Prologue: A hand shot up from out of the dirt, stretched its fingers as if awakening them for the first time in years, when in reality, it had only been seven days. As this happened, another spirit, which had called the person's name and had her arise, grasped the hand and watched as the young girl was pulled from the shallow grave that had been made by her attacker. The spirit pulled the girl out and then watched silently as she hovered above her grave, her wavy hair, which had been at her shoulders doing her time of death had grown considerable over the last seven days. It had grown down to the middle of her back. As her eyes opened, the dawn was just breaking over the horizon, casting off light to the young woman, who's eyes glowed with a fiery red vengeance. The girl felt her heart began to beat in her chest and a life filter through out her entire corpse. Even the dress she'd worn during the attack had lost its soiled exterior and was now completely white. The dress was a long sleeve Victorian gown that flowed beautifully over her slender shoulders and all the way down to her ankles. The gown was made out of lace and seemed to be tailored to fit the narrow hips that it joined to at the waist. The young woman was that of a milky cocoa complexion and full lips with narrow yet oval shaped eyes. Her body was slender and beautifully made to look delicate. She was a tall woman of about five eleven and seemed as if she would hurt no one. However, as of now her soul purpose was to find her attacker, just so that she exact her revenge. The young woman closed her eyes and willed herself to the ground. Inhaling sharply, she turned and walked the way in which her attacker had gone at the stroke of midnight seven days earlier.