passing second.

Everything seemed okay though, outside where everyone seemed the same and happy. To Ema however, it seemed unreal and strangely unknown. She gazed at the grass, trees, and people either on her lawn or far off in the distance. Unfortunately something about the normal routine was not right, Ema could feel it. Ema shrugged her shoulders closing the curtains on her windows to ignore it easier, and she decided to get some sleep.

Her small slumber was quickly interrupted however by her mothers persistent voice, she either wanted Ema to get off the couch, or she wanted to tell her something that probably happened while she went shopping. Her voice told Ema that much anyways.

"Ema darling, please wake up." Mel's voice echoed in Ema's ear. Ema opened her eyes groggily.

"Yes Mel?" Ema sat up and wiped her eyes. "What do you need?"

"The market was closed because there is an inspection of these very small oddly colored rocks." Mel replied frowning slightly. "They say the market will be closed for some time so we need to live off of sandwiches for awhile okay?" Ema gazed at her mother as realization hit her, and her memory of the shard that was found at the beach earlier that day surfaced. She shivered in fear, making her mother give her an odd look.

"What's wrong?" Mel asked Ema worriedly.

"Nothing's wrong, I just need some air." Ema assured Mel as she stood up and started to walk towards the door.

"Where are you going?" Mel asked.

"I want to see these rocks that's all," Ema said smiling at her mother. "don't worry I have a feeling I've seen one before and I'm just checking. Okay?" Mel smiled in understanding. "Okay then."

"Bye!" Ema called out behind her before closing the front door to her house. Ema still had the feelings of fear and uneasiness, but she was also curious and felt as if she needed to see if the rocks in the market were similar to the shard at the beach. She wanted to see with her own eyes, how many rocks were there. Besides if people do find some information about these unusual rocks, Ema wanted to know about it. As Ema approached market street, she saw a huge crowd of people. They all seemed highly interested in the rocks now scattering market street as well as herself. She couldn't help but sigh in relief as she realized she wasn't the only one feeling strange, and curious of the mysterious dark shards that seem to come from thin air.

"What's going on here?" Ema asked the nearest person to her in the crowd.

"Some sort of purple meteors that fell from the sky," the man said excitedly. "the archeologists are coming down to examine them because whenever someone touches one, they disappear apparently."

"How many are there?" Ema asked the man.

"Ah only two, there used to be four but those ones were touched and you know the rest." the man replied. Ema nodded before turning her back from the crowd, she didn't need to see the shards now due to the mans description. She already knew what the shards will do anyways when the archeologists decide to finally touch one of the so called meteors. She sighed wondering if the archeologists would find any information useful to her.

"Everyone!" a shout came from behind Ema, she spun around to see the small crowd parting to make room for a man. Ema stood there frozen, maybe he had some information about the shards she thought.

"These meteors seem to have some sort of radiation that is unknown to us. We are still continuing our investigation in hopes to understand this alienated technology without managing to touch it. Our scanners pick up very high activity though, and it may be unsafe to you. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask you all to leave." the man said. The small crowd broke out in many hushed whispers and Ema could tell that no one wanted to leave, but if it was dangerous they would have to leave all the same.

"If you do find something out, how will we know about it? It isn't like your going to tell us, you will probably just hide it from us. The government usually does anyway." an angered woman shouted out. Ema rolled her eyes, she wondered why some people would argue about something so stupid. Who cares about the rocks? If it's dangerous we should leave end of story, if anything the government is trying to protect us. She thought.

"We will update our research on channel five news. Or you can go to our live camera on the internet." the man replied annoyed. Ema started to walk away from the crowd, as the man handed out site names and news channels. Ema was curious not driven, she didn't need to know much about the rocks. Just why do they make you feel uneasy and why do they disappear when you touch them, that's all.

Ema was still trying to figure everything out as the sky darkened. Days just seemed to be flying by, and sometimes they seemed long and uneventful. Usually at this time, Ema would be at the beach watching the sunset slowly sink into the cherry red waters, but today was different. It was as if the beach no longer felt safe to Ema, and it was nerve wrecking for her. Even now Ema couldn't enjoy the silent pleasure of the night sky full of stars, with the beautiful orange moon glowing and shining down from the black curtains of the sky. She would have wanted to go, yet something seemed a little off in her silent world and all that Ema wanted to do at this time was to get home, and forget everything in a nice peaceful slumber.

When Ema did get home, she exchanged a few welcoming words with her mother before going to bed. She wanted to ignore her feelings, and try her hardest to enjoy the stars outside her window before falling asleep. She succeeded very well in ignoring her feelings for awhile, but a small constant flickering in the sky snapped Ema back to reality and she only found it harder to fall asleep from then on.

Ema did finally fall asleep, but in her slumber even in the welcoming confinement of her dreams she knew something bad was about to happen. If only Ema knew how bad, it was going to become.

The next morning Ema decided to go to the beach, even though she didn't exactly want to go. She still needed to help Luke find his shell, and Ema wasn't the person to back out so easily because of her own feelings. She made her way confidently past many streets, and many alleyways. She told herself to keep going even if she were afraid for no reason in particular. Ema herself couldn't explain her unusual pulses of fear that occurred every time she looked at the sky, or was reminded of the purplish blue shards that fell from it. She didn't want to think about it, she just tried to block it out and instead she thought of where to look for the beautiful pink shells along the coastline of the beach. She was unsure however, when she reached the entrance of the beach and if it weren't for Luke running up to Ema she would have reconsidered not going in.

"Hey Em! I missed you yesterday, what happened to you?" he asked concerned.

"I think I just felt a bit sick, but today I will stay till the sun sets." Ema said confidently once again. She was very grateful that Luke was there with her so she wasn't that scared, but she was disappointed that she couldn't do it alone. She felt foolish to be afraid of the very place she dubbed her second home, even her sanctuary.

"Are you going to search with Nick, Leanne, and myself today?" he asked in an odd tone of voice that made Ema laugh lightly. She felt safer with him, but the mention of being with two other people sounded even better even if she did dislike Nick for some time now.

"Okay." Ema replied.

"Great! Everyone is over here!" Luke said as he turned around and quickly walked away. Ema followed him hesitantly.

Luke took Ema to a corner far west from the entrance of the beach, Ema remembered the place clearly. It was her favorite spot she found long ago when she moved here, there were three benches surrounding a huge but very old campfire pit. It was still in the sandy area of the beach but there were four tall trees that grew out slanted that hid everyone near the fire pit from the main area of the beach. Ema loved climbing the trees to get to her little hideout, but she showed all her friends it long ago when she met them. They all still call it the Em tee hideaway, even though no one gives Ema credit for finding it now. Ema saw Leanne, and Nick sitting on the farthest bench from the entrance of the hideaway, and Ema was reminded of the days where Nick and Senility used to laugh and share jokes with her, surrounded by the pit everyday with the red evening sky reflecting off the golden orange waters. The thought almost brought tears to Ema's eyes, ever since Senility left, Ema never really went here with Nick, and they just grew farther, and farther apart until they were both no longer friends.

"Hey people! Now that everyone is here in the Em tee hideaway. We need to discuss a strategy." Luke said. Ema heard Nick scoff when Luke said the name of the place, and she rolled her eyes before sitting down. Nick, and Senility were the only ones that knew that the name of the hideaway was Ema's own nickname. Most people just thought she couldn't pronounce the word empty right when she was little, but Ema was smarter then that. She wanted her hideout to sound like something else because she thought it was mysterious.

"Well hurry up with the strategy, I don't want to miss my hair appointment." Leanne said snottily. Ema made a face, Florida wasn't a place where many rich snot nose brats come from. Leanne seemed to be one of them however.

"Well we found one already and now we have two, but I need one more of a different color to complete my masterpiece! I searched online, and the only other color of the exact shell on this beach is blue. Unfortunately the waves today are more harsh then the gentle waves yesterday, so we won't find them shimmering in the water." Luke said dishearteningly. Ema stole a glance at the water, and Luke was right. The waves were viciously crashing on the shore of the usually calm white sand, Ema couldn't understand it.

"You're making something from these shells?" Nick asked curiously.

"Yeah, my dad showed me how to do it a few weeks ago and these shells are perfect for it!" Luke replied happily. Ema caught Leanne make a disgusted look out of her eye, before she turned her attention away from the water.

"Why should we help you then? It isn't like you absolutely need these stupid shells." Leanne interrupted harshly. Ema stayed silent, however Leanne was starting to get on her nerves.

"I'll tell you what. Whoever finds the blue shell first, will get whatever I'm making." Luke sighed impatiently.

"Fine, whatever since you insist on making me something" Leanne started saying, but Ema couldn't listen to her anymore.

"Can you please stop talking Leanne? I think we are wasting time. Lets look for those shells already so we can all go home in peace." Ema interrupted her quite coldly. Nick stood up from the bench.

"I do not want Ema searching with us." he said straight forwardly, Ema rolled her eyes and Leanne curiously glanced from Nick to Ema. She felt the tense air between them, yet she couldn't figure out why.

"Well that's too bad." Luke replied. "I asked her to help." Nick childishly crossed his arms.

"I won't help if she is here and neither will Leanne." Nick said. Ema wondered why he was so angered by the fact she was helping Luke find shells, but at the moment she just stood quiet and still.

"Then I guess I'll just have to give Ema the necklace." Luke said smugly, Nick sighed.

"I don't want your dumb necklace and I'm pretty sure Leanne doesn't either."

"Well that is unfortunate." Luke said sarcastically, Ema giggled to herself softly but quickly sobered up the moment she noticed Nicks terrifying glare.

"Are you still blaming me for Senility's disappearance?" Ema questioned Nick, he grit his teeth.

"Well you were the last one with her." Nick stated. Ema nodded, and gave Nick an odd look.

"I think its ridiculous that you blame me for that." Ema said quietly, Nick continued to glare at her.

"Well I blame you and I always will!" he growled, Leanne gave Nick an odd look before rolling her eyes. Ema smirked, even she thought this was childish.

"Well I'm going to go home and only until you decide to grow up is when I will talk to you." Ema hissed in frustration. Nick was aggravating and childish, and hopefully one day he will learn his lesson.

"See if I care!" he shouted after Ema as she walked home, and grit her teeth together in frustration.

Her walk home didn't take that long, and the sky started to flicker some more but Ema didn't seem to care this time. Sure she still felt scared but she was to angry to act upon it.

"Ema? Is that you?" Mel called out from kitchen when Ema slammed the door behind her.

"Yes Mel." Ema replied trying to keep her voice level. "I decided to get some rest, I have a small headache."

"Okay dear." Mel said. Ema made her way to her room.

Ema wasn't really tired, she just needed to be alone to let herself cool down a bit. She found her favorite book under her bed and started to read the individual small fantasy stories that were combined to make a huge book filled with them all. Ema still after three months hasn't finished the book yet since she always skims over her favorite stories every time she starts to read it.

"Ema? Are you hungry for supper?" Mel's voice cuts into Ema's imaginary world, and for the first time Ema noticed it was getting dark.

"Yeah." Ema called down, she placed her book back under her bed and made her way downstairs.

"Luke came by," Mel started as she handed Ema a plate of pasta. "he gave me something to give to you." Ema stopped and turned towards her mother questioningly.

"What did he want to give me Mel?" she asked, Mel took a small box from the counter and gave it to Ema.

"I don't know what's in it, but I'll have you know I didn't look." Mel winked at Ema teasingly.

"Mom, drop it I don't like him that way. This is his way of saying sorry for what happened earlier." Ema told her while she sat down at the dining room table and stuffed a spoonful of pasta in her mouth.

"Wait... what happened?" Mel asked worriedly, Ema rolled her eyes.

"He gave me a headache that's all," Ema replied sighing. "seriously nothing to worry about Mel."

That was all that was said, as Ema and Mel both sat eating in silence. Ema's curiosity however grew, as she wondered what was in the small box beside her.

After supper, and after Ema had a long relaxing bath. She decided to open the small present Luke left her, she still felt angry from the days events but it wasn't Luke's fault it was Nick's. She carefully unwrapped the yellow ribbon and saw a small piece of paper underneath it, she opened it and saw a small note Luke left for her. It said sorry, and that he alone found the blue shell. Ema smiled, she was happy he found the shells he was looking for but, she quickly frowned when he said he did it alone. Ema felt a little guilty, maybe she should be the one apologizing she thought to herself. She opened the small box, and found a necklace.

Ema gasped, the necklace was beautiful. It was also made with the three shells he found at the beach, the two pink on each end of a light blue shell which was placed perfectly in the middle of them. As Ema examined it closely and found that a different letter was carved out gently on each shell to spell out her name. Ema wondered how Luke managed to carve her name on the delicate shells, and she wanted to know how he made the letters look so fancy looking. She touched the strong stray like material that acted as a string for the necklace, and she examined the end of this material to find a metal hook that attached both ends together. Ema was amazed, and even now she felt even more guilty and she wanted to say sorry to Luke. She was about to put the box away, when she saw yet another note, but this one said that the necklace was water proof so she could wear it all the time. Ema smiled and put on her necklace, tomorrow she will thank Luke for it and apologize herself.

The next morning didn't come as fast as Ema would hope, because of the fact the wind kept waking her up in the middle of the night. Each time Ema woke up though, the wind would grow stronger and stronger, and Ema didn't like it one bit. Even the moon and stars weren't out this night, and that made Ema shiver with fear. After falling asleep for the fifth time though, she finally made it till dawn.

"Ema dear you look sleepy," Mel said to Ema as she slowly ate her breakfast. "maybe you should go back to sleep."

"No Mel, I'm fine." Ema replied sighing slightly. "I need to find Luke and say I'm sorry for yesterday."

Mel gave Ema a questioning look, but Ema ignored it as she finished her food and made her way out the door. The first place she had in mind to look for Luke was the beach, so she headed down the usually busy main road to the sandy shores. Ema passed many roads, and many alleyways. Strangely enough, no one was outside today and Ema wondered where everybody was. When she reached the beach, she was surprised to see there where no cars parked in the parking lot and no one was out there playing in the usually calm blue waters, which right now roared with many waves that crashed dangerously against the ground.

"Where is everybody?" Ema said to herself. As she began walking away from the beach, something did not feel right. Ema soon grew worried, and quickened her pace back home. Unfortunately something landed right in front of her with such speed she nearly screamed with fear, but she soon realized it was the same shard; similar to what Luke found at the beach. It was lodged quite deep in the concrete, and it looked like the shard hit the ground with much force but wasn't harmed in any way. She looked up at the sky, and it seemed to flicker more then ever. Ema didn't know what was going on, and her eyes widened with fear when she saw the shards falling out of the sky with much speed towards her. She started to run not knowing where she was going, she turned into an alleyway and ran full speed to the other side. She felt her heart beat in her throat when she heard the shards blasting into the concrete behind her, and the noises seemed to be gaining on her. Her legs ached in exhaustion as she pushed them to move on faster, and faster, it seemed with each passing moment the shards would just barley skim her legs. She soon turned into another unknown alleyway, and the noises stopped altogether. Ema stopped and gasped for fresh air, she looked behind her and saw millions of shards lodged into the ground. Ema gulped looking at the torn up concrete, she thought of how the concrete could have been her. Turning back to another alleyway entrance, she kept walking through the dark areas of the city and Ema had no idea where she was. She stole a glance at the sky, and instead of it flickering it seemed cracked. As if any moment the sky would break apart, she examined the purplish cracks covering the innocent light blue sky and Ema began to get worried. Only until she bumped into someone, she couldn't take her eyes off of the not so innocent looking sky.

"Watch it Ema!" a familiar voice brought Ema back to her senses. Strangely enough, it was Luke.

"Luke! I was looking for you! What are you doing way back here? Also do you realize that no ones outside today?" Ema asked.

"Ema calm down, they discovered something amazing about those rocks like the one we found at the beach. Everyone is over there to see, and so am I." Luke replied pointing to a enormous crowd at the opening end of the alleyway. Ema tilted her head in confusion, is Luke talking about the shards that just tried to kill her?

"Want to check it out? I know your curious." Luke asked Ema. She was to speechless to say anything so she just nodded, and allowed Luke to drag her into the middle of the large crowd of people.

Ema saw a man dressed in white with at least ten shards behind him, he looked smug and he waited impatiently for everyone to settle down. Once he had the attention he was satisfied with, he started his speech.

"Attention everyone!" his voice boomed over the audience. Ema listened to the man but gazed at the sky in fear, she wondered if anyone else noticed the cracked sky today.

"We found out what this shard does! Observe." Ema didn't watch the man, but heard the crowd break out excitedly. She kept her vision focused on the sky, that seemed to crack even more after the crowd cheered. Ema's stomach twisted in fear as she looked back at the man, how was one supposed to ignore a huge purple crack in the sky? She thought.

"Anyone can do it if they try hard enough, we want to test on it some more but if it's safe we can assure you it will be a top toy in the market!" Ema glanced at the man and he turned to a shard, and Ema watched shocked as the shard turned into a beautiful bird with colorful feathers and a strong yellow beak.

"As you can see," the man continued. "these rocks only respond to imagination, who wants to try?" the man touched the animal and it didn't melt away, instead it nuzzled his hand and squawked at the people in front of him. Ema would have thought this was cute, if it weren't for the sky breaking apart above her. She decided to speak up, since she was afraid the sky was going to fall on top of them.

"Um...Luke?" Ema whispered, Luke looked down at her a bit annoyed that she interrupted.

"What is it?" he asked gazing at the man and the bird in front of the audience.

"Look at the sky." Ema ordered. Luke made a weird face but complied anyway. His sarcastic expression quickly changed however when he saw cracks of dark purple now quickly breaking apart the sky.

"The sky!" he shouted so everyone could hear. "Look! It's breaking!"

The crowd's hushed whispers quickly turned into surprised gasps, as the sky cracked like an eggshell. When the whole sky seemed cracked, the bird started squawking viciously. Ema turned to the bird, while everyone still had their eyes on the sky and she gasped. The bird was no longer cute with colorful feathers, but it looked deranged with glowing red eyes and looked like a shadow as it grew bigger.

"Everyone Run!" Ema shouted, as she pushed past people and ended up running past everyone in the alley. She was still tired from her run earlier, but she did get pretty far away until she finally heard the screams of panic from the crowd, as they realized the growing monster behind them.

She stopped in front of the alleyway where the shards fell to her from the sky, and she was afraid to go any further. As if the moment she walked in there, the millions of shards would turn themselves into demonic creatures and give a good chase after her. She looked for another way to escape, but she didn't find anything. The ground started to shake, and Ema thought it may be an earthquake. She sat on the ground and tears started to form in her eyes as they threatened to drop, she was scared more then ever now and all she wanted to do was wake up from this nightmare.

When the ground finally stopped moving, Ema realized the ground had a huge crack in it and deep in the inside of the crack it glowed a brilliant shade of purple. The ground just like the sky, seemed to be breaking too. She stared at the sky in panic and saw the innocent blue background fading away. She couldn't understand it and the only thing she wanted at that moment was something to comfort her, the sun too flickered for quite some time before fading away, leaving only darkness. She rubbed her eyes as if she couldn't believe what she had just witnessed, but alas when she opened them, nothing but the color of the skies had changed. Instead of the beautiful blue sky so innocent it made one smile on the darkest of days with a beautiful sun no one could ever ignore, there was a pulsing purple glow, with no sun or stars to lighten the way. The earth itself, seemed to be now plunged into darkness.

The ground kept shifting and breaking every once in awhile, and Ema didn't know where to go. Her heart beat faster in her chest, and there was nothing to calm it. She almost stopped breathing when she saw many glowing red eyes making their way towards her. She panicked and tried to run away, but she hit a wall of a building she couldn't see. There was no where to escape and Ema had no idea where to go, or where she was. She felt trapped, yet no one could hear her muffled cries of fear. She was alone, and as Ema closed her watery eyes, she wished for someone or some miracle to help her. The earth was collapsing around her, and chaos kept the streets filled with fear and sorrow. It was that day Ema lost herself in the darkness, but then found her new light in an unknown world.