Hello dear readers, my name is not your busy-ness, but I am JaseCD's best friend forever. She is s'POSED to be eating a brownie right now (as am I) but y'all have risen on the priority list. You must be in formed of what happened. It truly is tragic.

Casie was abducted by aliens and assigned to sell hair products on Mars and Mercury and all those planets. She was chosen because she has gorgeous thick hair and can breathe in space without a space suit. Isn't that somethin'? Anywhoo, martians need major hair care. They have very poor follicles and all of that, and that's why they're normally depicted as bald, green men. You can't tell who's a woman because they have no hair! It truly IS tragic. Of course, no occupants of Venus need hair care because they're kids of the goddess of loooveee.

Well, she's eating her brownie now and that's very, very good because earthly sugar is needed to reboot her system. UNfortunately, the amount of time she spent in space temporarily corrupted the brain cells that produce her characters of Lucy, Joel, David, and Bailey. Aaaand we don't really know when and if they will work again. In the meantime, we will a) EAT MORE BROWNIES because these suckers are DELish; b) develop her new story idea (goodness gracious she's worse than me *eye roll*) and c) dote on her new dog. We accept the most meaningful condolences and we hope the situation is resolved soon.

We love all of you very, very much. The attention her story has gotten is so wonderful and a SIIIGNNN that she will be famous one day (once I convince her to finish a book). You all are perfect, darling muffins and smell the best.

(Seriously this was skatink the whole time. Casie was cuddling her dog, Chloe. )

Love you all (she does too)