Attained A Mate

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Will contain themes of adult nature, crude language. Read with caution.

[ ] means flashbacks, have them in italics but they don't appear when I post.

Pic of Bay, just imagine slightly longer and messier hair (Bayden & Bayaz also look like him as they are identical)

Chapter 3



Tired. That's what I felt as soon as we got off the plane. The fatigue just hit me instantly. My arms wrapped around Bay's as I leant into him. His free hand rolling the carry on behind with a duffel bag on top, eyes roaming the place.

"Who're you searching for?" I asked sweeping my tired eyes about the hussel and bustel of the airport.

"My brothers, they said they're coming to pick us up."

"Oh cool, can we sit somewhere. I'm knackered?" He lead me to some plastic blue chairs, I sat stretching my legs.

"You want something to eat, baby?" I shook my head 'no' "you didn't eat anything on the plane either."

"I'm fine. When I'm hungry I'll let you know" I soothed hoping to appease the worry on his face. "Go look for your brothers, I'll be here."

He held my gaze for a few seconds then gave me a quick kiss and walked of into the crowd. I watched him slink into til I could no longer see him. Pulling our bags closer I leaned back into my seat. With a tired sigh my eyes closed. My extra sense of all the people about seemed off. I could still make out Bays form as he hum'd with energy as the others around were dimmed.

The noises and clutter around seemed to fade into the background. I felt heavy, the heavyness seeping into every inch of me. My back tingled in warning. Warning for what -i don't know but feeling drained isn't normal. This doesn't feel like jet lag. Though I've never had it an its my first time traveling but I'm sure this isn't it.

'If I'm not rested after a night's sleep, I'll mention it to Bay. Doubt that it's anything worrying'. Five weeks since the camping night. Last night was our first intimate night. So I can't be pregnant in eight hours or so, even if we are a different specie.

[Flashback start]

"What's wrong?" Bay inquired sitting up as his I got a full delicious view of his toned abs.

"Nothing" I mumbled sitting upon the small free space on my bedroom floor.

"Changed your mind about coming with me?"

"No" I answered startled turning around to face him. His brown eyes penetrated into me. Face serious.

"No" I said firmly. I'm not having doubts about coming with you, just wondering about what they'll think of me. I crawled up onto the bed beside him, him watching me.

"No" I stated softly " I haven't" watching his features relax.

"Then?" I shrugged in reply.

"It's nothing, just taking in my last night." Bay's arm wound around my shoulders pulling me up against his chest. "Just thinking of what they'll make of me"

"They'll adore you." I looked up at him as my fingers traced the muscles on his chests.


"Yes." With a kiss upon my nose. "I know so." His body twitched as my fingers followed the outline of his ribs near the side.


"No" He stated blatantly lying as my fingers drew upwards causing him to twitch more.

"You sure?" I asked amusement lacing my voice as full smile stretched my lips.


"One word answers again? Your making this a habit." I said leaping onto his lap attacking his sides. His torso jittering as my fingers peached his sides hitting his sensitive skin, chuckles escaping. His hands reached up halting my attack on him, body heaving from his laughs.

"Your turn" He stated griping my wrists in one hand, his other reaching under my black night cami.

"I'm not ticklish like you."

"Well see."

His fingers lightly traced up upon my skin leaving a heated feeling of desire. Higher he trailed. Stopping at the curve of my breast. His gaze intent on my exposed bare skin. "Told you so" His eyes flickered upto mine, where I wore a cheeky grin.

He shrugged "I like the alternate of what I found instead." His face smug, fingers rolling up the material til it held on the mounds of my modest c-cups.

I was flustered as my white lace bra trimmed with pink was on display, leaving little coverage. With tug I on my wrists he pulled up against him, breasts pressing into his chest. His free hand wounding around the back of my head, releasing the other he tilted my chin up as his lips brushed mine. First softly, lightly. My hands went on his shoulders pushing him back as I exserted more more force on our lips, he seemed to enjoy my eagerness as I felt a smile press upon his lips. My tongue sweeped his lips causing a rumble to vibrate through his chest to mine, our bodies humming.

He nipped at my lips asking for entrance. I pulled back slightly, teasingly. A small rumble of dissatisfaction came out. A few times we've come close to being intimate but either I would hesitate or he would pull back sensing I wasn't ready. Lifting up my arms I pulled of the rest of my top til I was clad in my shorts and bra. His dark eyes raked over my exposed torso with passion. Spreading my legs til I straddled him. His hands affixed to my hip, skin tingling with his touch. His eyes held mine gaze serious yet passionate. We sat in our positions neither moving for awhile. Bay's expression asked 'are you sure' I nodded in consent waiting for him to continue.

I'm ready my face portrayed, I want my first and many to be with you. Leaning in as our bodies touched I placed a kiss on his chin slowly trailing up reaching his lips. Pulling back slightly to lock eyes, he watched intently, lustfully.

His grip tightened as I began suckling on his lower lip, finally, his self control wavered nipping my lips, a soft growl of pleasure rumbled tongue sweeped mine looking for entrance, which I gladly obliged to. Our tongues explored, battling about, lungs screamed from air deprivation. Releasing we took in deep breaths of oxygen, chests heaving against eachother. Bay's hand traveled up my spine reaching my incisures "release" he whispered lips gliding on top of mine. With a blink my Palms spread out on either side's of me. Our lips sought each other, his fingers brushing down along my Palm. Bodies hummed, as our kisses got heated, more passion filled. Hands exploring, clothing disappearing.

[Flashback End]

Last night felt surreal, amazing. My palms don't ache for release nor is it painful freeing them. The past six weeks with has been wonderful, enjoyable and a learning experience. The weekly camping trips we'd been having since the first time have helped me get comfortable in my own skin. Bay had his nightly wolf rounds as I did my nightly flight rounds alongside. The more I used my palms the more bearable the back pain became, my body adjusting to its new ligaments. Yet I never felt drained like I do today.


I cuddled up against Bay as voiced conversation floated about. The cushioned seats felt nice, cushioned? last I remember I was sitting on plastic seats at the airport. Wonder when we got into a car.

"Bass mentioned he'd got himself a girl, met her?" Bayver voiced asked rousing my consciousness. Heavy, weighed down were the signals my body was flashing my mind.

"Yeah he has, baby bro is beating Yaz here in the girlfriend department. Must be something in the air." I heard from the front to lazy to open my eye's. Tired, still tired.

"She's a witch from the next town over. I'm not looking for a mate, we'll cross paths if we're fated to be." A second voiced said who I'm assuming is Yaz. My back ached and tingled unpleasantly.

"Nat's been asking about you. Just a heads up."

The next ten minutes lapped in silence since 'Nat' had been mentioned. Bay's cheating ex who kissed his brother more then once, she's the reason he took a break. Probably want's to get back together. My gut twisted with the unpleasant thought as I shifted.

"Pay baby, you awake?"

I 'hm'd' in confirmation, his fingers incased in my short blonde locks. "When'd we get in the car?" I yawned stretching my limbs.

"You we're out of it, I tugged you along. Guess the plane ride tired you out" I leaned back into him hoping not to move much as my muscles protested. "Last night's activity must have tired you out too" He whispered into my ear cheekily. He umph'd lightly as I nudged his stomachs in protest.

"Hey, stop whispering sweet nothings and introduce us."

"Eyes on the road"

"Yeah yea" I watched in interest as the two in front argued, their features identical to Bay's. Dark hair just past the nape of the neck yet styled differently, same nose, lips, eyes; face shape. Every feature the same.

"My brother's, Pay." Bay stated. I nodded.

"The one driving is Bayden, his the cocky hard headed one" 'hey' was uttered "and the youngest out of us three."

"You forget irresponsible" Said the other as Bayden swung a fist to his shoulder.

"That's Bayaz, his the calm logical one out of us all." I nodded seeing their personalities stand out. "This Palin Fen, my only."

"Hello. Sorry about earlier." Bay raised a eyebrow in question.

"Earlier?" Bayden asked confused. I felt flustered.

"Yeah, I'm guessing we met back at the airport but I was out of it" I replied embarrassed.

"Yeah girl, you looked hammered, thought Bay here got you drunk" I ducked my head into Bay chest "You were walking all tipsy" he finished chuckling as the car slowed to halt.

"We there?"

"Nah, grab some grub" Bayden replied stepping out.

"Getting lunch" Bay stated "getting you fed" as he slid out the car. I slid out slowly my body functioning lousyly. I stepped out as vertigo hit instantly, a hand grabbed my right arm steadying me.

"You alright?" Bay's worried voice asked wrapping his arm around my waist. "Yeah" as I tried to clear my vision.

"Thanks" I directed towards Bayaz whilst he removed his grip from my arm. Taking a few steps I felt my body tilt, Bay's arm tightened as my weight transfered to him.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing" I replied watching their worrying gazes " Head-rush."

We walked into the restaurant. Taking the cushioned booth on the right. Bay's gaze never left me throughout our meal. I could see the concern on his face as we ate. I'm not sure what happened, felt like my body shut down for a second, the tingling continued across my back unpleasantly. I've felt something familiar ages go, I'm sure. Can't remember when but it feels connected.

"So, when's the wedding guy's?" Bayden asked audaciously snapping me out my thoughts. Bay shrugged as I reached for my water. "You know since she's pregnant obviously, with all the dizziness."

"Wha" I spluttered choking on my water. Bay's taps on my back settled me. Bayaz watched on in a calm bored fashion as Bayden brought up points on me being pregnant.

"She's not"

"You sure Bay?"


"I'm not" I entered in, Bayden gave me a firm gaze then shrugged.

"Your half human" Bayaz interjected as our attention shifted to him. I tilted my head in agreement.

"What's your race?" Bayden inquired sniffing subtly.

"Guess" I said with sass settling into Bay's side as our bodies hummed which helped lessen the unpleasantness.

"Not vampire nor witch" Bayden stated.

"Neither a shifter set." Bayaz added.

"Golem?" I shook my head at Baydens humorous answer whilst Bayaz was deep in thought.


"Really, a dwarf Bayd?" Bay asked in mirth as he tilted his head to examine me. "She could be, with her midget height."

"Oi. I ain't no dwarf or midget." I flared out "Your just lanky"

"Your shortness could be from dwarfen ancestors"

"She's petite" Bay supplied indicating for the bill

"Fairy?" He asked "Their shor- petite" he amended as I gave him a look.

"Nope" Bay replied smugly with a look towards me, his hand upon my upper back. He was half right.

"Elfin?" Bayaz asked as I 'noped' as waiter arrived eyeing me up. A low growl escaped from Bay eye's glaring. "Eye's of her" he demanded.

"Bay'v" Bayaz warned whilst Bayden swiped his card.

"Possessive much" Bayden declared with a low whistle as we walked back up to the car. Bay's arm stayed warped around my waist which helped me walk as a few black spots danced across my vision, at least the dizziness reduced expediently.


We drove past sparse house, well mansion I'd say which where spread out quite far part until very few were coming into view. All the while Bayden or Bayd as he told me to call him continued guessing, Bayaz or otherwise known as Yaz just had a speculative look on his face. Bay seemed to have enjoyed the guessing game immensely as he would laugh occasionally at some the ridiculous notions Bayd put forth. The relaxing atmosphere seemed to have not helped with my situation as I felt calm, my body said otherwise.

We pulled to a gravel path that lead up towards a house, a distinct wave pulsed about. The house was large quite large with three floors. It still held some of its antique architecture whilst most of it looked done up new. On the right was an open field which further away held trees that spread out around it. As the car stopped at the double garage on the left the wave pulsed unexpectedly, I'd felt a buzz in the air as we neared yet this sudden force pushed through me causing my heart to race whilst my skin pickled. I moaned out loud as nausea spread throughout.

"You okay?" Bay's asked perturbed as I moaned again.

"Sick" I rushed out flinging the door open and collapsing on top of the gravel grazing my hands, the floor moving around or do it seemed. Bay appeared instantly beside me helping towards the bushes where I emptied the contents of my stomach. My hands shook as I took the bottle of water Bayaz handed me which we'd gotten earlier refueling. The dizziness fading as I took deep breaths of air.

"You alright their 'tiny?" Bayd asked as he took out our bags. Bay tilted the bottle to my mouth as I sipped greedily quenching my thirst and settling my stomach.

"I- I felt a shock run through me, messing up my senses." I explained answering their un-asked questions. Picking at the razed skin, Bay's hand halted my work cupping them tenderly lifting them up to his mouth licking it clean.

"Does it hurt" I shook my head as I snuggled into Bay's chest. "Weird energy..." I trailed off finding it hard to fit a word to what I felt.

"The wards" Bayaz exclaimed walking around the gravel driveway.

"Grams old warding spells? You think it was that" Bayden proclaimed turning as he heard the front doors open. Two men emerged from the porch steps.

"What happened?" The dark haired one infront asked as he took a look at each of us, his features similar to the triplets.

"Saw you guys drive up about ten minutes ago" The blonde haired one a few steps behind said.

"That's Bay's mate" Bayden started with a nod my way " she felt grams ward."

"Bareil, our big brother" Bay told me as he walked up to us. "Palin" He finished introducing me. Bareil crouched down beside us his sight on me, which made me uncomfortable as I shuffled into Bay unconsciously. His intent look made me nervous.

"Bar" Bay said as his gaze shifted to him " your making her uncomfortable."

"I apologize, are you injured?" I shook my head no as he looked down towards my hands which still lay in Bay's larger ones.

"She threw up" Bay spoke, I ducked my head in embarrassment. I kept my head lowered on his chest as they began discussing the wards. My body fizzed whilst my senses fizzled haphazardly.

"My senses seem fritty" I said softly.

"Senses?" Bareil asked as the others focused upon us.

"She can sense how close people are in the vicinity, I'm guessing the ward knocked you out of whack" I heard Bayden whistle appreciatively as I 'hm'd'.

"What race is she?" Blonde-y asked.

"Dunno, we we're playing the guessing game earlier."

"That's Adam" Bareil supplied noticing my gaze. "Let's head in" He finished walking back in.

"I puked on you" I pointed out noticing the stain on his shirt.

"We'll go clean up first" he said as I eyed my stained top were I wiped my face.


"My room" Bay gestured as he opened the door. "I mean our room" I walked on shaky legs flopped onto the bed. "You don't look so good" His face marring a frown.

"I'm fine" I sat up with some effort and took in the room. The king size leather bed up against the back wall nearer the right side which had to double windows giving a view of the back of the estate. The left side had a door which leading to the walk in closest that Bay just opened. Another door was placed on the back wall near the left side, probably a bathroom. In the middle of the room where two brown sofas, a flat screen mounted on the front wall. His room was quite large, much larger then any I've seen before and very clean, though that might be cause he hasn't been here for the past few months.

I looked over st Bay as he stripped of his shirt, watching as his times muscled flexed with movement. He gave me a cocky smirk knowing I was fixated upon his delicious abs and put on a black tank top which molded to him.

"I'll go get your bags, so you can change"

"It's fine, I got a spaghetti strap on underneath" I replied lifting my lose vest top. My arms protested towards the effort "mind assisting?" He walked over stepping in between my parted legs as his fingers found the hem of my top and slipped it up over my arms and off. I felt my skin pickle as I realized he'd stripped of both my tops. "Only one not both" he shrugged his eye's gazing lustfully, right hand cupping my bra clad breast. Lips pressed onto mine, his finger trailing the outline of my strap pushing it of my shoulder. Tongue sweeping the ridge of my mouth, fingers tracing around towards the back, un-hooking my bra. "Wha" I started as he silenced me with a kiss as he traced the incisures.

"Release your wing's" Closing my eye's I follow focused inwards, ignore the fatigue, ignore the fizzle, concentrate. Tingles ran up and down my back randomly, some pleasant some not so pleasant. Burst of fuses blew out within, like as if the light would fuse out in a room within a house.

Opening my eyes I shook my head "Everything feels so wired up."


"Unpleasant" I turned around giving him access to my back as he re-hooked me and pulled over the lilac spaghetti strap upon me. "Ain't met your younger siblings yet."

"Let's go met them then" He said pulling me up on to my feet. I stood still for a few seconds blinking the white spots away as my eyes focussed on the perturbed look. "Once it settles I'll be fine." I eased tugging him down for kiss, which pacified some of his concerned look.

Embracin my hand in Bay's we walked out his room, down the winding mahogany banisters my free hand clutching the top hard holding up my weight. My limbs attested at the movement. The house was beautifully furnished with its antiquity showing through yet most of it remodeled up to date. Nice homey feel calling out. We headed towards the spacious open kitchen at the back were conversations floated around. I glimpsed some family picture hung on the walls causing me to slow so I could examine them, a tug on my hand made me walk on.

" Later" He said as we entered. Out of all the faces two were new the rest I'd already been introduced to. "That's Malrick, Adam's brother."

"Hey" He greeted sticking his dark blonde locks out from behind the refrigerator "You want?" Holding a can of red bull as I shook a 'no'. We walked over to the table beside the back wall which was mostly glass paneled.

"Hi, I'm Basil the only female in this testosterone filled house. But now your here it won't be as much." Welcomed the young raven haired girl, she had soft features from her brothers. "Come sit" She waved towards the spare seats handing her crutches to Bareil who sat beside her. Gladly, finally my weight eased up from my aching limbs.

"I'm Palin, nice to meet you" I greeted with a smile Bay taking the spare seat next to me.

"Where's Bass?"

"On a ran" Bayden replied.

"Heard you felt grams wards. Are you okay?" Basil inquired.

"Yeah, I'm fine"

"You sure? I can feel the effects lingering on you." She told me. I focused inwards try to locate the wards residual energy.

"You can?"


"What are the effects"

"Is it damaging" I recognized Bays voice as the others all spoke over each other.

"Quiet" Bareil said evenly with a hint of command hushing everyone. "Bee explain"

"Grammy taught me about ward's and spell you know. Palin passed through the visitors ward which I'm in-tuned to." She explained. "It's not painful or anything, just let's me know if we have visitors entering. That's how I spotted Mal year's back when he broke into the kitchen for food."

"You sure it's not harmful." Bay demanded.

"Yup" She affirmed as the back door opened. "That's Basan, our brother."

"Sup" Said a bare chested teen with wild raven hair and features similar to the rest. "Bay'v bro, your back" they both hugged " that your mate, she's cute."

"Thanks, I'm Palin" I stood up to greet him holding out my hand to shake, I swayed slightly as my body trembled. My hands clutched his arm for support nails digging in accidentally. "Whoa steady." Bay's arm wrapping around me was the last thing I saw as my vision fade to black and I fell limp in his arm's.


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