I watched curiously as Sheri leaned over the table in the food court, finger flitting over the pieces of two of the disposable phones she had bought, chicken teriyaki forgotten as the eccentric teen focused her mind on the task before her.

As to what that task was, or even what was before her, I had no idea. Henry was dozing off against my shoulder, content now that he was fed and comfortable. I watched Sheri work in silence until finally I couldn't take it anymore.

"What are you doing?" I snapped. Henry stirred with a soft cry but I shushed him back down, rubbing his back comfortably. Sheri's finger paused momentarily before they started working again, albeit going at a faster speed as the raven haired abductor fiddled with the chip in the back of the phone.

No, not fiddled—rearranged.

"Shush, you'll draw attention to us." Sheri said under her breath. I let out a frustrated puff of air. Like the weird girl didn't draw enough attention by herself.

"What are you doing?" I hissed, not bothering to lower my volume. Sheri's shoulders tensed before she looked up at me with an ice cold glare, her blue-gray eyes burning with annoyance.

"If you must know, Haley," Sheri hissed like a cat thrown in water, ready to bite off my head. "I am assembling an electronic wave transmitter. The second phone will become a signal jammer." She sighed and unleashed her clenched fist before grabbing a gummy worm and sucking on it forcefully.

"Isn't that illegal?" I asked, leaning across the table to eye the two phones critically.

"Highly; if I'm found with it on my person we'll both probably go to prison for attempted terrorism and the kid will get put in the system."

"Then why the HELL—" I lowered her voice as people looked over at us. "Why the hell are you making them in the middle of the mall's food court?"

Sheri pulled open a toy electric car she had bought from Radio Shack and proceeded to take it apart, further littering the small round table with electronic pieces.

"Well because you are about to be featured on the five o'clock news and I need these done before we hit the road or else the cops will chase us down in a heartbeat. Not to mention the Director probably sent out someone looking for me." She said before snapping the backing back onto the ravaged phone. I eyed it warily before Sheri tucked it away into one of the many pockets on her jacket.

"Who's the Director?" I asked as Sheri finished up with second phone/terrorist weapon.

"Guy that ran the institution I was held in. He, uh, kept me locked away, was worried I'd…" Sheri paused as if searching for the right word. "He was worried I'd disturb the other kids at the orphanage. So he sent me to the institution down the road."

"How would you disturb them?" I wondered. I felt as if I was finally getting pieces to the puzzle that was Shereene Cooper.

"I was proclaimed bipolar by the doctor my aunt sent me to. She didn't want to take care of a mentally disturbed girl—even if the illness is mild—and her kid sister so she sent me to Parker Grahms Orphanage for Gifted Children. The Director saw my medical file and sent me to the Institution. It wasn't that bad, I got to see my sister every other day but I was confused as to why I needed to be locked up. I wasn't insane."

She put the other phone away and wiggled a gummy worm in the air between them.

"I'm not insane but I was put in a nut house. However the Institution lived up to its name. We, myself and the other inmates, were trained to survive in high stress situations. We learned how to fight, with or without weapons, and how to kill quickly. You see the Director had a debt with a man named Hanalei Quibley—Doc as we know him. Doc requested someone to experiment on, in a way. "

I was horrified at what I was hearing. It was so ridiculous that I had to wonder at the story's validity but at the same time I had the feeling that what Sheri said was painfully true.

"Doc had always been interested on the power of the human body. So the director provided him with gifted, yet mentally flawed children to fuel his experiments. However Doc underestimated me. Unlike most of the kids in that hell-hole I had something to fight for. I had Alice."

Sheri stood up quickly, shocking me at the suddenness of the movement. "We'd better leave, because if my calculations are correct, you're on channel ten in fifteen minutes." Collecting the bags, the raven-haired teen led the way out of the mall. I followed, looking over into the TV in the corner of the food court as my picture popped up on the screen.



I smiled as I watched Sheri through the security camera. Smart girl. Most people on the run would avoid public places, but not Cat, oh no she liked to blend in. The more people the better.

"Well Cat, it seems our game is about to start." I said, standing up and stepping over the dead security guard on the floor.

Popping a sucker in my mouth, I twirled it around with my teeth as I strolled out of the mall after the girls. Getting on my blue and gray motorcycle he turned on his phone and scrolled to my contacts until I reached Harlequin and dialed.

It was picked up on the first ring. "Harlequin speaking," came the soft voice of my twin.

"Hey Har, tell Doc I spotted his girl. She's headed toward Pennsylvania."

"Alright I'll tell Doc. Tail her until I meet up with you. Be safe brother."

"Always am Har." I said before hanging up and driving from the parking lot.


Alice dabbed her brush into the green and brought it to the canvas. She had taken up painting as a hobby since Sheri was sent to the institution. She missed her sister. Damian was across the room on his laptop but she knew he was watching her. He had been doing that a lot lately.

Sheri had broken out of the institution three weeks ago and while Alice was happy her sister was free she was also hurt that her sister had left her. All she had gotten was a text to her phone that said "C u soon Luv ya 3". The director didn't know or else he would have confiscated her phone and used it to track down Sheri.

Despite her limited knowledge of her sister's situation she knew that that would be a mistake. It was like a game of hide and seek. And as usual Sheri didn't want to be found. Not until she was ready.

Alice didn't bother texting back. She knew that she didn't need to. Despite how much she wanted to hear Sheri's voice she wouldn't call.