Rauour and the First Nords

During his early years, the Crimson Dragon, known to his brothers and sisters as Rauour, merely flew about his realm in the Northwestern lava fields as he learned the breadth and scope of his dominion. To the local people, he was seen only as a silhouette flying overhead.

Having been given dominion over this part of the land, along with the power over the elemental and physical planes, Rauour maintained a boastful confidence in the greatness of his power.

His appearance made for great tale-telling among the natives – his head as adorned with many spikes about the crown and jawline, two of which were especially large and grew backward, looming over the upper part of his back and wings.

His wings, which spanned three fold his body length when in use, were mostly black, with only the spines and arms carrying the Crimson color that the rest of his body was. His tail, which by itself was half of his body length, was clubbed at the end, and was decorated with its own set of spikes that were arranged in rows stemming from the tip of the tail and extending over the length of the club, which was several feet in length and width.

The Nordic people were olive skinned, with dark hair and eyes. They had a very combative culture, often having fights that would take place between everyone is the village, resulting in rampant destruction - all for fun.

It helped that during this time there was no such thing as mortality; the people of the Nordlands never grew old, only aging to about thirty or forty years and living at that age permanently. This allowed the Nords to grow increasingly violent, slashing apart friend and foe alike only to have the dead reanimated, completely intact, within minutes.

For many years, the Crimson Dragon was content with watching the people from a great distance – usually the peaks of the Eastern Mountains. Over that time, however, Rauours curiosity grew. The first time his curiosity got the better of him, the young Dragon landed just outside of the large village that the entirety of the land's population lived. His appearance inspired a previously unknown fear in the people, and they attacked him thinking their village was under siege.

The Great Lizard fled, not wanting to do the creatures harm. He tried many times to develop some kind of rapport with the people, but each time he was met with fear, anger, and hatred. Over time, Rauour grew tired of the rejection, and left his dominion to explore the rest of Reikea.

His journey took him to all corners of the land, and he soon realized that the Nordlands weren't enough – he wanted to rule everything. Not long after this, he arrived in the Elflands, which was his brother Blare's domain.

"What brings you here?" the Azure Dragon asked, appearing before Rauour in a puff of smoke.

"I've only come for your land... and your power," was all the Crimson Dragon said before lunging for his brother's throat.

But... he couldn't move. Rauour growled in frustration as Blare laughed uproariously.

"You of all of us should have known, brother. We're protectors. We cannot bring harm to anything."

Rauour continued to growl as his brother scolded him.

"Not only that, but you should really know that we hold no power in each other's domain. Only we control our domains, and no one else's. Now, BEGONE!"

Instantly, Rauour was back in his volcanic lair. Undaunted, Rauour went back toward his brother's domain. Perching himself on a mountain top, Rauour observed a High Elf lecturing to many others. This elf stood oddly apart from the group situated about the small clearing in the woods – he was taller than the others, and had noticeable streaks of azure in his hair and beard.

The Crimson Dragon grinned widely as an idea came about in his mind, and he flew back home to work on his plan. Rauour had a theory: while the Dragons could not attack each other, or hold sway in lands outside their power, the people might be able to. Provided, of course, they had the proper skills and training to overpower his brothers and sisters.

One day, he landed near the village, and took the form of one of the people. Seeking to appear as a wizened sage, he made the horns on his head into bright orange spiked hair. His eyes became as the peoples, but retained their yellow color. The spikes along his jaw became a bright orange beard with silver streaks in the places the horns were. His wings became a long black cloak that shrouded his now human body.

Using his power to fabricate an oak walking stick – something never seen before in this land – Rauour walked into the village and for the first time, didn't face an immediate attack from the people.

He did experience a different kind of reception, however: one of the villagers noticed his walking stick, and recognized that he was not one of the Nordic people.

"No I'm not," Rauour replied as people started to slowly gather around him.

"I am from the other side of the Mountains," he began, gesturing to the Eastern Mountains with his walking stick.

"I bring knowledge and wisdom from the Creator who made this land, and you."

Rauour grinned inwardly as the people bought his lie; controlling these people would be far easier than he could have hoped. Over the next several years, Rauour carefully searched the populace for one who would make the perfect puppet to lead the conquest of Reikea.

Unfortunately, none among the current Nords seemed to have the required fortitude to wield all of his power, nor follow instruction even when cleverly disguised as 'omens' that he pointed out periodically. He would have to wait for the one who he could mold into his weapon.

In the meantime, Rauour began to teach his power to different villagers in small doses. He also taught people varying stories of the creator – the one who would come one day to lead the Tribe to greatness.

Some heard the story of Haboru Isten the Warlord, others heard the tale of Zellistem, the God of the Shores. Other tales were of Gyam the Ice Guardian, and his brother Viyam, who controlled the Volcano that made the lands. After many years the seeds of power and dissent had been planted, and the Sage left the village promising his return one day.

Over many years, Rauour lied in wait in his Volanic Lair to the North, waiting for the day when one would could wield his power showed himself..