"The sun is new every day."

Indeed. Each day, as the sun rises, it shows a different day than yesterday. It is showing that whatever happened yesterday won't happen again today. Therefore, this present sun shines upon a present you. A yesterday sun shines upon a yesterday you. 'The sun is new every day.'

Thanks to this quote, I think I can finally prove my theory that there is no past, present or future. Each day is different, but we live under the same sun as yesterdays. You are still you. Time keeps moving forward, not backwards. The future does not exist yet. The past cannot come back. There is no present, because as I finish writing this down, it will be behind me.

Have you ever heard of the theory that there are multi universes? Like there's one where it rains, and one where it doesn't. One where Steve Jobs isn't dead and one where he isn't. An Infinity of different universes, all living in some part of a dimension. In God knows how many of those universes, they are living in our past. We are living in their future.

If one person from each universe (one from past, one form our world) were to switch habitats, they would be confused at how we live, because we are the future to them, and their present is our past. We all live in the same time periods, just different universes. So really, there can't be a past, present or future because it can't be explained properly. With different time zones, and all of us (one each from 'past, present and future') in the same room, we can't speak of it, because it cannot count. A man from our past says that we are the future. We tell him he's our past. The man from our future tells both of us we're his past, and an argument breaks out. If you think about it, this makes sense.