Attained A Mate

A shifter story

May contain adult themes and language, read at your own risk.

Written and uploaded on my HTC Android phone.

Happy belated New year.



My body twitched with ever step he took as he carried me off on his right shoulder, my ribs hammering against his shoulder, heading further and further away from the side road and of towards a worn path that seemed to lead away from civilisation. My eyes trailed the road as it lay in the distance, huffing at my blonde tresses that gravity had pulled towards its self as layers of it fell upon my face obscuring and irratating me.

I dropped my head down tired from holding it up as I felt a kink appear. My light blue eyes fell upon his tone ass. And what a nice one it is. Whilst his lean legs walked on with precise and measured steps which hardly made any sounds as he trailed thru the moist and rich ground. Lifting my left arm which dangled down uselessly I reached in towards his back pocket removing the slip of papers I assume that had caught my eye. Pulling them out I scanned them just to have something to do, "Receipts" I mumbled out as stuffed them back.

"Enjoying yourself." Asked my self acclaimed abductor his voice smooth and deep as it rumbled through me. Embarrassment traveled through me as I realized he had felt my hands roam around on his behind, though I should have been more subtle.

"N-no I'm not, your shoulders been digging into my rib for awhile now, its quite unc-" I said having been cut of as he lifted me with ease and placed me in his arms bridal style "Comfortable" I finished. A small smile spread on his handsome face, his brown eyes reflected the amusement.

"Where we headed?" I asked sweeping the hair out my face and placing my head on his chest snuggling in as the cold wind whipped around us.

"Further" was his curt reply as he walked on steadily without a step out of tune from my weight that he held securely in his arm.

"Abducted me, the least you do is tell me you know" I grumbled, not one for having my questions defurred. I was quite an inquisitive child, always wanted to know what was what, though they never paid much mind to me.

"When are we gonna get there?"


"What's with the one word answers?" I asked irritably, as a small smirk of amusement pulled upon his lips.

My thinning gaze swept around the spares trees. What a dry few days it been. Lifting my head up I gazed out towards the sky as I felt the moist atmosphere higher up hum within me. Chance of rain soon, which bought a smile to my plump lips.

"We there yet?" I asked.

"Almost" he answered as his gaze shifted steadily around the area with a precision. Probably wondering why I haven't screamed for help or run of. He walked forward towards a small campsite area were the charred remains of last night fire lay, I'm guessing. A backpack hung recklessly on a low branch of tree close to a fire with a tossed sleeping bag was crumpled up underneath it.

Walking over towards the sleeping bag, he lowered me gently upon it. My hands slowly loosened from the knot they were in around his neck, I swept them round and down his chiseled chest from what I could feel through his t-shirt till they rest on the bag underneath me. I saw him shiver and then close his eyes breathing through his nose as he settled himself.

"Aren't you worried I'll run off?" I asked as he took of the backpack and from the tree behind me.

"No" He said languishly, certain that I wouldn't. Though I wasn't but he didn't know that. Maybe I would have if he hadn't assured me he wasn't going to harm me when took me away. The look in his eyes told me he fully ment what he said.

I stretched my legs out in-front of me, flicking off the dirt on my purple skinnys. As he lit the fire a yard from me. He couched in-front of the charred remains with the few twigs he'd snapped from the tree behind, lighter in-hand.

"Why?" I said refurring to my earlier question. "No more one word answers."

"You would have by now" He answered firmly as he looked over his shoulder at me.

"I still can" I huffed running a hand through my short hair.

"But you won't" As he turned around sitting comfortably on the soil. No I won't. I know why I won't, I'm guessing he does too. I think. I'm sure he doesn't know what half my heritage is as there's very few of my kind.

"Why haven't you?" He asked, his gaze steady as curiosity surfed around it. I shrugged laying down, my gaze searching the evening sky as the few colours of pink from the dusk faded out into dark blues towards the colours of the night. Watching the gathered clouds which were absorbing the water in the air for rain. Funny shaped clouds drifted pass making me smile.

"Why'd you take me?" As I watched a cloud shaped like hammer drift pass, with another that resembled a boot or Italy.

"Your special" his tone soft as it drifted into my ears, I turned over to my right-side facing him.

"Special to me" He finished just as soft and tenderly, I could clearly see affection and a few other emotions dancing around his brown eyes his dark black hair swayed softly whenever a breeze caught it. My heart jumped a beat as I heard those words. Ever since I was five I've longed to hear words similar to that. I know their real I could hear the truth resounating through them.

"Why me?" I asked just as softly not wanting to break the hushed atmosphere. The lit fire casted a warm feel as its heat and light covered the right side of his body while the otherside was left in shadow.

"I walked past you, your scent hit me instantly" he started as he used a stick to push the embers around, sparks flying as they collided with each other. " I thought it was one those instant attraction stuff so I walked on by." He stabbed the fire hard as sparks flew with his last sentence as if trying to take out his frustration.

"Then" he continued just as softly as his eyes sought mine. "I stumbled upon you a second time, this time I had no desire to walk away."

"So you watched me?" I said not using the word 'stalk' as that was not what I felt when he was near. I felt safe secure as of the caged and jumpy I should have been feeling if he was stalking.

"You knew I was there?" he asked whilst I nodded. "I had a feeling you did." A smile pulling upon his lips. "Is that why you weren't surprised when I lead you away from the altercation you were in."

"Nope, those sluts started it." I said referring to the argument I had earlier with Beth-slut-any and her lackeys, she's got me expelled and had come to rub it in. "Besides I'm pretty sure it was you who stopped those guys that were throwing eggs at passersby and stopped them from making me a target when I refused one of them." I finished causally as I heard growl rumble out of him, his sharp k-9 glinted from the firelight.

"Easy there tiger" I said trying to soothe him.

"Wolf" He corrected with a rumbling animal edge to his voice " They have no right to harass you for refusing them, its in-humane" he growled out, making it hard to distinguish the last words.

I got up and crouched in-front of him "They didn't, you were there" I said placing my hand on his raised knee, my touch instantly calming him.

"Wolf?" I asked making certain his race. His face held a serious yet calm look as I looked gazes with him. He nodded once to see if I could make out what he was trying to point across.

My body hummed with the close proxity of his. Raising my hand I tenderly touched his cheek moving on towards his ears, I could hear him breathe whilst he watched my face for signs of what I was trying to do. Reaching his ears I traced its outline, wanting to see if they were more round or pointy like mine. Neither or I guess both, sliding my hand down till I reached his lips. My fingertips gently brushed against them outlining them "Open" I whispered bringing my head close till we were almost nose to nose, he complied not before placing a chaste kiss on them. My tips sweeped in softly as they traced the tops of his teeth, halting minusculy at the sharper ones.

"Shifter?" I asked stating my examanation. His right hand came up an gripped my wrist tenderly removing it from his mouth.

"One word questions" he stated, I shrugged.

"Yes" he continued " You know the correct term." I inclined my head as a yes.

"So I'm your soulmate or something?"

"My mate, soul, whichever you choose" whilst placing kissing on the back of my mind.

"Theirs never one" I said contradicting 'soulmate' his hand halted as he searched my face "I remember my mother telling me when I was little, but you make one your only" I finished seriously. The fire crackled as a soft breeze blew.

"Your right." He said. "Theirs never one but many whom your compatable with.

"Have you found othe-" he placed his other hand on my lips, cutting me of.

"Let me finished" awaiting my nod, I'm guessing he must've seen the downtrodden look on my face. I nodded for him start.

" Theirs never one, as mates die all the time before or after finding each-other, though after having mated they lose they other, they tend not to go in search of another." He said as I opened my mouth to ask but he continued cutting me of.

"However. I have met a few before you, who had a similar pull." He said. My face fell as I looked down, not liking the ache in my chest.

"I haven't finished" As he lifted my chin " The first one was a friends girlfriend, so I backed of. If it was meant to be then she would have broke it of and come to, not demand to play behind his back." He ranted anger seeping through. Well at-least I know for sure that we both don't like cheaters.

"The second one I met at a club, she was okay we dated but when she made out with my brothers I had enough." He spat angrily his face taking a harsh yet hurt look.

"Brothers?"I asked wrapping my free hand round the one under my chin. The hum felt stronger louder as both our hands locked.

"I'm one set of my triplet pair, were identical." He explained "the first time she was intoxicated so I let it go, the second time I don't know, I guess I was busy so-"

"No, that's not an excuse. So you were busy doesn't give her the excuse to settle with your brother" I said harshly.

"He was drunk" he amended, his tone stating he wasn't to blame 'mostly'.

"I don't know your-" he cut me of again, I huffed as he laughed a nice resounating sound which made shiver in happines knowing I easily was able to cause such an happy emotions.

"The third and final one, I walked passed yet ignoring her, knowing she'll be like the others. Then I stumbled upon her a few weeks later, saw her tell of the couple behind her who were arguing over the boyfriend cheating. I thought, great a meddler. When he slapped her and she stepped in taking the next blow, I was furious for not getting involved earlier and for having her hurt." He said regret apparent in his voice.

"You could just say my name, you know, I'm sure you know it even though I ain't told you." I teased. " Though I don't know yours."

"Hush, I'm not finished. Then she took the abused girl away after a few passersby stepped in and calmed her down, bought her a drink whilst she waited with her for a family member to pick her up." His hand cupped my cheek tenderly as his face hovered inches from mine " I knew you wouldn't be like the last ones." He said placing a small kiss on my nose.

"Theirs never one" his lips upon mine " But I'll make you my only" he finished brushing a kiss with each word, lingering on only. Washing away some of the doubt that had settled in when he mentioned the others.

"Are you sure, you want me as your only?" I asked uncertainty apparent. He pulled back, making my heart ache. Stretching his legs apart, draping his arm across my shoulders he pulled me in towards him.

"I'm sure" His voiced rumbled through his chest were I had placed my head as he whispered in my ear. My heart rate accelerated as both our bodies hummed quietly.

"We don't know anything about each-other?" tilting my head up as my lips brushed the side of his chin accidentally "I don't even know your name."

"Bayver Soros"

"Bayver" I repeated rolling the name of my tongue '' I'm-"

"Palin Fe-" he continued having been cut of by me as I whacked him in his stomach as he let out a 'uff' of amusement.

"Just Palin" I concluded.

"Just Palin" he started with a smirk "lets start getting to know each other then" ending with a double meaning an eyebrow raised.

"Get your mind out the gutter" I added causing him to laugh freely.

"Let's eat first" he said searching his pack for food. "Will your parents be worried your out late?" He asked pulling out some pre bought sandwiches and holding them out for me to choose.

"Guardians"I corrected removing the packaging "And no they won't be, they just keep me around for the support money."


We'd eaten and now lay stretched out on the sleeping bag Bayver had dragged near the fire. I lay beside him staring up at the night sky whilst he did the same, arms behind his head.

"I'm a shifter, wolf as you know, though I'd like to know how you know about us." He begun softly. "I have four brothers and a little sister. I'm the oldest out my set then Bayden and Bayaz follows after. Basan the baby brother at fifteen, while Basil our one and only sister she's the youngest out of us."

"You missed one brother" I added.

"I wasn't finished" he sighed out.

"My bad, do continue" With a wave of my hand to go on.

"Right, thank you milady." He said with an olden day accent. "Bareil is the oldest, he's nineteen. Our grandparents and parents passed away awhile back and left everything to us, they have a few estates here." He turned his head my way to see if I was following, I saw him from the corner of my eyes and turned towards him "I came here to settle the lose ends instead of him, besides I wanted an escape for awhile."

"Sorry about your parents and grandparents" as I faced him. He stretched out his right arm and placed it under my head.

"Your the second oldest then?" I asked after awhile as he seemed to be lost in his memories.

"Yeah" he confirmed " We've been on our own for so long, that we formed our own pack. Bareil, his the Alpha" because his the oldest I wanted to say but he gave a look, hushing me. "Because he raised us when we started shifting, although it was late in shifter standards, we thought about joining a pack but then decided against it and made Bar Alpha."

"Oh" I said as understanding dawned on me.

"A couple of years back some rogues passed through. Rogues are loner wolves who left their pack or were thrown out for some reason or the other, sometimes their feral and unreasonable other times they just want to pass through quietly." His face serious, wanting to make sure I understood. " They were two brother who were injured and wanted to pass through quietly but ended up joining us in the end. Were a small pack though compared to others out there, more like a family." He finished wistfully.

I guess its my turn, as I took in all his information. It's seems a lot to take in but its barely scratched the surface yet, I'm sure of it. I've got way more to know about him yet. He lay there patiently waiting for me to start. Am I really ready to tell him I'm unwanted. What if he thinks I'm not worth the effort and leaves. I barely survived the first time being cast aside, can I do it again. I glanced at him as he watched the starry sky. I feel something for him, more then I've ever felt with anybody else. I can do this. I need to give this a try.

"I was f-f-fi-" I stopped. Taking a few deep breaths as I pushed down the emotions that wanted to leak out. I gazed out into the starry night, I could feel his gaze upon me, taking a lungful of air I started again. "F-five when my mum was told to give me up." Holding in a stutter as my throat choked up with emotion, my nose stung knowing tears would soon be forming. Bayver reached out and pulled into him.

"Shh, its fine, don't say it if you can't." He said softly as he pulled me close, my head buried in chest. His soothing voiced made me drop the few tears that had gathered. "It's okay, I'm here baby." His hands rubbed the small of my back in a means of comfort.

Once I'd settled my emotions, the hum between us helped. I span back upon my back still within his arms and wiped my tears. With an arm draped across my eyes I began.

"M-my mum, she use to tell me about all the races." His hand caressed the back of my draped arm, indicating his listening yet comforting. "I also have a half sister, though she's moved abroad a few years back. Guess they didn't want her too." I said bitterly. Once I was sure my emotions were steady I started up again.

"When I was little I tried hard to please everyone, to fit in."

"Let's talk about something else" Bayver said as he hovered above resting on his forearms. Moving my draped arm, I pushed at his chest till he was laying back beside me. His face sympathetic as he searched for a different topic.

"No, I'm fine Bay" I said determined " Let me finish." Worry was clearly evident on his features for me, which bought a rush of emotion forward.

"Mum used to spend a lot of time with me and would very rarely let me play with other kids. I asked her why once, she said she might not get to keep me for long." I stated bitterly as I placed my palms on my eyes holding back the stinging tears from leaking out again. My heart ached thinking about her.

"Then I got sent to an orphanage, I was a quite kid at first, so no one wanted me. Eventually I got adopted, then returned, happened a few times." I removed my hands lifting my shirt to wipe my face, not realizing I was exposing not only my stomach but red bra as Bay eyes raked over my exposed flesh.

Snapping my finger in his face I got his attention as and embarrassed look appeared on his face. "Like what you see" I purred, emotions all over the place.

"Extremely" he countered having recovered and made me flustered.

"Anyways I was saying. My latest guardians I've had for a few years. We manage fine ignoring eachother though their brother is quite perverted. I have to go to extremes to stay away till his gone." I looked over at Bay as his became fierce.

"What's he done, tell me so I can rip him to shreds." He growled murderously growls erupting his words. He wrapped me in his arms possessivly as growls rumbled out vibrating me alongside him " Has he harmed you" He growled his animal voice dominatent, his K-9 forming as they began peeking out.

Lifting my head I faced him. "Bay" I called as he spewed out threats mostly growls, placing my hand on his cheek I bought his sight down till our eyes locked " Bay, I'm fine. He's never got further then touching me inappropriately, after that I've avoided him like aids." I said calmly " See for yourself, I'm fine." He held me forward as his eyes assessed me seriously. I felt light and warm knowing he cared so much for my well being. How I should have been cared for.

"See, all good" I brought my lips to his cheek. " I'm elated you care so much so quick." I finished.

"Of-course I care. My feelings have been waiting to unleash on you for awhile now" His tone ended normally as his wolf fell back, the growls fading out completely.

We lay their quietly under the night sky settling our haywire emotions. Back to our original position of laying side by side but much closer as the sides of our bodies touched. The campfire crackled in the background bringing a cosy relaxed environment. His body heat seemed to have lulled me into a cosy state bringing forth sleep.

"Human" I heard him say.

"Hmm" I mumbled relaxed, pulling the blanket he'd taken out higher up and snuggling in.

"Your human" he said, as I could still make out what he was saying being still mostly concious.

"Aa" I replied not wanting to form words.

"Yet not" he continued. it took awhile till his words hit me. Making my brian work an pull away from my lulled state.

Angling my body towards his I saw him already watching me. "Yes, yet not." I confirmed.

His gaze roamed my face as he waited for me to continue. The fire crackled around us giving us a little light in this cloudy night as the night creatures could be heard around the thinning forest.

"Your mostly human" he said eventually when I made no move to add more. "Yet theirs another race in your blood." I gave the tiniest of nod barely moving my head to agree with him.

"Your not a witch or warlock, their sent is similar to human. That's not part of your sent."Leaning into me he took a sniff to prove his assessment.

"Not a Vampire, crossed paths with a few." His fingers twirling a piece of my hair, bought it forward for another sniff. "Not that sent."

"Not a shifter either, we have a few animal forms and your definitely not a shiter specie." Sweeping my hair behind my ear, bought his face forward till he licked my cheek. " Especially don't taste like a wolf" he said cockily as my lips pulled into a smile.

" Finished guessing?" I asked amused with his antics.

"Yup, I give up" He wiped away at my wet cheek. What if he don't want me. My own race didn't want me. His hand caressed my face tenderly and tapped my nose, snapping me out of my funk as my sleepyness wore off.

"Pixie" I said watching his face intently. "Water Pixie" I concluded as his eyes widened. He sat up causing the blanket to pull away whilst his eyes roamed my body.

Placing his left elbow on his raised knee he cluched his stubbled chin, a contemplative look appeared on his face whilst he assessed me.

"Hmm" I bit my lower lip in anticipation as he spoke.

"Well. A Water-Pixie, I never would have guessed that. Never even heard of a water-pixie before."

"Pixie does go with your image now that I think about it. It goes well with your petite build. Though I've never met a Pixie before, your the first and all mine." He continued. "Wait till I get home and tell the pack, my mate is an amazing unheard of pixie. They'll be dying of jealousy."

"You want me?" I asked unsure as I sat up.

"Why wouldn't I."

"Cause I'm an unheard of, like you just said so." My voice thick with emotion. He reached placing a hand on the back of my head and rested his forehead on mine.

"Are you thinking I won't want you, now you've told me your Race." He spoke. I shrugged.

"It's not about Races" He said as he placed his hand on my chest right above my heart " It's about what you feel in here and act on it." He spoke tenderly.

With a kiss to my forehead he pulled me into a hug. "I didn't get my palms, I was supposed to get them by five." I mumbled bringing up the horrible memory.


"Pixie wings, the correct term is palms, if you don't get them by your fifth birthday you won't get them at all." He hm'd as I answered. "So they decree'd me more human and gave me up."

"I'm barely a Water-Pixie."

"Your half." He said. "So what, doesn't mean I'm not going to want you. I couldn't keep away the second time I saw you and I haven't since."

I said I swept my eyes around the campsite as I saw the embers fade out with the night wind. Not knowing how to respond to his reassurance. "The fires died out." I said finally just to have something to say.

"I'm a halfling too." He said his breath fanning my cheek "As well as my siblings, so were the same, that's one thing we have in common."

"How?" I asked referring to our commoness "What?" as to what he is.

"Father was a Shifter, so that makes me half Shifter. Mother was a half witch. Grandmother was a full witch, Granddad human. You following?" He asked, wondering if I got confused.

"Yeah" I said as he picked up the slick from earlier and pushed the lit coal around.

"So that makes me quater witch, quater human. As mum was half witch and half human and half Shifter." He finished. "Make sense." Throwing a few twigs in he stacked earlier for the fire.

"So were both halfling." He nodded.

"And it doesn't matter what our orgins are. It's what we become that's important." He delivered passionately.

He continued with the fire whilst I watched till the flames were going steadily. "It's late, you were drowsy earlier. Let's get some shut eye and continue the rest tomorrow.


Trying to do something different from the common werewolf stories out there.

Possibly a short story, not sure how long though.

Hope you liked.

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