"We can't be friends anymore."

Those words were like a slap in the face. Not only did they hurt, but they were completely unexpected. I feel my voice cracking at my attempt to speak, "W-what?"

She licks her lips and glances at something behind me for a second, but once again she gazes at me like before. "I said that we can't be friends anymore."

I furrow my eyebrows and cross my arms, my heart beating unbelievably fast. "Why?"

Her face twists in frustration. "Because we can't, okay? We just can't! So, just drop it!" Those words came out like venom and it makes my chest swell tightly. I'm astonished as to how I'm still capable of breathing.

My eyes are feeling moister than it should have, and my mouth is hanging open, trying to form words to ask her to explain. "B-but...I don't understand!" I protest, taking a step towards her, "Why can't we be friends?"

She just scowls and crosses her arms haughtily, "Because."

"Because why?" I ask softly, placing my hand on her arm like I usually would when she was upset. Usually, her expression would soften, and she would become a gentle person, but her expression now grows livid. She smacks my hand away and growls like a predator when they find its prey.

"Don't fucking touch me!"

I wince.

"Maddi...what's wrong?" My voice croaks once more, my tears threatening to spill.

"You," she sneers, "You're what's wrong."

My heart beat increases.

"You're the problem! You always were!" Her voice grows louder, "So just leave me alone! I don't need you— hell, I never needed you to begin with, so just walk away!"

"Maddi, I—"


I freeze. I gulp my sobs away and feel warm and fresh tears stream down my cheeks. My bodyrefuses to move- It's like my feet are nailed to the floor with the strongest metal. My mind is swarming with thoughts of endless questions, and my heart is screaming in agony, not wanting my friend to walk away like this...and leave me all alone, like before.

"You get it now?" She sneers loudly, a crinkle of annoyance on her forehead.

"No..." I whisper softly, too soft for her to hear.

"What was that?" she speaks with danger lingered all over her words.

"No," I say louder.

"Why? Why is it so hard for you to understand? For a nerd, I would have thought that you would get this message and understand it very clearly, but apparently not."

"Why are you doing this?" I mumble, more tears streaming down my face, ignoring her previous comment completely.

Her ice blue eyes match her heart at the moment as I see hatred sparkle in them.

"Because you disgust me."

I lick my lips nervously before asking, "Why do I disgust you?"

"Because you're a worthless bitch. And your fat. And ugly. You're the only thing bringing me down from being at the top of the school— and you know it. I don't want you near me...at all— nor do I want you to think that this fight will be made up later on, because it won't," she licks her lips and glares at me even harder, "Ariella...you're dead to me."

And then she walks right past me, not giving me a second glance.

I stand here, looking like an absolute fool— stared at by a bunch of spectators who witnessed the whole thing. I should've known that this would've happened. I should have paid attention.

My tears are still rolling down my face, and my head is dropped down, my eyes closed while I sob silently.

I hear laughter from the back of the room, and since I'm already stripped of all my dignity, I raise my head and turn to look at the source of the laughter and see the populars— and Maddi.