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The lake was crowded with people getting ready for the week of 4th of July celebration. No one seemed to mind the heat, which was predicted to spike to 104 degrees. Patrick "Pip" Daley and Jack Hudson milled around the hectic lake. "Keep your eyes out, Pip," Hudson told his sidekick. "There has to be an adventure here somewhere."

The duo was always looking for action and mystery, and was often known as the "Encyclopedia Browns of the neighborhood". Though used as a diss, neither boy seemed to care. In, fact, they actually liked it.

They didn't know exactly what they would find at the lake, if anything at all, but hype of it made it too hard for the boys to miss. People from all over the state would come to experience the greatest celebration known to man.

"I dunno, Hud, I don't think there's gonna be anything super spectacular here except the fireworks on the lake, and that doesn't happen 'til night! Maybe we should just take a swim instead." Pip said. Even though he was a part of the action duo, he wasn't one to take a risk. It was often Hudson who forced him along.

"Oh stop being a mouse!" Hud said to him. He did this a lot because of Pip's "safe-side" ways and his size.

"Stop being a bully!" Pip replied. The two bickered like this on multiple occasions. They did it more as a joke, rather than actually arguing.

"Fine, but let's take a swim later in the week. My mother told me to be home before 3 o'clock when the temperature is highest." Hudson sighed. They started to head to the entrance of the lake to get their bikes when Pip noticed something.

"Look, Hud! Shoe tracks! Girl shoes I bet." He said with satisfaction.

Hudson squatted down to examine the track better. "Hmm, I think your right. And there's some going over it. Whoever is in here has been going back and forth. I really want to go check it out, but my mother will be furious if I'm not home soon. We'll check back tomorrow. Judging by the multiple tracks, they'll be here again tomorrow."

Reluctantly, the boys hopped on their bikes (looking back often to make sure the tracks didn't disappear) and pedaled away, the whole time reassuring that they'd have a great adventure tomorrow.

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