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Chapter 1

It was raining oceans and the thunder of Titans was crashing outside the four connected passenger cars. In the small cramped spaces of an upper level room, the headline news title of what had happened in the nation's capital passed by on the window written in a bright golden banner with the rain as the background, ALDERANCE SAVIOR FOUND, and passed from that window to others in the car to share the news. Another came in a few seconds after that after a crash of thunder and lightning stating the Directors' now famous line from his recent speech from the Battlefield, OFFER UP YOUR IDENTITY FOR THE MOST VIRTUOUS SALVATION. Four doors down in a roomette bedroom off to the left, there was a young man and a young woman, both about the same age of seventeen or eighteen, sitting across from each at the fold out table between them paid no attention the words displayed on the screen.

Spending three hours in a over crowed train station that smelled of unshowered business men, homeless alcohol, and deep stains of minute made coffee, there was a pushy sense of expensive chic on the upper level of the on the third car. Navy blue carpet stretching down between the roomettes, past the stainless steel stairs and skinnyed its way in front of the five full bedroom suites. The red oak doors were polished to perfection and the windows shined perfectly to pronounce the perfect picture quality of the rain, lightning, and news. The storm outside had been going on so long that day had been chosen to masquerade as night, and at when the light should be shining threw, the train's halls gave the dark foreboding feeling of the darkest hours. The plastic trash bin at the end of the hall fell over at the next roar of thunder that pushed the train along.

The young man sat in his seat with frustration and boredom as he played interactive chess on his clear blue identification card. The woman slowly became fascinated by the window that was beside them, for there was many ways to do almost anything with it once it was hooked up to the internet, and landscape that was reeled beside them outside. There was one backpack hanging next to window, and two soaking gray sweatshirts shoved under the seats in front of the heaters and wrapped around two rather small speakers meant for listening to their conversation and reporting it to a higher authority.

"I wonder..." The woman watched the lightning and thunder intently and gazed awestruck at the scenery through her one visible golden eye that was ringed with a yellow and green bruise. Her long dark oak brown hair covered her white bandages that wrapped around the other eye."What would happen if someone stood outside."

"Well, probably they'd catch a cold, drown or get struck by lightning." The man said as his card made a beep at each move "All of which are deadly these days."

"What's a cold?" The woman asked innocently "How do you catch a feeling of being cold?"

The man paused for a moment to comprehend. He sighed when he remembered that she has the memory of a lab rat these days. "No...no... It's...well...it's a virus, a very complicated little cell that destroys rather than creates. It makes people sick. You'd think, in 3284 A.W.G. we'd be able to destroy something like that when it's been around since the dawn of time. But, here's the thing, long before you or me were born, maybe even before our parents, there was this scientist named George Huxley who made a break threw in about three different sciences. He made blood computer, which was suppose to only monitor your family's health, but the government used to spy on your parents from the inside. He cured cancer, but made the common cold invicable. He made the..."

"Ethos pill, which induces humility and compassion on person." A man stood at the doorway, no older than other two sitting in the room, holding his long jacket over his shoulder and looking smugly at the man sitting down. His short dark red hair had bangs that was pushed to one side and blended well with the door as his dark royalty blue eyes looked carefully at them. He looked something reminiscent of her cousin sitting across from her, tall and so normal looking that it's be hard to tell the authorities anything defining about him besides his eyes or hair color. "Stopped a few wars, saved countless lives, but who cares about that? That pill has been altered in every kind of way to induce every kind of emotion; anger, hate, love... even one to boost intelligence past a 200-plus IQ. Isn't that right, Alexavier Curtis?"

"How'd you find us Jack?" Alexavier was uneasy but didn't seem too surprised. Alexavier looked so conventional, so normal, that he slipped under the radar of any human being and instantly forgotten. Brown hair cut in a typical fashion, boring brown eyes, normal weight, there was nothing worth remembering until spending a great deal of time around him. He has a subtle intelligent look that can see right through you and a whimsical trusting smile that makes you believe everything he says.

Jack shut the door and put his jacket up on the hook. "It wasn't hard. All I had to do was think about what you would do."

"If that were true, there would be DBI agents here to take both of us away." Alexavier watched Jack sit down next to him comfortably "So I'll ask again, how'd you find us?"

"Must not be taking your IQ pills. I have something that those whinny little agents don't have; how you think when your taking two IQ pills, when you are taking one pill, or a half a pill. Those suite-monkeys think your taking a constant stream of pills, while I, however, I have learned through trial and error how many you are taking at any time and what you would do under them."

"How do I know that there aren't any agents around here listening and tracking us threw you?"

"Listen Alex, if I were a trap, I would not be admitting to the fact that I put this beautiful young lady is mortal danger by knocking the guard and the conductor unconscious."

"The train is fully automated."

"You idiot. There has to be someone monitoring the computers at all times or there would be more lawsuites than people in Alderance if something goes wrong."

"And something always goes wrong." The woman said, feeling disticly left out.

"Of course, there is, like, on average, twenty-two errors in a computer daily. Not to mention that computers can't find a new path in a straight line made of iron."

"You have anything else to offer?" Alexavier asked suspiciously.

"In a half 'an hour you, her, and I are going to get off this train at it's halfway point and hop on to the 9:20 to Mei-Shi. The computer, strangely, will shut itself down in front on the Lop Traeca route and need to send it to help this train out. "

"What makes you say that you're coming along?"

"Because I know what those DBI agents don't know." Jack leaned forward and rested his head on his hand "This lovely lady here is the mythical Amaris Fallburn, the true Promised One over her twin brother Baysil, who is currently faking being the Promised. She is not, as the news likes to promote, Aquadia Natale, an injured bystandered from the last raid for Amaris Fallburn."

The silence was so profound that it seemed like even the thunder held it's toung as this conversation kept it's pace.

"How do you know this?" She asked, looking at him

"Aqua, shhhh."

"How do you know?" She persisted

"Baysil told me." Jack said reaching for his pocket. He pulled out a small envelope and opened it. He dumped the contents of a round blue glass gem on a silver chain on the table. "He told me to give you this as a peace offering."

She picked it up and examined it, her attention totally focused on the round piece of glass. She rolled it around in her hand, scratched it with her nail, and bit down on it after sticking it in her mouth. She spit it out and glared at him.

"Baysil sent you?"

"Yeah. He said to take care of his sister. You appearently have plenty of brains, Alex, not enougth brawn to back it up, though." Jack said as the two of them engaged in a glaring match of the annoyed verses the annoyer.

"I believe him." Aquadia said putting the necklace around her neck.

"Good for you. I still don't."

"Well then, I don't believe that she's the Aquadia." Jack said looking at her. "The Aquadia that was promised to us, the people of Alderance, over five thousand year ago."

Aquadia looked at Alexavier, who slowly reached into his pocket for a yellow tube of pills. She sat as still as she could.

"Then I think that she could be a false prophet." He said leaning back against the seat. Alexavier swallowed three pills. "And those ones should die."

In one swift moment, Jack had thrown a long thin projectile at her. No one has seen it, just Jack's hands making an insanly fast movement. It was moving faster than a bullet could leave a barrel of a gun. But they had all seen in that split second that the necklace aroung her neck had produced shards of ice that swallowed the item and dropped on the table.

"A...letter opener?" Aquadia looked at the rugged ice block on the table. It was long and thin, a black handle with stamp on the end she couldn't see and some letters that were too small to read. "Isn't this the one from the bar downstairs?"

"Aquadia..." Avier talked quietly "Focus. He just tried to kill you. With that."

"What? So? How's that make him different from anyone else?" Aquadia looked confused at him. The necklace seemed to understand better than its owner and fired out rings of ice that kept him bounded to his seat. Alexavier quickly sent his fist into Jack's neck, the ice sublimated instantly, which left Jack laying on the seat as Alexavier got up and grabbed Aquadia's hand.

"Please tell me you didn't kill him." She stopped him at the door as he tried to open it.

"No, but we have two minutes before he wakes up and five minutes before he can use his legs." Alexavier opened the door and pushed her out into the hall. Aquadia suddenly felt the backpack pushed into her arms. "Go to the luggage room downstairs, put all clothes and dry food you find in my suitcase into the backpack the best you can. Anything that helps us now, like sweaters, money, the first aid kit, take priority. Leave everything that we can't use behind. If at any point you find a tracking device, will look like just another random bump in the suitecase or a peice of gum to the bottem of a shoe or something until you scrap at it a little and it becomes obivious, I want you to..."

"I got it!" Aquadia stopped him. "You don't have to treat me like a baby."

Avier groaned and closed the door, which gave her chills thinking about what is going on the other side, but continued to the luggage area of the train. It wasn't locked, Avier had made sure of that earlier in the night when a woman had threatened to sue the train over hot coffee.

The door creeked open when Aquadia touched it, after sliding inside, she closed door as quietly as she could.

The room looked it was made for mail rather than luggage. The luggage that was a the size of a suite case or smaller was hidden in boxes in the walls labeled with the customer's room number only being illuminated by the near dead light bulbs that stuck out of the walls. Larger luggage was stacked one on top of each other in a shaken haste. It's unfinished floor scraped against her shoes and she leaned closely to read the numbers on the cheap metal. She finally found it on the fifth column, third row from the end, and muttered something unholy under her breath as she felt the padlock on the box.

Aquadia started rummaging threw Avier's backpack, trying to find something that would help her out. In her frustration, she turned the backpack upside down and heard something hard hit the ground. She felt around in the near darkness and felt something smooth and rounded.

Suddenly, the object suddenly began glowing bright blue, its' inside swishing with bright glittering water that lit up her hands.

"Great... Fvyies." The only object that could change all it's physical properties below it's surface depending on the person holding it. She looked at her necklace sitting dormantly around her neck. "Some help would be nice." She sighed. "Please?"

Its' silence made her groan as she looked again at the lock. The orb was about the size of her right palm and was flat. "Avier would probably kill me for breaking this thing."

She looked at the lock and looked back at the rock in her hand, doing that a few times before realizing why Avier had kept a useless rock in his backpack. She brought the rock to the lock and focused on the objects.

When the rock finally split open, Aquadia felt her head feel all the strain that should have been on her arms. The water splashed on the wooden floor as Aquadia grabbed her head and bit down on her lower lip in pain. The sound of the outer shell of the rock hit and roll around on the floor flelt like a nail being pulled through her brain as tears rolled down her face and let out a light cry from the pain.

Not wishing to inflict pain on herself again, she froze the water with a quick thought and a flash of light in her eyes before the water turned to something else. Curling up into a ball, she took deep breathes and groned until her pained senses told her that someone had walked to the door and stopped in front of it. She kicked and shuffled her way to behind a stack of large luggage too big to fit in the boxes.

Jack's voice, however gentle and quiet, scraped against Aquadia's pained senses. "Look, you have understand, I wasn't trying to kill you. Piss off Avier, yeah, I'll admit to that. Your brother, Baysil, really did sent me. He was worried, he said it took the entier family to protect you since you were born and one man with IQ pills wasn't going to cut it to keep you from being killed."

There was silence from Jack that just made Aquadia sigh contently. She could feel that he needed to say something, and that her tolerance for pain wasn't going to outlast what he had to say.

"Just shut up." Aquadia finally said sharply. "Just shut up!"

Jack found her and bent down in front of her. "I thought the Promised Ones weren't supposed to tell people to shut up."

"Shut up before my head explodes." Aquadia shifted her eyes around.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small white packet. He ripped it open, and offered the two pills to her. He lowered his voice. "Chew on these and you that headache of yours will disappear faster than that witness in Portland."

Her eyes grew wide with shock and gaping mouth hung open. "How do you know about that?" She hissed.

"I told you, Baysil told me everything about you." He brought the pills to eye level "You want them?"

Her eyes shifted between the pills and his face without saying a word.

"I thought you said you trusted me."

"I said I believed you that Baysil sent you." Aquadia took the pills and examined them. "Never said I trusted you."

"They're not poisoned." He said.

"That's what the last guy said when he tried to kill me."

"And how does that make him different?" He sighed. He picked up both pills and split them in half, putting one half of each piece back in hand. "There. We'll both take them. If you die, I'll die with you." He popped the two halved into his mouth. He stuck out his tounge to show they were dissoving in his mouth.

Aquadia put them in her mouth felt them disolve on her tounge. She felt the pain and pressure vanish before she could exhale in her sigh of relief.

"Feels good, huh?" Jack stood up. "I guessing that lock covered in layer of ice is what you want gone and that rock over there is what gave you a killer migrain." He offered his hand to help her up, and after hesitant look, took his hand and got to her feet.

"Yep." She sighed. "I guess I have to break it now. This is going to suck."

"You could just ask." Jack said as Aquadia gave a puzzed look. He reached for lock with his bare hand and grabbed the lock. Aquadia grabbed his arm and looked at him with a horrorfied look on her face.

"That ice will burn your skin-" She him pressure the lock and saw it first crack then burst into several pieces. Her horror turned to astonishment as she let go as he put the pieces on the floor and shook his hand around.

"That was cold!" He hissed at her. She grabbed his hand looked as his palm, looking at nothing more than a patch of skin that looks like it might have been playing the snow for a few hours. He calmed down and looked at her. "What? Never met Superman?"

"Who?" She looked at him with another puzzled look. He looked at her with a look of wonder and shock that was mixed with disbelief that caused him to be silent for a few seconds as Aquadia waited for an honest answer. "I will so tell you later when we find some place where there is a cold drink and we're not on a time budget before someone comes to kill you."

She shrugged it off and pulled out a gray green backpack from the box. Her eyes widened as her hand felt nothing else inside. She immidately dropped to her knees and looked around inside, franically putting her hands around in the dark space.

"It's not here."

"What you looking for?"

"A suitecase." Aquadia got back on her feet and looked at him her eyes wide open and her mouth out of breath.

"What in it?"

"Everything." Aquadia said "Both of our new ID's, clothes, food, medical kits, Avier's pills, things like that."

"You put that all in one suitecase?"

"Well you don't really expect to be robbed on train when half the government doesn't know what a train is."

The train made a loud screaching noise and abrutly slammed on it's brackes, sending Jack and Aquadia into the wall of padlocks and boxes, while bringing the larger luggage slammed into them as an extra load of pain. It was all very fast, as a blur of light, darkness, and pain swallowed her for a few seconds before Aquadia found herself on the floor again. She felt her senses rush around her, confusing sights and sounds rushed around her as her stomach didn't agree with it's new surroundings.

There were muffled screams, orders being shouted as men and women ran around, and flat pressure pressing on her head and legs. When Aquadia could finally see soild colors, which was black, brown, and red from either the blood going to her head or the trunk on her head, she wormed her arms out from under her and out from under another trunk. She pushed the trunk in a single push, hearing it making a loud thump as it hit the floor above her head.

"And the view only gets better!" Jack said smiling as Aquadia sat up.

"What's your name again?" Aquadia asked putting both hands on the trunk pinning her legs to the floor.

"I'm Jack Maddon." Jack said getting to his knees "You've been out for a while."

"Define 'a while.' "

"Uh... 15 minutes?" She tracked his eyes and found that they were aimed lower than her face.

"And you just left me under a pile of god-awful heavy suitecases. Thanks, Jack." Aquadia said breathing out after sliding the trunk a few inches off her legs. "You could please stop staring at my chest and get this weight off my legs before they break?"

He seemed annoyed by this request, but in in one quick fluid motion he pushed it off her legs in less than a second, sending Aquadia to roll her eyes.

"What's with the look?"

"My brother sent a militas?" Aquadia asked dryly feeling her legs.

"Well, what other definition is there to 'brawn' than 'seriously souped up super strength'?" Jack stuttered out the last phrase. Aquadia snickered. "And militases are the very definintion of brawn. You okay?"

I'm going to kill my brother. Aquadia thought staring at him

"I guess so." Aquadia said getting up "What the hell happened?"

"The savior of mankind and she swears." Jack smiled and handed her the green backpack. "Very very nice. The empty backpack, by the way, is inside the side pocket."

"What. Happened." Aquadia said forcefully.

"Wow...forceful, holy, and an ambipotentia. You know how to turn a guy on, huh?" Jack smiled as Aquadia become frustrated.

"JACK!" Avier's voice boomed down the hall outside.

"Oh look who it is." Aquadia said as Jack swore a little

Avier opened the door and clearly looked like he had been caught in a whirlwind. His clothes and his hair had been tossed and loosened with his face and hands having large red marks on them.

"What the hell did you do to my cousin?" Aquadia said to Jack

"Nothing. I swear he looked nothing like that when I left." He said defensibly.

"Come on, both of you!" Avier said as they all headed out into the hall. He turned to Aquadia. "Where's the suitecase?"

"It's missing." She said and shrugged.

"Great." Avier said looking around, before looking at Jack. "Aquadia, give me your bandages."

"What the...? We just wait for the other train to get here and then we'll be fine." Jack asked as Aquadia shoved the backpack into Jack's hands and started unraveling the bandages around her one eye.

"That only works if the train stops and doesn't have DBI agents on it. Too bad the train auto-corrected itself and agents did happen to be onboard."

"How the hell...?"

"Something about tighting security to look for the sister of the Promised. You know anything about that?"

"No." Jack looked around. "What the hell are we going to do?"

Aquadia smoothed out her hair and handed Avier the bandages when she was done taking them off. Jack stared at her, noticing that her hidden eye was also a golden color.

"Wow, you have really pretty eyes." Jack said "Too bad about that shiner, though."

"Why do people keep saying that?" Aquadia asked Avier

"Because Aqua, golden eyes were thought have been weeded out of the gene pool, like red hair. Obviously I attract people with genetic impossiablities." Avier said tieing one end of the bandage around the door knob inside the luggage room door and looped around the nearest metal holder for a lightbulb. He then shut the door and pulling the bandage out with him.

"Umm...Avier...what are you doing?" Aquadia asked

"Yeah, the last time I saw something like this, there was telquila and a surprisingly flexable belly dancer involved." Jack said, which made Aquadia and Avier stop for a second and look at him without saying a single word before Avier when back to tieing the bandage to the metal floor decoration.

"That should by us some time." Avier got up and pushed the two down the car and into the empty dining car.

"How is a bandage buying us time?"

"People tend to think that whatever doesn't open is whatever they are looking for." Avier said closing the door behind them. He them picked up a pitcher of water on a cart and poured it on the control panel. "Then again, short circuting the keypad behind you in a chase never hurt anyone."

"You'd think they'd fix that from happening." Jack said slightly bemused

"Yeah, well, people are stupid." Avier said

Then they ran down the halls, jumping a few cars before they saw the next door that was aiding them in a get away was moving on their own and hollering for the three to give themselves up, or at the very least, Aquadia.

"Well, didn't see that coming." Jack said.

"Of course you didn't." Avier bit down on the inner linning of his cheek.

"Avier, tell me you have plan." Aquadia said as her eyes locked on the door with the angery agent on the other side.

"Yeah but you're not going to like it." Avier said

"I don't have to like it, I just have to survive it!" Aquadia flinched as the door rattled.

Avier ran to the back of the car as Aquadia and Jack followed. Quick as lightning he punched in code that threw the doors to the outside wide open. "Remeber to throw your body out first and then to roll."

"You have to be kidding." Jack poked his head out into the

"Would you rather be sent to Eastern State Penitentiary for harboring a threat against the state?"

There was a silent agreement and the sound of the automatic doors being pryed open before they all jumped out of the moving train. Aquadia could feel herself traveling forward with the train and away from it at the same time as the rain grazed her skin before she made full contact with the muddy ground. The train trackes kicked up constant harsh spray of water to keep them conscience.

They were soaked before they could get up. The rain and the train's electrical buzz was so loud that it muted the sounds of Avier shouting. He had instead grabbed Aquadia by the arm and pulled her into the forest as Jack took the cue to follow them.

They sank into the earth as they made their way closer to the now appearing forest. Once the branches were above their heads, the ground became more solid under their feet. Now being darker than it used to be, with scattered gray light falling through the branches, they kept moving forward at Avier's command into the dark wood abyss.

"Keep moving!" Avier shouted as they heard the train starting to fade.

They kept moving forward, tripping, stumbling, and sloshing through the forest as they went. They eventually slowed as their energy started to drain and confusion set in. Jack then summoned the energy to jump past Aquadia and stop Avier from pulling them all along, unsurprisingly, he was the only one among them not shivering and breathing hard.

"What the hell are we doing?" Jack, as far as Aquadia could tell, was staring him down.

"You think they're done with us?" Avier's grip on Aquadia tightened "Constantly moving is the only way to lose them!"

"We've been running for fifteen minutes straight though this muck!" Jack snarled "You're tired, she's tired, and I can only keep going for another thirty before even I collapse, and I'm made to take this kind of beating."

"What do you want me to do then?" Aquadia caught her breath in this intermission, though the wrist squeezing was getting annoying. "They've already proved that they'll go around the world and cross two war zones to get her!"

"Then let's find some shelter before we accidently doing their job and kill her though exastion and hypothermia."

There was a silence on Avier's part as Aquadia heard, and could only slightly see, Jack walk off a little bit to one of the trees close to them.

"The caves around here will probably have a lot of large man eating animals in them." Avier said, not moving his head at all from where it was. "They don't like rain either. You're best bet is to find a concave hole in cliff that you can see the back of."

"Where the hell am I suppose to find that?" Jack asked

"You're a militas." Avier answered calmly. "Make one if you can't find one."

"You two stay here." Jack said as he walked off into the shadows, his dark night vision silloette fading into the darkness. Avier then dragged Aquadia under a tree where it was slightly dryer.

"Avier?" Aquadia asked just to see if he was the one still there.

"Yeah?" Avier answered

"Can we trust him?" Aquadia asked, realizing that she was still staring in the direction that Jack had wondered into

"I don't know." Avier sighed

"Well then pop another pill and give me another answer." Aquadia smiled. "You know everything. So stop lying."

A quick pause before he started speeking alarmed her a little bit.

"Well let me put it to you this way." Avier said, calming his voice. "He had a necklace specifally for you, last seen with seen with your brother, so lets give him one point of trust in his favor for that one. After all, only Baysil knew what that necklace means to you. Then, a few moments after we see him, a handful of DBI agents spring a trap to capture you. That nullifies the first point. Okay?"


"He could have ratted you out right there, wouldn't have been hard, breaking those doors would have taken five seconds for him, but he didn't. He also could have killed out at any point in the luggage room. Give him a couple points for that."

"Alright, so we can trust him?"

"No. Knowing there are agents on the train, he tried to make us stay on the train. Then when we ran into here, about a mile into it, he had us stop. We both know those agents had a plan in the event we got off the train. Then he left us here, standing here, without him. So what's the score?"

Aquadia stuttered and paused for a minute for her brain to kick back into counting. "Gah...uh, negative one?"

"Yup. Under normal circumstances, that means we should be on the other side of the forest by now."

"Why aren't we?"

"You can't see shit out here, and he could have kidnapped you or killed both of us out here. No one would know the better." Avier said in a disterbing monotone. "It balances out, somehow."

"Okay, Avier, you scare me sometimes."

"Yeah, I know. But do you know what the score means?"

"I...don't know." Aquadia said, feeling slightly disgusted with her answer.

"Exactly." Avier said "I don't know if either of us can trust him."

"Did you feel that?" Aquadia asked after a small ripple of energy ripped under her feet.

"That would be Jack." Avier said "Sounds like he found a place for us to stay."

After a while Jack reappeared and lead them away from the dark trees and to a shallow cave made out of the side of a cliff, which was still darker than the being out in the open.

"Avier, please tell me that there is something in that backpack of yours that can set things on fire." Aquadia asked as she felt the full effect of cold water on her skin.

"Well yeah, I'm not that unprepared, but we're going to need stuff to set on fire, like say, wood."

Aquadia sighed and started to walk out of the cave when Jack spoke up.

"Where you going?"

"Wood is out there. I'm in here. So..." She pointed with both her index fingers to the trees out there. "I'm not going to strain my eyesight any more, 'kay?"

"All that is wet, it won't catch fire."

She glared at him, or his general direction at least, and then walked out into the rain. She felt around, her eyes making out mild shapes of what's around her, and broke off a branch of a tree, and swearing at them under breath while she did it. She could feel him looking at her as she slammed the branch into ground, securely setting the branch into the ground. She then closed her eyes and redirected the water on their clothes and the branch outside, landing with a large splash. She almost couldn't tell the difference between when she opened her eyes and when they were closed, but she felt so much relief that her clothes are dry and are now funtioning to keep her warm again.

"...And you doubted her." Avier snide voice broke the silence.

"Shut up." Jack, rather annoyed, shuffled around in the dark. Aquadia, also becoming annoyed, spoke up.

"Just light the damn fire Avier."

Avier fumbled in the dark with his backpack as Aquadia sat down on the now dry earth, realizing how long she's been on her feet and they were now complaining how she should never do that much exercise ever again. She then could hear the sound of a rock crashing down on metal, again and again as Aquadia listened to Avier struggle.

"Do you want me to do it?" Jack's disembodied voice asked

"Shut up." Avier's cranky irratated voice called out from the darkness.

A few more strickes of the metal and a small flicker of light came from a brush pile a little farther from her than she expected. She moved closer as her eyes adjusted to the new light, sheilding her eyes. The light, having grown slightly used to darkness, hurt to look at as the fire grew bigger and bigger. In the time it takes to snap your fingers, the entire branch caught on fire and illuminated everything around them, stunning them completely for a few moments.

Aquadia shut her eyes at the bright persistant light and listned as the guys shuffled to control the fire. She promplty sat down on the now bone dry ground and found the pain in her feet to be real, as running was reserved as a hobby for the wealthy and skill for the soliders. Then there was dried mud up to her knees, which unsettled her a bit because buying clothes or even washing these jeans was a bit hard when running from the government. To top it off, she was fairly sure these were the last set of clothes she had left.

She started chipping off the dirt from her pants as the her eyes became used to the light next to her. She even got up and moved a little bit closer to suck up as much warmth as she possiably could. She then saw that her vison was washed with green and yellow in one eye, until she remembered that there was make up of that color on her face that had that same color. She carefuly got rid of the dried pieces on her face as they all calmy setteled around the fire.

"So, okay, why does she have a fake shinner?" Jack asked

"What about it?" Aquadia asked as she pulled the hem of her shirt up to her eye

"Your eye." Jack looked over at Avier "She looked like she had been through hell before she started running for her life. What gives?"

"Only way to cancel out the color of her eyes."

Aquadia knew that look on Jack's face. It was the face Aquadia made when Baysil tried to explain that the reason people have the powers is because aliens had visted the planet, ruled it in fact, and had gentically altertered a monkey (or pre-historic man, evedently one and the same with her brother) to be intellegent enough to use these powers as the aliens used and created people to be slave labor and test subjects. The face was a hybrid of confustion and insult, as Jack was not only confused like Aquadia was, but was mildly insulted at whether or not Avier thought he was an idiot.

"Wanna run that by me one more time?"

"Okay." Avier took a deep breath in "What's the first thing you thought about when you saw Aquadia?"

There was a brief pause before he spoke "Someone had beat the hell out of her."

"Right." Avier's cynicism was spiking his words "Where did you look when you saw that?"

"What?" Jack tilted his head slightly, he looked something like of a confused puppy.

"Exactly." Avier looked at him square with a thick layer of smug on his face "You looked everywhere but at her face. You didn't notice that she has cat eyes, the one thing that marks her from the rest of the population, because you didn't want to stare at her. I know you didn't notice because you only noticed them when she took the damn bandage off her face. Everyone acts like that though, even the police. And if the police don't look at her, she can walk right past them without being in danger."

"Huh." Jack leaned back and thought about it a little bit. "That's pretty smart there Avier."

"Gee thanks." Avier glared at him a little bit "So what the hell are we going to do now?"

"Well, get to Lop Treca, duh."

"And how the hell are we suppost to do that?" Avier, now looking like the insulted one, looked at him. "God only knows who's chasing us, we have no supplies, and have no idea where we are. How is Lop Treca going to help us?"

"You know, you were perfectly fine with this plan on the train."

"That was before I was up to my knees in viral mud and lost in a forest. And when was I fine with it?"

As they argued, throwing twisted logic at each other that no sane person could follow, Aquadia curled up into a ball, tucking her head to her knees and listend to the louder sound of water fall off the rocks above her in a steady stream on to the ground. It was rather calming, and due to the fact that the world insisted on being louder then its previous sound at that moment, she could only rest her eyes and slow her breathing in a fully conscience state.

"Will both of you shut up?" Aquadia roared "We're stuck, screwed, and have nowhere to go. I get it. Can we please rest before have to start running for our lives again?"

A loud crack sound silenced them in a moment. There was a brief moment of pause and acknowlegement before Aquadia slowly got up, turned around and looked outside.

"What was that?" Her eyes found the smoking glittering hole in the ground outside before her voice could complete the sentence.

"Stay here." Jack said stepping into the rain and looking at the fading light from the hole in the ground. She could feel Avier stand beside her, equaly fancinated.

"What is it?" Aquadia spoke up. Jack didn't move or answer, just staring at the ground. She then suddenly felt Avier's hands on her back pushing her into the rain after he took a sharp breath in.

"Aquadia. Run." Aquadia paused and looked at Avier. "They found us."

In her new perspective she could see that Jack wasn't willfuly ignoring them or anything of the like, but in fact had a familiar shine to him. There was a glow from his chest from under this clothes, and as she listened carefully, hear him gasp for air. The shine that winking at Aquadia off his face was not from the water falling from the sky but from his skin itself, for it was becoming the most beautiful glass made of human flesh.

"Running is a little late, isn't Amaris?" A male voice called out from the surrounding woods. She then heard from the darkness the sound of mud splashing and guns clicking in unison.

"Who are you?" She called out into the darkness. Suddenly a long flat and rounded plan above them, completely silent in it's arrival appeared above them and lit up the battilion of solidiers pointing their guns at them.

"My name is Cyrus, Amaris." The voice said calmly. " I'm senior officer in charge of tracking you down at the DBI. We're both in a sticky situation here, don't you think?"

"How do you figure that?" She felt the words come out of her mouth before her brain could stop them.

"Well, all these guns aimed at you don't mean anything to you, do they?" She looked around and saw possiably two hundred indentical masks. "You have more power in that necklace of yours combined with the krisina that's running through your veins then we could ever harness in the most ideal army of militas and pragdiems." She looked around could almost see death on the inside of the barrels. It was black, round, and made of pure condensed energy in a metal shell aimed at her heart and head. "But you can't control all that power, can you? That last one that came close to controling that much power became a religious icon and died by being ripped to shreds by the public while being tied to a wall."

"What's your point?" She could feel her voice box talk on it's own, feeling her self recoil instaniously, only vaguely knowing where it came from. Fear made her shut her eyes and tried harder then anything not to cry.

"A lot of people want you dead, so I get orders to kill you, for the nation's good. But I'm not going to kill you. I'm going to take you in to your brother, and he will lay down whatever he thinks should happen to you. You don't deserve being hunted down like an animal."

"So why not just let me go?" It happened again, this time she could feel a thump from her chest at the beginning and end of the sentance. Her heart raced and she started to shake from the cold and fear. "Calm down." Her voice whispered to her. "Let me handle this and you'll be alright."

"I can't do that Amaris. I know you want to see your family again, your brothers, your sister, your parents, and I have to bring you in. If it's not me, it will be someone else who won't take as much mercy on you."

"So what you're saying is either I go with you, or I be murdered by someone else, someone more ruthless, right?" Her eyes were forced open as she felt her head being lifted to look straight at a side window, she could almost see a figure there standing up and looking at her. "I'm sorry if I don't believe a damn word you said. They really should teach you at negotionation school not to read off a script."

There was a bright flurry of pulsing around Jack, Avier and Aquadia as the army shouted commands and she could hear the guns fire. She didn't have to open her eyes to know that not one of those bullets made it to her or Jack or Avier, or that a wall of water came up and threw the soldiers away from them. She even shut her eyes tighter as she could hear the engine failer of plane above her as it tried to get away and crashed about a mile away in an icy heap.

"Aqua..!" Avier growled as Jack took a deep breath. "You better have an escape plan."

She shook her head and covered her ears. 'God help me.' she thought as and icy chill wrapped all three of them and feel the rush of being broken down into water and being reasembled as people a few miles away. Of course doing that misplaced a little water inside of them and they all started gagging on the water in their noses and lungs.

After taking some deep breaths, Aquadia and Jack looked up focused in on a particuar buzzing that was coming right for them, the darkness and echos of the forest eluded them of where it was really coming from.

"What do you hear?" Avier asked looking around and then back at them.

"Buzzing." Aquadia said quietly, feeling her own voice move on her her command. "I don't know where it's coming from."

"Doesn't matter." Jack said as Aquadia felt herself being turned around by one of them. "Run."

Aquadia heard the distinct pop of a krisina pellet hit a tree behind her and started running. She could feel the ground, or maybe the water itself, become solid under her feet as she ran past all sorts of things trying to get away. The buzz was still coming for her, and the closer it got, the harder her heart pounded. Then there was something different in the sound of the buzzing, the sound of air pushed through fans at top speed. And it wasn't around her, it was above her.

She looked up in her running and saw a smaller, more rectanglar version of the same aircraft, making her inadvertantly bumping into a tree because of it. She stummbeled a little bit before continuing on her running. She didn't hear it shoot at her, only the sound of ice crystals fall around her and the warmth of her necklace it creates when it's overused.

There was the sound, the only sound the craft made, of metal moving around and something charge. She didn't think anything of it beyond fear of what it could do until there was a crack lightning and a boom thunder behind her, sending a charge up her body as she lost control and wanting to scream, but the charge had locked her jaw shut. She could feel on the energy collect into the stone beating against her chest and go dormant as she laid on the ground collecting herself. There was no warmth, no presence, nothing coming from the stone.

The buzzing faded in and out as it got louder, her eysight faded in and out as it started to focus in the dark and light areas around her, and her body felt burned around her legs and bruised where she had landed on an exposed root. Her head hurt and she felt beaten, feeling the sensation of the struggle coming to an end.

She pushed herself up as she looked up at the plane and looked around. The buzzing sound would be there for her soon and whatever punishment that would come with just being what she is. She pulled herself up and got to her aching legs.

"It's over, Amaris." Cyrus's voice called down to her. "Just come with us before we have to use force."

There was a sense of the unknown around her as she looked around her. She had known nothing about where she is, where she was going on that train, or where her necklace had taken her to get away. But there was something about the darkness around her that said that she just trust it.

"What's that buzzing sound?" She shouted up at him

"A Cormier." He paused as she finally stood on her own two feet with any support. "It's a hoverboard that has my top agent that's going to bring you to your family."

She shook her head as she thought about her family. Her father, her mother, her brothers, her sister, the people she wanted to see the most. She could feel the lie from Cyrus about seeing them again and let out a deep sigh as she mentally said a prayer. She then turned around and walked into the darkness.

"Where you going?" She saw that the plane followed her with the light.

She didn't answer as she turned into a sprint through the mud, holding tightly to her legs, and her mussles burning as she kept running. And with a thought of escape, she could feel the ice forming around her hands and with the thought of the light losing sight of her, the icy feeling left her hands and made the plane shift and twirl, which made the light on her dissappear as it reoriented itself.

The mud was a large problem, though. It wasn't working for her anymore. It grabbed her legs and was her pulled drown, finally tripping her and pulling her entire body into the muddy trap of the earth, making her struggle as she tried to get up. She could suddenly hear everything in the distance; the sound of Jack and Avier running and telling her to keep going, the buzz the air made when the Cormier rushed towards her, her heart pound against her chest screaming at her to keep going. But then it all stopped when Aquadia could hear the gun's chambers charge as he pointed it behind her head.

"Get up." He commaned

"You don't know what you're doing." Aquadia reasoned as she got to her feet "I don't want to die. Please..."

"Turn around."

"Please let me go." Aquadia begged as she faced him. She knew this mask, people she cared for wore that mask. Just a metal mask, there was no face, but at a flip of a switch they could be human. And right now, he could see her and she could only see him back up a few feet. The men caught up with them and had Jack and Avier, forcing them to their knees. Aquadia's tears and voice broke as she saw them. "I don't-I don't want to die. Please don't kill me, I haven't done anything..."


At the five foot range, the gun shot rang out like a sonic blast in all their ears. Aquadia collapsed backwards into the mud in that same second with the lose control of knees giving way to her upper body and her chest giving way to gravity on her back.

"Aqua..." Avier crawled to her said as he saw her shirt be consumed by the color red and the black hole in her chest discharged more and more blood on to her. "No...no...Aqua...Amaris...please don't die...!" He pressed his hands on her chest feeling her blood slip through his hands. That was until the blood stopped flowing out of her on its own and her eyes looked like two solid rocks carved to look at him. "No-no-no-no...not you...you're going to save the world...the world Amaris...the world...!"

Jack knelt there for a moment before looking at the man. "You killed her."

"But I saved you."

There was a moment of silence before Jack was on his feet again stairing straight at him. "You wanted too...what?"There was a pause to let the broken silence merge with irrationality. "You killed a seventeen year old girl begging for her life. Where the hell do you get off believing that's a threat to me?" Jack blurted out as his mind spun faster than his mouth could produce words. "She's a kid who didn't choose to be what she is or know all that well what she is, but was chosen by some arbitrary standard by the Director. In all respect, you saved her.From that fate of torture and pain that she was destined for. You've just damned you, me, and Avier to an eternity of remembering that a beautiful young girl was killed senselessly for what? I don't even know!"

As Jack yelled, Avier pressed his forehand into Aquadia's chest and felt her warm blood swim around his hands and forehead. "I believe in you. I still do...You can do it. And I'll be there when you save it all. I'll even drag Jack along..." He sniffled as the rain was caught in his throat. "I promised everyone that I'd keep you safe. Please, Emera, no..."

Everyone fell silent as a sense of calm flooded the area, with the thunder silencing and the rain didn't make a sound as it fell from the sky. The trees didn't russle and the area around them seem to illuminate.

"And so the non-believer and debted cousin choose protect her, my daughter, not principle, but out of love?" The voice seem to be coming from the rain itself. No one could hear anything else, for the rain seem to talk in the most serene voice. "For this I am grateful. But all of you have a long road ahead, and I fully expect for you to keep her safe. Her spirit has gone down this road many times before, and failed each time, taking many protectors that she has had with her. It is not an easy road, nor to I guarantee anything in your favor, but the goal will always be the same: make her release the seals holding the archangels and she will lead the world into salvation. I will not lie, it will cost her life in the end, but Lucian must be stopped. And must always remember, she is a god, not a human."

And with that the rain stopped right where it was as it fell from the sky, perfectly suspended in mid-fall, everyone held their breath for what could only be wished for.

Aquadia coughed and sat up.