Conzo walked into his apartment building Wednesday evening. A friend greeted him as he came in.

"Hey; Conzo, where have you been?"

"I had a doctor's appointment." He began to walk again.

"I'm sorry, what happened?" Jake asked curiously

"I, uh, I fell down the stairs and broke a few ribs."

"Oh man that is horrible," I never took you as the clumsy type. Actually come to think of it I don't ever remember you so much as tripping since I met you when we were eight." A bead of sweat began to accumulate on the side of Conzo's face. "Oh well, I guess even you trip sometimes huh." Jake laughed.

Conzo laughed slightly then met his hand with his ribs, as they ached when he laughed. When he walked into his room his heart jumped to find Kris sitting on his bead with only a camera in hand.

For a quick moment he thought about running but knew that would only make it worst.

"Hi Kris, what are you doing here," he spoke as calmly as possible; one hand was still lingering on the doorknob.

"Can't I just visit you sometimes? We're friends aren't we?"

"Yeah." He swallowed.

"Then come sit beside me, we are friends after all." Timidly, Conzo sat beside Kris. "Does my being here bother you?" he asked.

"No, it's fine with me." Conzo watched Kris's arm creep slowly around him and stop at his mangled ribcage.

Kris smiled eerily at him with all his white teeth showing. By his flawless complexion, handsome features and perfectly trimmed brown hair, no one would ever guess the monster that lied beneath. "Would you like to know why I'm here?"

"Yeah," he asked nervously, eyes lingering on Kris's hand resting on his ribs."

"Well I noticed you took a trip to the doctor, you know you aren't allowed to do that." A few fingers dug in to the opening on his ribs."

Conzo screamed in pain and pulled on the sheets, restraining himself from trying to remove Kris's hand. "Kris... please... I just needed some... pain medication for my ribs... The one's I got from over the counter weren't strong enough."

Kris quickly let go and picked him up by his neck. "I told you that if you went, I would know."

Conzo struggled to breath, holding tightly onto his arm. "I... can... explain." He murmured

Kris slammed him down and kicked him until his rage calmed slightly. Finally the brutal beating subsided; Conzo was on the floor gasping for air. With each breath the aching pain in his chest ached relentlessly. Beginning to reposition himself, he quickly regretted it as a shooting pain tore through his torso and back. Now live with pain, he wheezed and pinched his eyes shut.

Kris bent down to his level and smiled in his face then pulled out his camera. Picture after picture he flipped through, they were all pictures of him in the doctors office. "Do you think that I am stupid?"

"No." he hurriedly responded.

Kris looked deep into Conzo's dark brown eyes which were full of fear and smiled, "now, are you sorry yet." Kris wiped a few tears away from Conzo's eyes.

"Yes, I'm so sorry."

"Not good enough, I want you to say it like you mean it."

"I'm sorry for going behind your back to the doctor. I shouldn't have. Please forgive me." When Kris motioned to touch him, Conzo moved back. "No more Kris, I've learned my lesson." He trembled. "I promise I won't do it again.

"I only want to kiss you."

The kiss hurt him a lot worst than any of the punishment. Kris ran his fingers through Conzo's long hair and pressed his masculine body to his. Kris ripped off Conzo's blood-soaked shirk and soon after, it was his pants.

His emotions were now numb, as Kris had broken every boundary possible to cross. With one quick thrust Conzo felt Kris go in," He screamed loudly as the pain overtook him.


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