The next day, Hudson and Pip pedaled fast and hard to the lake. They only slowed down briefly, which was to pay the entrance fee. But as soon as they did, they were back to rushing over to the forest entrance. They haphazardly tossed their bikes to the side.

"Look, fresh tracks!" Hudson said excitedly." The infiltrator must be in there now!"

"You got your BB gun?" Hudson asked small friend.

"Yep." Pip answered.

Hudson nodded and patted his pocket to show he had his too. The two started into the forest, clearing the brambles along the way. They stepped carefully, making sure they didn't step on a twig and make any noise. They followed the tracks deep into the forest. The tracks winded down the forest for a long time, to a point that the two thought it was interminable.

"Pip, my friend, we're at a point of no return. That means if we get in trouble, no one can help us." Hudson said nonchalantly. Pip, however, shuddered.

A branch cracking sounded. The boys stopped cold, waiting a listening. Silently, they both drew there BB guns. Another one cracked; and another .

Get ready, Hudson mouthed Pip. Pip nodded back and slipped his fingers on the trigger.

They stayed like that for what they thought was hours. Something moved by the bush. Pip signaled Hudson that there was someone behind the bush. Together, they surrounded the bush. On the count of three, Hudson mouthed, 1...2...3!

"Gotcha!" The boys said in unison. Behind the bush was a girl with jet-black hair with shining jade-green eyes. Despite the surprise attack, she didn't seem fazed. Instead she stood up, and dusted herself off.

"Hello, boys." She said, even though she didn't look any older that Hudson and Pip herself.

"Who are you and what are you doing in our forest?" Hudson interrogated.

"Actually, this forest belongs to the lake." She fired.

"Yeah, but no one uses it." Hudson fired back.

"I'm using it aren't I?" She smirked.

The girl walked around the bush, not seeming to care that she had guns pointed at her. "I know those are BB guns. And I don't care if you shoot me. My older brother has done it a trillion times. I'm immune." She remarked casually. "Now what's your names?"

Cautiously, Pip and Hudson lowered the guns. "This is my friend Patrick "Pip" Daley. And I'm Jack Hudson, but I go by Hudson." He told.

"What type of awful name is Hudson?" The girl's face twisted up in disgust.

"Well who are you to judge my name?"

"Delilah, Delilah Crawford." She said.

"Such a girly name for on who doesn't look like it." Hudson sneered.

"At least I don't go by my last name."

"Crawford wouldn't sound good on you anyways."

"And neither does Hudson."

The two glared at each other with such intensity that Pip shrunk away. He glanced around and his gaze fell onto a stump that had lots of papers on it. He looked back at the two to see that they were both preoccupied with each other and would probably not notice Pip's slipping away.

Careful and quiet like a mouse, he made his way over there. He scanned through the papers and his eyes grew wide.

"Hudson, look!"

Hudson and Delilah turned away from each other and faced Pip.

"No!" Delilah screeched, and raced over to snatch the papers from Pip's tiny hands. Swiftly, he dodged her reach.

"What did it say, Pip?" Hudson asked eagerly.

"There's a-a...kidnapper, here, right now in the lake's park." Pip said frightened.

"I knew she was a criminal!" Hudson said defiantly.

"She is right here, you know," Delilah snapped, "and I'm not the criminal."

"It's true, Hudson. It said a Caucasian male." Pip confirmed.

Still a little suspicious, Hudson turned to Delilah. "Why do you have those papers then? Are you an undercover spy?"

"No...but my father is. Cop, really." Delilah said reluctantly.

"Does he know your helping?"

"Does your mom know you're a nosey know-all?"

"Touché." Hudson shrugged. "So what are we going to do?"

Delilah scoffed. "We? You are doing nothing. I'm going to solve this case, all by myself."

"Come on! Pip and I are infamous sleuths! We're so good, we're called the Encyclopedia Browns of the neighborhood!" Hudson argued.

"I think that was an insult." Delilah jeered.

"Insult or not, we're still good. And if it really is a true criminal," Hudson paused to create suspense, "well, let's just say that three is better than one."

Delilah let out a frustrated sigh. "Fine, but this doesn't change the fact that I despise you."

"Glad that's the feeling mutual." Hudson retaliated.

"Let's save the fighting for the criminal, guys," Pip interjected, "we have a lot of work to do."

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