Chapter 2

Something like this would happen to me. I just had to be stupid enough to pull it off. That sexy beast is still staring directly at me— looking confused, I believe, and something else, but I can't comprehend what that look means. He just stands there quietly, looking me up and down for like ... ten whole seconds before he walks my way, never breaking eye contact.

I notice how every other kid in the room has gotten really quiet, looking from me to the idol look alike, over and over again. This whole thing is making me nervous— I'll admit it. It's actually killing me. I'm practically dying for someone to just speak.

I keep my stare at the stunning boy impassive and act all uninterested when in fact, I'm actually mentally shitting my pants. My rant is broken when he stops walking— standing about five feet in front of me.

"Excuse me," he says. Oh my God, even his voice is sexy. "I believe you're in the wrong seat."

Even though his voice, his looks, pracitically all of him was captivating, I can't help but to feel confused. Sure, those whispers from earlier had me all curious and panicked, but I never thought the guy they were talking about would look like this.

To be honest, I was expecting the average prep. Blonde hair, blue eyes, v-neck and designer jeans. Or at least something along those lines, but this guy…

"He looks like a badass." That was the first thing that came in mind. His whole look just screamed, "Mess with me, and I will mess with you." And not just that eye-for-an-eye thing, I'm talking full out massacre— shit, dude.

However, despite his looks, my whole life I've never done anything wrong—well, besides swearing—and I don't like it when someone accuses me of doing something wrong, especially since I know I did nothing wrong. So, I have decided to be a smartass and I say, "Well I don't see your name on it."

Something dark hoods in his eyes, like they were daring me to say something else. "That's true, but I've been sitting here everyday for about three years now, so technically, it's my seat."

At this moment, I feel my lips twitch into a smirk, but before it showed, I only let my lips droop down into a frown, "But on the board it says that we can take a seat wherever we'd like." It's true, I even point at the board— which the guy in front of me turns around and looks at.

He turns his gaze back to me, indifference shown in his expression, "That may be true, but—"

"Okay, see? So this technically isn't your seat. And I'm not going to move—no matter how much you ask me," I grumble out, sitting back and crossing my arms. I know I'm sounding pissy, but I'm still pissed off by Yates. Who knew he would be such an asshole?

The guy in front of me furrows his eyebrows and takes an intimidating slep closer, "Excuse me?" He looks really offended.

"What?" I spit out before I could stop myself, "You want me to say that slower?" He narrows his eyes.

Wow, he looks really hot angry.

"Okay, listen up, bitch. I'm not going to be pushed around by you, especially by a nerd. If you're just another whore trying to get my attention or something, I don't want it. So stand up, and get the fuck out of my seat!" His eyes would be stabbing me if they could, and his tone of voice sounded a lot like a growl while he was just now threatening me.

I hear some comments come from the class, and I quickly look over everyone in the classroom. It looks like they wanted to see what I'd say. I see a few jocks to my right, they were whispering to each other and making jokes or something, because moments later, half of them start chuckling quietly. The blondes by them, which look to be cheerleaders are smirking and popping there gum like before.

I, however, was just stupid enough to sit here and humiliate myself. I really needed to say something, because I know this will result in endless teasing later on, especially by the cheerleaders. So I say the best thing that could come into mind, while looking up at the hottie daringly.

"Why would I want your attention?"

The only thing he does is scoff, "Why wouldn't you?"

I scowl, dissapointed at my lame comment seconds before, "Maybe because you're an asshole." That was the best I could come up with, but technically, I was right. He's being a huge one, too— probably because of that bigass pole shoved up his ass.

"Asshole? Do you even know who I am?" Alarm is clearly evident on his face, especially since his eyebrows are now risen in a surprised fashion. I just scrunch up my own, though.

...So that piece of shit line actually got to him?

"Should I?"

His eyes widen and he stops talking for a few moments, examining me from head to toe. I'm guessing to see if he recognizes me or something, because it's definitely not because he's attracted to me or anything. I look around the classroom due to the discomfort of his stare and notice everyone has the same look on their face.


What the hell is going on?

I also look behind the guy in front of me to get a look at Yates. He was just flipping through a magazine!

Really? How the hell did he not hear any of that?

"You're lying. There is no way that you could go to North Wood High and not know who I am," the guy in front of me says, gaining my attention once again. I just roll my eyes.

Well, someone's in denial.

"Wow. Conceited much?"

He just smirks at my response and crosses his arms, "That's not conceited, babe. That's just the truth."

I just snort at him, "Well it's obviously a lie since I don't who you are."

"No. You're obviously lying to get my attention."

"Why would I lie to get your attention if I don't know who you are?" I exclaim, raising my hands up from my impatience.

He grins, "Because of my breathtaking looks."

I snort again and slump back onto my seat, crossing my arms while rolling my eyes, "Please..."

"Don't even try to deny it. I bet you were drooling over me as I walked into the room."

I snort again. "Yeah, okay."

How did he know?

"See? You just confessed."

"That was sarcasm, moron!"


"You're a dumbass!"

"Please get out of my seat." Well, that wasn't off topic.

Not only that, but he changed the conversation back to what it was before, and when he said please, it didn't sound genuine. In fact, it sounded forced, like he was about to snap my neck, but was trying not to.


That didn't matter to me though. I hate losing.



"Hey!" comes a new voice. We all turn around and notice it was Mr. Yates. Yes! Mr. Yates to the rescue!

He gives us a stern look, "Quiet down back there!" And then he turns back to his magazine. Everyone stares in his direction for a few moments and then turns back to what was interrupted.

Yates, you are useless to me.

The bastard infront of me resumes the argument with his next sentence. "I'll give you one more chance." I roll my eyes again, for about the elevendieth time.

"I don't want it."

He growls at my response, and leans towards me, over my desk, and glares daringly into my eyes. His hands are gripping the sides of my desk, and his face is probably only five or six inches away. I wanted to gulp at the closeness of this … this Sex God, but I try my best to keep a straight face and not let myself blush.

"Get. Out. Of. My. Seat."

I just stare at him tauntingly, I lean slightly forward, leaving about three to four inches between us.

"Make me."

One side of his lips curves up into a devilish smirk.

Again, shit.