I tightened my arm around Axel's shoulder; He wasn't the type to cry. Ever. The sight of tears in his eyes evoked strong feelings in me, things I'd never felt before. I didn't dare ask what was wrong; He'd just get angry with me. Like I said, Axel wasn't the type to cry.
"Katana?" His was voice surprisingly calm.
"Yes?" I tried to keep my own steady.
"You gotta promise me something, got it? Promise me we'll always be friends."
I nodded, "Of course, Axey." He always pretended to get mad when I called him that, but we both knew that he secretly loved it.
"Good. Now stop being a pussy and drive. We've got places to go."
I snorted; He was always like this. Even if he was the one crying. "Yessir."

I started the engine and we continued on down the road. I knew that we had passed the US/Canada border by now. How long would it be 'till we reached Ontario? One thing I knew for sure; Axel had been so strange lately. First cuddling up next to me in his sleep, and now I catch him crying? And calling me by my name? This was getting too weird for words.

I met Axel six years ago, back when we were both still in Junior High. I was the quiet kid that nobody really knew, and Axel was a known troublemaker, a part-time attendee at best. 6th grade, our lockers were right next to each others, and one day some of the 8th graders were picking on me; This was only natural, but Axel told them off and he's had my back since this very day. I smiled as I thought of our first meeting moments, gazing at Axel's sleeping form out of the corner of my eye. We'd been inseparable since that day, and I hoped that this would never change.

Driving at night was something I never found to my liking. The headlights in the distance always reminded me of childhood dreams, cloudly and smudged with the veil of age. My stomach growled and I decided to stop off at the next town and find a diner open late, even a fast food restraunt would hit the spot at this point.

Axel and I were not, and are not runaways. This is because we had nothing to run away from. No family, no money, no special memories. There was only one thing we both wanted to escape; Our pasts, but over the past 6 months we discovered that our memories of lost loves and parents and friends are something we can never leave behind.

I heard him mutter something in his sleep and just smiled. Axel was known to say very sweet things to me when he was "asleep." It was the only way he could say things like, "I love you, Kat," and completely deny it later.

I reached for Axel's pack of smokes; He didn't like me doing this, ever. It wasn't that he was stingy with his cigarettes, he just didn't like me smoking. I whispered the same thing I always did when I lit up, "There are a lot of things I shouldn't do, Axey. Cigarettes are the least of my worries."

One of Axel's eyes popped open as the scent of smoke reached his nostrils, "That shit's gonna kill you, yanno."
"It'll kill you before it kills me."
"Nah. I have lungs of steel."
I snorted, "Please, don't start with the lungs of steel shit. I hear you coughing all the time."
Axel simply rolled his eyes at me and snatched the cigarette out from between my lips, quickly taking a drag before handing it back. I stuck my tongue out at him before refocusing on the dusty country roads.

How much longer would this drive take? And when were got to where we were going, how the hell would we know it? Insanity, my logical mind told me. Pure insanity. How do you expect anywhere to be different from home? I just ignored the voice, as I usually did. Axel was so much wiser.

"Gaaahhhh, what did that sign say? How many more miles till the next town?" Axel groaned, rubbing his eyes.

"I'm not sure, let's just keep driving, okay?" I kept my eyes dead ahead; The roads had become hilly and could be potentially dangerous at night. Axel saw the look on my face and laughed, "You're too paranoid. A random car isn't gonna come out of no where and hit us."

I shrugged, "I guess you're right."

Seconds stretched to minutes, minutes to hours, and we soon found ourselves outside an all-night diner; Just what I'd been looking for. Axel and I sauntered inside with smug looks on our faces, as always. The bell on the door rang as it opened, greeting us with a friendly tinkle.