I couldn't resist. This is from World's Best Commercials.

Also, sorry for lack of posting. Lack of inspiration.

There was a mother and daughter, going back home from the grocery store. The daughter, Zoe, was coloring in the backseat.

A police siren started up from behind the car. The mother, Donna, swore under her breath. "Shit." She pulled over, allowing the officer to catch up.

Zoe looked up from her coloring book. She started a new page.

The officer came up to Donna, his toupee almost flying off in the wind. "Ma'am, I'll need to see your license and registration." He spoke with a heavy Irish accent.

"Of course." Donna leaned over to her purse, going through the clutter. "Sorry, give me a minute here . . ."

"Of course." The officer finally noticed Zoe in the backseat. She gazed back up at him. "Your mommy's in a bit of trouble, lad."

Whispering quiet enough so Donna wouldn't hear, Zoe shook her head and said, "She's not my mommy." She held up her new piece of work:


The officer swore as well, and called out, "BOB! We're gonna need cuffs!"

Zoe smiled.