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She rolled over, seeing what time it was. 4:10 a.m!

Their love making lasted only 4 minutes!

Her honeymoon definitely wasn't going as she had planned. Every time she and her new husband would make love, she'd never orgasm. He'd be done and finished in less than 10 minutes. For a big guy like him, she would have expected more self-control.

She turned over completely, not wanting to face him. She closed her eyes, trying to catch some sleep before having to wake up tomorrow morning. But her eyes suddenly snapped open. She needed to come.

She pulled out from under the bed, making the excuse of needing to use the restroom, and walked into the bathroom. She locked the door softly and laid down on the floor. She lifted her legs and pushed her two fingers inside of her and began thrusting. At the same time, she used her other hand to stimulate her clit. She moaned inaudibly, whimpering softly as she gained speed in both hands. She finally added a third finger, which caused her to fall over the edge. She shuddered and came all over her hands. Another night fingering myself. It's like I didn't even get married, she thought.

The Next Morning

9 a.m, the clock read. She pushed herself up and was about to walk over to the bathroom when her husband pushed her against the wall, holding her hands behind her back. He was damn strong, that she could admit. He turned her around, now facing him rather than the wall and pushed her down onto the ground near their bed. He stood up and pulled off his clothes. She stared up at him while he stared down at her. Though the sex wasn't the best for her, just watching him stand there, his muscles pushing out against the surface of his skin made her soaked. He pushed her legs apart and sat on his knees while he undressed her. He stared at her naked body beneath him. God he loved her. He warned her when he was about to enter and pushed himself in. She lifted her legs up to his shoulders, thinking that this just might cause her to come for the first time with him. He slowly pushed into her, not going in all the way. He continued the slow pace, not wanting to speed up too fast. She felt him quiver inside of her. Damn, she thought, is he really going to come right now? We barely started! He slowed down more, if that were possible. "You alright babe?" That question made her crack.

"No, I'm not. Do you even know what you're doing down there? " She paused. "And please don't come right now. I know you love to come three minutes into you entering me, but this has got to be a new record!" She exclaimed, exasperated.

He stared down at her, completely pissed off. Trying to control himself, he said, "I thought you liked it like this."

"What? Me never coming while we fuck?"

"This time, you'll come first." He looked down at her clit, his hair tickling her chest.

"I highly doubt it," she murmured to herself. But he heard her. He snapped his attention back at her, staring into her eyes. It was a challenge. He knew it. And when she looked into his eyes, she knew it too.


He thrust himself into her harder than he ever had, causing her to yelp and scream. Her arms held onto his biceps, her nails beginning to cut into his skin. He pulled her hands off of him and placed them over her head, pinning them down. She struggled underneath him, panting and screaming at the sheer force of his thrusts. He was pissed. And she knew this was the reason to his roughness. He then stopped completely, pushing every inch of himself inside of her, causing her to yelp and drag out her moan once more.

He pushed her face to side with his own, closing in on her ear.

"Always think before you speak babe," he whispered before he started up again. She looked into his eyes. Her eyes were filled with lust and he knew exactly what she wanted.

He kept her hands pinned up over her head while he continued thrusting, but not as hard as before. This rhythm, she could handle. "Spread your legs for me."

She felt where her legs were and realized that they were squeezing against his waist. She slowly pulled her legs up and apart, so that he knees were almost touching her chest. She closed her eyes, focusing on the feelings he was evoking within her. "Look at me," he commanded. Him telling her what to do just contributed into making her that much closer to coming. He pulled out of her completely. "Look. At. Me," he ordered. She snapped her eyes open and stared up at him. He smirked and pushed himself inside of her again. "You will continue watching me until you come, alright?"

She simply nodded, not knowing how to answer in decipherable words. He continued the rhythm he had set for her, waiting for her to fall over the edge.

She began to moan louder, began to struggle a bit more and tighten more around his shaft. She was about to come. "Watch me," he directed. She stared into his eyes. She didn't dare break eye contact; she was much too close to have him stop. He let go of her hands and she instinctively held onto his shoulders. He bent down and took one of her hard nipples into his mouth, all the while watching her watch him. That was just enough to make her scream and come. She shuddered, gasping and writhing underneath him. She continued their eye contact, holding onto him for dear life. That was the strongest she had ever come. After the ripples of her orgasm released her, she slowly declined pressure from her grip on him. He pulled out of her and lay beside her.

"We should've bet money on this. Would've earned a couple bucks," he says, panting. She turns to him, and looks down at his shaft. He was still hard.

"Five bucks says I can make you come. Without coming myself."

"Twenty bucks with a time limit."

She shook her head. "Ten bucks. And I'm in charge this time."

"Deal," he reaches out to shake her hand. When they do, she uses his support to push herself up and sit down on top of him, straddling his waist. He's totally hard, his shaft facing upward and resting on his belly. She slowly grinds herself against it, her clit being stimulated once again by his penis. He takes a sharp intake of breath, but doesn't make a sound.

She picks herself up, positions his shaft upward and sits down on him, causing him to enter her, not leaving an inch unattended. This time, he groans as she begins to bounce up and down on him. She takes his hands and places them on her breasts. "Massage me," she commands.

He does as he is told. All of a sudden, she stands up, her ankles touching his waist. He looks up at her. The sight of her causes him to groan inwardly. Her plump breasts are pushed outward, he nipples perky. But what gets him the most is her wetness combined with his pre-cum slowly dripping down from her clit onto him. He grew even harder, if that were possible.

"Sit against the bed," she said to him. He pushed himself up and did as told.

"Now bend your knees upward." He almost looked like he was sitting in the fetal position, but with more space between his legs and chest.

She placed herself inbetween his chest and his knees, falling down onto him whilst having him enter her again. She pushed the mattress of the bed to the other side, giving her room to hold onto the frame. She used the frame as support to push her up and down on him.

While she bounced, her breasts were pushed up against his face. He took this opportunity to suck on each of them. She stopped bouncing and pushed him away.

"No sucking," she said simply and continued.

She felt herself begin to give in slowly. She had to make him come before she herself did. She pushed his face to the side and began to talk dirty. She described images of themselves, what she was doing to him. She watched his pupils dilate and she knew this was it. He held her waist down against him as he came deep inside of her. He groaned and moaned into her neck. She couldn't hold herself back. Feeling him coming inside of her caused her to come as well. She moaned and continued whispering his name as her second orgasm for the night rippled through her. They both sat motionless, holding each other in the most intimate way possible.

He pulled her head towards him and kissed her hard.

When he pulled away, he grinned and said, "Ten bucks please."