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Conzo's leg shook nervously as he waited for the collage class to end. Conzo was a handsome, tan sophomore in collage, with a slim but muscular figure. His long, curly black hair stopped at his muscular shoulders complimenting his tan completion. He could hardly pay attention to what the professor was preaching at them. Images of his last torture session with his Kris haunted him as he knew that the second he stepped outside he was going to be taken back to what Kris called his torture room.

The bell rang and unlike the other students, Conzo was in no rush to get out. Once he got to the exit door, and took in a deep breath of air before stepping outside and sealing his fate. He could see Kris waiting for him, leaning on the bricks of the entrance of the enchantingly large collage.

As they neared the torture building, which Conzo knew only too well, Conzo's breathing began to pick up, panicking nervously preparing for the long night he had ahead of him.

In the room there was a large drawer that doubled as a table, and chains attached to the walks.

"Get in position," Kris ordered.

Conzo quickly walked over to the middle of the floor and began stripping down, tightly tying a blindfold over his eyes.

"I have a lot of fun planned for you today," Kris smirked, while tightly shackling the chains onto his wrists and ankles.

He was completely immobilized, his hands pulled in opposite directions and feet, bound together.

Conzo had been beaten so many times; he recognized the sound of Kris pulling the bat out from the drawer behind him.

The first swing was at his torso. Though Conzo knew it would come he never expected the force that came with it o matter how many times he'd been put through it. The pain was agonizing; it felt like he'd eaten a bomb. He bit his lip, refusing to call out, knowing that is exactly what Kris wanted.

Again he swung the bat, this time he could hear a rib crack. Blood forced its way up through Conzo's mouth and he felt the strong need to cry out and beg for Kris to stop. He pulled against the chains, struggling, only to get nowhere. Kris simply laughed at Conzo's pain.

After ten, he began to lose count as the pain ranged from excruciating to unbearable. Conzo was now breathing harder than ever and struggling to catch his breath. The hairline fracture in his ribs was undoubtedly a full on broken rib now.

Kris walked in front of Conzo, who was whimpering, choking back his sobs the best he could. Kris slipped off the dampened cloth blinding Conzo's eyes.

"I bet you want to kill me right now."

"No sir," He strained to answer.

Conzo shivered as Kris licked the blood trail dripping from his mouth until his tongue began prying Conzo's lips.

Conzo bit Kris's tongue and jerked back. He could see the anger grow on Kris's face. "I'm sorry, it was just a shock."

Kris picked up a toy he'd had in his drawer and walked behind him. Conzo strained his neck trying to see what he was about to do to him but it was useless.

He soon felt something he'd never felt before being shoved into him. Kris grinned at the painful expression, his actions brought to Conzo. He screamed in agony as Kris continuously shoved and pulled the toy in and out.

"Please stop." He managed.

Kris only went harder, obviously enjoying himself. He took his free hand and moved it over Conzo's mouth, muffling his voice.

Conzo took a moment to breath, with the toy inside him finally stopping. Kris kissed at his neck and slowly pushed the toy further. "Remember Conzo" he whispered into his ear. "You asked for all of this." Conzo moaned as he felt his legs go limp and his body tremble uncontrollably to his touch.

Conzo moaned again in anguish as the thick toy was pushed further and further into him and Kris removed his hand from his mouth. He pinched his eyes shut, resenting that his tears flowed freely down his cheeks. When the entire toy was inside him, Kris continued to push still. Blood dripped down his thighs and continued to his ankles.

"Please, Kris." Conzo mumbled.

Kris again began going into the rhythmic pattern, shoving and pulling until all you could see was part of his hand. Conzo's face was drowsy and pale so he unchained him and allowed his body to fall to the floor, before he passed out.

Moments later he was woken back up by a kick to his side. "Go to the store and pick up some things for me."

Conzo did all he could to rise to his knee's. He was holding on to his ribs, barely making out the words Kris was listing for his shopping list.

Kris threw some clothes at Conzo, cruelly ignoring his helpless state. "I'm giving you a break, but don't get used to my generosity. If you aren't back in an hour you'll wish I treated you as kindly as I have."

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