Forbidden Waltz

Lights are out,

nothing but cold darkness keeping us covered,

nothing else to protect us from our dangerous feelings.

I had to see him,

feel him,

be with him.

He was my savior and my lover,

he protected me without complaint.

I only wished I could do the same for him.

In the garden

the trees loomed over us.



They watched us as we did the unforgivable.

We danced the forbidden waltz.

His blue eyes shined

as my black silk skirts wound around him,

a blanket during our dance.

This was wrong,


but we were young and in love.

We only cared for each other.

The wind was our music,

the falling cherry blossoms our curtain.

We held each other and moved in rhythm,

in harmony.

Our heat and intensity

burned a fire bright as the stage lights,

the rustling of leaves,

the audience applauding.

We swirled around.

He dipped me deep into soft warmth.

I forgot our illegal doing

for only those short moments.

The smooth motions brought peace.



We were fine though,

it was real to us.

Us alone.

Nobody could break the spell

of the Forbidden Waltz.

Nothing could separate us.

A sigh escaped my lips as it came to an end,

the circling and enchantment


Little did I know

the consequences would be grave.

We would lose to them.

They would smile upon my sorrow


later on,

I would smile upon theirs.

Our forbidden dance,

our forbidden love

that night,

would curse

and save me