"What's in a name? That which we call a rose."

- Shakespeare.

"Lester! Lester, I'm back!" I called out to an empty space.

The familiar castle glared back at me, memories immeadiantly flooding my vision. The faded golden arches were turning the colour of my hair gradually. My feet made sharp noises as they hit the tile floor that was tinted different shades of beige and white per square. Old paintings of my ancestors lined the walls, including the ones that I couldn't bear to look at anymore but thought it disrespectful to take them down.

There were old wooden doors with rusted hinges where the paintings weren't located, leading to rooms that I had escaped to as a child. Whether it would be because I had an argument with my sister, Dahlia, or my parents or I was just upset. The thought of them made me cringe.

I finally reached the library and pushed the two giant doors open; I've always liked to make an entrance, but not so big that I would fall of the rope I swung in on… Most of the time.

Lester was standing at his wooden desk that was probably as old as he was himself. His forehead was creased as he was focusing on some papers sitting on his desk. His white-brown hair was lit up by the light coming through the leadlight window, it was a picture of the castle from the outside, and I had always admired it.

His face had light lines of age everywhere. Lester looked up at him with curious brown eyes.

"Sebastian! When did you get back?" He said his Diamantian accent was very thick.

Dimante was the main state in our country; it was the leading state in Bellamynia. It had surrounding minor states but Diamante had everything, it was where the Deveron was.

The Deveron was basically the government of our country; it said what goes where and who does what. They weren't too strict on the rules, but you could say I was known among them.

Lester used to work as a librarian in the Deveron's main institute. He quit ages ago to take care of me.

"Just then, I called out to you," I replied quickly.

Dropping my bag on the floor next to the nearest window. Preparing for lots and lots of work.

"How was it?" He asked coming over and shoving all my equipment back into the drawer where I got it from, "Don't need that today."

"It was fine; they lived happily ever after…" I sung sarcastically.

"Well you're going to hate me then," He chuckled, "I have another one for you."

He handed me a sheet of paper, explaining who it was and where, all the details. But the one thing that stood out to me was the money I was going to get for it.

"Wow," I whispered gazing incredulously at the sheet of paper.

My job, I hated it, but it was necessary. I saved Princesses for Princes who couldn't do it themselves, for all different reasons really… Only about 5% of them paid me because they were too lazy, most of them had other duties to perform. The orders came from the Princes to the Deveron to Lester to me.

The money was basically triple what I usually get paid. I was stunned; she must be a pretty amazing Princess for this much money. I looked up at the name; it wasn't one that I had heard before.

"Lucy Violet Sundast," I nodded at the name, it seemed like a pretty regular Princesses name.

"Yes. I hear she's a wonderful girl," Lester tried to hint.

"Lester for this much money, I seriously don't care how fantastic she is and I'm fine being forever alone," I joked, cracking my famous smirk at him.

He just shook his head muttering something about being forever alone and stalked back to his desk, burying his head in a book yet again.


Turns out that I didn't have to go on this mission for another day and a half, but after I'd left here I would only have two days to travel to Assosia, which is where Princess Lucy lived.

There was no mention of what I'd have to kill to get her out of there, so I assumed that it was dangerous; hence the large amount of money. So I packed extra weapons.

I hadn't told Lester about the danger, so he still believed that there was some sort of logical answer to it.

I was packed and ready to go, half a day before I was meant to leave, but I would still need rest along the way, and so I was leaving promptly.

Lester had gotten my horse, Gallop, ready and was waiting outside for me to mount.

"Knife? Clothes? Food? Sword? Shield?" He asked, he got a little worried that I would forget something and die. He was a pessimist.

"Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes!" I said waiting for him to let my arm go so I could leave.

"Alright then, I'll see you in a couple of days," He nodded and grumbled inside.

This was the bit I didn't like about my job, not knowing if you would come back or not. Lester stressed about it more than I did, but I still would wonder if I wouldn't make it home. But my main concern now was Princess Lucy, not myself.

I yelled and slapped Gallop on the rear to get him moving, and he did without a single protest, and off we went.


My stomach rumbled for the fifth time in 30 minutes, Gallop whined as well. We only had to reach the borderline of Assosia and then we would rest. It was only 1 hour away; I think we could make it.

Gallop seemed to think differently, he whined again. After a few seconds I realized this wasn't really the sound he had make 20 seconds ago, but one saying that danger was near.

I dismounted him and tied him to the closest tree, grabbing my sword off Gallop. I looked around and saw nothing approaching us, what was wrong then?

I turned around to scowl at Gallop for a while for making me worry and lose ground when I felt a blade scratch my shoulder. I swung my sword around in time with my body as if it was an extension of me. But it was gone. Where could it have gone? We were in a clearing.

Suddenly I felt a fast breeze of wind behind me, like someone running at full speed close to you. I turned around, not surprised to find nothing.

"Who do you work for?" Was whispered in my ear from behind.

"Who are you?" I yelled again swinging around to find yet again no one.

There was a few seconds of silence, apart from Gallop whining again.

"I am the Assosia borderline watch, now I'll ask you again… If you want to get through, who do you work for?" A voice said from nowhere.

"The ABW? Oh well, I win, I work for the Deveron, well at least at its orders," I smirked, shoving my sword back into its holder connected to my belt.

"What is your business Deveron?" He said stepping out of the darkness.

He had one of the biggest human build's I've seen, he could easily squash me, but I would still win. He had white-blonde hair and a light tan; his clothes told me he was just a villager working to provide food and shelter for his family. A fast villager at that. He was probably trained to spook people off like that, but he didn't know I worked for the Deveron and their training was three times harder than the one he'd been given, probably.

"I come to rescue Princess Lucy Violet Sundast of Cleofel Castle," I exclaimed loudly.

The villager looked very amused, he started laughing and choking out words.

"Good luck with that! Go pass," He kept laughing.

What was it about this girl? She was being protected by a very dangerous creature by the sounds of it; she had people laughing at the thought of her being taken from the castle… What the hell?

An hour later we arrived at the border, exhausted, hungry and cold. I got out blankets, food and set up a fire.

Gallop and I ate our food eagerly wanting to break our fast, Gallop wasn't too bad but in saying that I had missed breakfast and lunch… I was a little hungry…

The stars lit the sky and faeries danced on the tree tops around us, one even tried to take my food, they were cute and all, just never trust one.

I told Gallop what I knew about this Princess Lucy, seeing as he probably has no idea where we were going. I liked talking to Gallop, Lester would be too dramatic about most things, but at least he could answer.

I went to sleep trying to list all the possible reasons about why this Princess is so special? She can't be any different from the rest… Can she?


After breakfast I saddled Gallop up and got ready to leave, I gathered all of my things and left the leftover food for the faeries to eat. They're lucky I wasn't too hungry this morning.

We went straight through the forest and towards the castle; usually I would be able to see it from here. With its highest tower and all, but I couldn't even see anything but trees.

There was about 12 minutes until Gallop and I arrived, I was already telling myself to calm down. That I had already fought basically every creature so this one shouldn't be anything I haven't done.

We finally arrived and I dismounted Gallop and tied him to a tree that went around the castle. The castle was a beautiful white colour with purple pansies and other flowers lining the entrance. It was a small castle compared to the ones I had been to before, the smallest actually.

Quick as lightning I grabbed my gear and walked to the front door. Waiting for it. When nothing happened I was confused to what kind of creature I was dealing with here. I walked up to the door, looking around and pulled the knocker up and letting it fall.

Suddenly there was a roar, it wasn't a creature that I had fought before, I could tell by the noise it made. The doors swung open on their own accord and I jumped inside tensing and ready.

There was a soft padding kind of noise approaching and I moved into the middle of the room, sword and shield in front of me protecting all major areas of my body, apart from my back.

I was pushed from behind. My shield skidded around 3 metres away but my trustworthy sword stayed firmly gripped in my hand. The creature's teeth were the first thing I saw.

Jumping I zipped around the large tiger, it wasn't any normal tiger, it was blue. Probably a cross between a Zetta and a Tiger. A Zetta was a multi-coloured creature that had razor teeth and claws, incredible strength and was very territorial. The advantage for me is that they were slower than I was which is still pretty fast, just not fast enough.

My sword was already deep in its shoulder by the time it circled to see where I was. It let out a giant yelp of pain and staggered back before leaping at me. I slid forward, its claws missing my head by inches, but my sword slashed its stomach. It crashed to the floor and let out one last whine before slumping, dead.

I walked over to it and suddenly realized something… This was the female, then where was the…?

I covered my ears as the deafening roar of the male Zetta-Tiger realizing his mate was dead. Crap.

I ran across the room, aiming for one of the pillars as it chased me. I planted both feet on the wall of the pillar and pushed off it, skilfully landing on my feet as the 'Zeger' skidded, bumping into the pillar a bit. It charged for me again and I went down on my back attempting to do to it what I did to its' mate. But its claw slashed through my clothes and got my upper thigh as my sword struck its heart.

It landed a few feet away from his mate, I'm sure it was just doing its job, but so was I. I walked over and blessed it a safe trip to hell and walked off to look for the Princess. Zetta's were dammed for eternity as soon as they assisted in the killing of many Kings that 'associated' with Angels. Bad idea in other words.

I walked up the steps that lead to a hallway that was coming from my left and going to my right. I didn't know which side to start. I just decided to call out to her instead, too exhausted to walk and there was the fact that I had a long gash in one of my legs.

"Princess Lucy? Where are you?" I yelled out the corridor.

I waited a few seconds before she answered.

"Who goes there? I heard the Zeger's roaring!" She yelled from who knows where.

"I am Sebastian James Holt, I work for the Deveron! I'm here to rescue you!" I yelled back looking down both ways.

She came out from a door on my right.

She was stunningly beautiful, but most Princesses were. She had long strawberry blonde ringlets that went down to below her shoulders; half of it was pinned up with one of the purple pansies. She had icy blue eyes that made me shiver just glancing at them; they were surrounded by thick lashes and thin eyebrows.

She was thin and had small curves that went very nicely with her dress. She was wearing a light blue strapless dress that went down to just above her knees, it had flowers coming from the top of it, all of them were silver and it matched her eyes so well it was ridiculous.

I now know why there was such a high payment for me to rescue her.

"I'm Lucy," She smiled; her voice was like silver bells to match the flowers on her dress. It was like she had planned her dress to go with her eyes and voice!

Her smile was a whole different thing, I don't think I've ever seen a Princess this beautiful, and that's coming from me.

"I'm Sebastian," I smiled back, keeping my cool.

She nodded and looked over my shoulder, her eyes grew wide and she gasped. I instantly felt the urge to wrap my arms around her and tell her it was okay.

"Did you do that?" She squeaked.

"Yes, I believe it is my job, I'm here to rescue you in the name of… Wait a minute, I've got it here somewhere," I searched my pockets, my hands finally finding it and opening it up, "In the name of Prince Lucian Reural."

"Who? Why are you rescuing me then?" She said still shocked about the Zeger's.

"It's my job Princess and I believe Prince Lucian is the Prince of Fertilya," I replied starting to get impatient. I would not let her beauty get to me.

"Your job? Who has a job like that?" She said curiously.

"Well I do Princess, would you like me to help you pack?" I asked her.

"But – I don't want to leave," She whispered looking at her hands.

I started at her, she didn't want to leave? Those Zeger's must have been really intimidating or she's gone insane from being locked up here.

She glanced up at me waiting for my reaction…

"Why?" Was my response.

"Well lots of reasons, I love it here for one, I love my horse and my gardens and the animals and… Everything," She listed smiling up at me when she was done.

She actually liked it here? That is a first.

"I've just travelled for two days trying to find you and all I get is 'I don't want to leave'? Wow, how long have you been locked up here for?" I said looking around me at the place.

She glared at me and started to go back to what seemed to be her room. I followed her.

Her room was mostly white, the walls were white, the floor was white even the window frame was white. Well it all used to be anyways, there were drawings all over it. Fantastic drawings of faeries, gardens and a white horse. There were many other drawings but these were the ones that stood out to me the most.

Her bed was pushed up against the wall and there were books and art supplies everywhere. She gestured around herself at her room.

"Why would I even think about leaving," She laughed at the thought.

"Because I have a deadline, grab the most important things and let's go," I felt like a complete jackass but I would have my money and Lester could pay for the new set of books he's wanted to get. Forever alone. Oh well, I've got Gallop.

"What if I don't want to," She uttered.

This stopped me from packing her bag. I looked at her grimly then.

"Then you've been kidnapped," I faked a smile and continued packing.

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