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"Dude, you were so uptight in there,"Madison said to me on the phone that night. I had called her and Alissa to vent and find comfort in the problem that was Anzio. "I thought you were going to slap the mess out of Drake if he kept flirting with you."

"I was," I said and sat on my bed. "I was so frustrated. I mean, I wasn't expecting all of this to happen. It's a lot to take in. I don't even know if I can handle seeing Anzio every day and being so close to him. I mean seriously, things get crazy when we're too close. I'm afraid of what might happen."

"What happens when you guys do get too close," Alissa asked out of curiosity.

"Let's just say things blow up. Badly,"I replied with a worried sigh.

"Well, it's going to be hard to avoid him for the next few months," Madison pointed out. "He is gaining instant popularity and he's in most of your classes."

"And you'll have to see him at lunch every day," Alissa added.

"I know," I sighed, tugging my hair.

"So when is your brother coming back?"Alissa asked changing the subject.

"Next week," I answered happily.

"Awesome," Madison exclaimed.

"Logan, tesoro," my mother called sweetly, holding my father's hand while I ate my dinner.

I swallowed my lasagna and answered formally, "Yes?"

"You probably already know that Anzio is in town for the whole semester, right," My father asked slowly, choosing his words carefully. To answer I stabbed my lasagna and forced it into my mouth.

"I know you're not really excited about that," my mother noted.

"Obviously," I said my mouth full of lasagna.

"But," my father began again. "It's only for a few months so this should all blow over soon."

"If you guys are trying to tell me something, can you please just go on ahead and spit it out already," I asked with growing frustration. I was always annoyed when my parents tried to address me like this. Taking turns as if I were going to treat them like my lasagna. They sent each other worried expressions and then Dad finally spoke up.

"While Anzio is here under the care of his foster family we made a promise with his parents that we would check in on him and watch out for him," my dad answered.

"Ok," I shrugged going back to my food.

"So that means that every weekend he'll be staying here," my father quickly informed me and I dropped my fork.

"He's what?" I yelled, completely taken by aback.

"Now, now," my mother said holding up a hand. "Before you get all worked up, let us finish. Your brother is going to be staying at home during college until he finds his own place. So he'll be here if you need him"

"Hmm…if you need him," I repeated cynically."Anzio is staying over here for the weekends! And having Anson here does not make that any better. What? Is he going to be borrowing one of Dad's cars too?"

"Well," they started.

"Oh my gosh!" I exclaimed getting up from the table. "Are you kidding me? Are you freakin' kidding me!"

"Hey! You watch how you talk to us, young lady," My dad instructed angrily, standing up. My mother looked hurt."Now we have a job to do and a promise to keep whether you like it or not. We Marano's keep our promises. Understand?"

"Like I care," I mumbled and stormed up to my room.

A few days later, after keeping the news inside for so long, I finally decided to tell my best friends.

"I thought you were trying to stay away from him," Alissa said not understanding.

"I was, but now I have to add the weekends to my avoidance list," I explained.

"And you're just now telling us this,"Madison asked.

"Yea, I was hoping that they would change their minds," I said.

"This is your parents we're talking about," Madison pointed out.

"Yea I know," I sighed sadly. We Marano's always stick to our decisions too and were just as dedicated to our decisions as my pain is to me.

"Sup gals," I looked behind me to see Nick heading towards Alissa.

"Hey," we said in unison.

"What's up with you, Marano," he asked noticing my solemn expression.

"Anzio," I admitted. Though limited, Nick's one of my closest friends so I have no problems talking to him about certain things.

"I see," he said. "I've noticed a little tension between you two. Anything up?"

"Well," I began, drawing in a breath."Even though our families are like the best of friends . . . we kinda . . . almost hate each other."

"Really," he asked with a thoughtful look. "Have you guys ever been close?"

"Yeah," I answered. "A long time ago. We were once best friends. Even better friends than Madison, Alissa, and I. But you know what they say . . . high school changes people."

"True," he said. "Well if you're really trying to avoid him, we should get our butts inside."

"Right," I agreed and we headed indoors.