Kinda explanatory; I'm making a dictionary of the words I make! With it, I'll use it in a short story. Enjoy!

Chiglet (Chig-el-lit); N.

A jiggly cube of meat. Just a little bit over uncooked.


"Chiglets again?" Martha groaned as her mother revealed their dinner.

"Now, Martha, I don't appreciate your whining. It's something to quick to eat. Now hurry up; I don't have time to sit here and make sure eat your chiglets." Her mother snapped.

"Then don't." Martha snapped back.

"Well I must make sure you eat your chiglets."

"Ugh!" Martha yelled.

She swished her chiglets around in the plate. The house was silent besides the ticking of the clock. Her mother sat on a stool near the table, watching her every move. Martha sighed. She stuck her fork into one of the chiglets and hesitantly stuck it in her mouth. She gagged.

"Mom?" Martha pleaded.

"Eat it." Martha's mother said without mercy. Martha looked at the clock. It ticked away, giving Martha an idea.

Her mother had work in ten minutes, so if she could just sit there until then.

"Mom, how about you tell me a story so that I won't really taste it—you know, since I'll be concentrating on your story?" A devious Martha asked.

Her mom took a deep breath while she contemplated the offer. "Fair enough, then," Her mother agree. She then proceeded onto telling Martha the time she and her sisters had taken their dad's car to go to a party. She was so into it, that, she didn't even notice Martha hadn't touched her chiglets.

"Oh, Mom! The clock!" Martha said, purposely 3 minutes after her mom was supposed to leave.

"Oh my, how I've just let time fly!" She exclaimed. After giving Martha a quick peck on the cheek and an I love you, she was out the door.

A satisfied Martha took her plate and headed out the door. She dumped the smelly chiglets into her neighbors trash bin. She headed back in, plopped on the couch, and reach for the phone.

"May I have a small pepperoni pizza, please?"