Keep in mind, this story was written when I was only thirteen. I went through and fixed the blaring grammatical errors, but by and large I left the piece untouched. It's just a silly piece that I had fun writing for giggles. Enjoy! ^_^

Katy looked up into the tree and shook her head in dismay. "Two years in the fire department and I've rescued how many cats from trees?" She thought to herself as she started to climb the ladder to the stranded feline. She reached out her hand to grab the cat but it scampered away.

"Stupid cat." She mumbled under her breath as she left the ladder to follow the cat.

Thirty minutes later Katy climbed back down the ladder with an unhappy kitty, that was hissing and pawing the air wildly.

"Whoa, easy there fellow!" She shrieked, dropping the ungrateful cat on the ground, where it continued to hiss and arch its back.

"What's wrong with him?" A puzzled onlooker asked.

"I don't know… and I don't think I want to either!" Katy added in horror as she watched the cat, that once could fit in her coat pocket, grow to tower fifty feet above her. "Oh this just makes my day. Save a cat from a tree and it grows into a giant… and then goes to destroy the city." She added as she watched the cat headed downtown. "Hmm, what to do, what to do?" She stated sarcastically. "I know! This looks like a job for Firefly Girl!"

She rolled her eyes at the stupidity of the situation and walked behind the nearest house. "Power of the firefly!" Almost instantly, her suit appeared out of nowhere and put itself on her. "Ugh, not again!" she cried, realizing that her suit had put itself on backwards for the third time that month.

After fixing her wardrobe crisis, she ran out to the street to find the giant cat gone and a trail of debris in its path. "Oh, this should be easy. Follow the trail of evidence and find that kitty. Super firefly cycle!"

Jumping on her motorcycle, that also came out of nowhere, she drove downtown to find the cat that was destroying the city.

"Look! It's Firefly Girl! She'll save us from the monster! Hooray! Yeah! Go Girl!" Firefly Girl was greeted by a huge crowd of cheering people. "Yes, citizens of Bizphid! I have arrived and I will defeat this giant cat!"

When Firefly Girl had finished her short speech she went to work. There was a long strenuous battle, in which a fifty-story building toppled to the ground, shattering the streets and doing thousands of dollars damage to cars. The city gym was also demolished, several apartments were crushed by giant hairballs, and fires broke out everywhere. But in the end, the cat lay dead on the crushed Baily house, the city's oldest building.

"Hooray! Wayda go Firefly Girl! Yippie!" Loud cheers broke out across the town as Firefly Girl waved victoriously. Within minutes the press was on the scene.

"I am standing here where Firefly Girl has once again saved the city from harm. Do you have anything to say Firefly?" A newscaster asked.

"I hope the Humane Society doesn't get on my case about this." Our heroine replied cautiously.

"Those are the words of wisdom from our own small town hero. Congratulations on your victory Firefly Girl." Turning to the camera he added, "A special ceremony will be held tomorrow in the Baily house in honor of our champion of the great cat fight."

The crowd cheered as it moved down the streets of Bizphid, which would be normal by the next morning. How can that happen? Ask the Power Rangers, if they can pull it off so can we, and they do it every episode.