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The Siren Speaks

-Mr. Tattoo Guy-

I slipped on my shoes, lacing them up for what seemed like the hundredth time. These damn shoes never stayed tied half the time anyway. I sighed in defeat, blowing a piece of hair out of my face in the process. I quickly grabbed my bag from my hanger in my tiny room. I raced down the stairs of the complex after locking my tiny apartment shut. I could hear the daily shouts of an angry couple from a few floors up as I raced down the three flights. I winced when I heard something bang against the wall. I never got over those sounds. Shaking my head I sprinted over the where the transit bus had just stopped. Like always I barely made it in time as I showed the bus driver my pass. I got the usual shake of the head from the driver since I had been doing this for the last three years. I quickly found a seat on the crowded bus, taking in the odor of the man that had apparently smoked one too many cigarettes. But who was I one to judge? I drank almost every week, illegally of course.

I wore my usual school uniform to the prepatory school I attended. And no, I did not go to an all-girls school. It was coed which didn't make it all that better because the guys there were a bunch of dick heads. Our uniforms were as plain as they could get with khaki's or a plaid skirt and a white or navy shirt as your option and then a blazer or cardigan. Oh but it gets even better because of the black brick shoes they make you wear. I was never one to really give a shit about much but these things looked like they belonged in a construction zone with warning tape around it.

I felt a pair of eyes on me as I kept on wishing the bus would slow down so I could prolong the time to get to school. I hated the academy with every fiber in my being, and the only reason I went was because my mother wanted me to keep going here, before she died.

I clenched my jaw, feeling the same pair of eyes boring through my skull. Usually I didn't really socialize at school, hell I didn't really have any friends and was known as an outcast. I ignored people and everyone thought of me as this quiet, goody-good girl with no friends. Yes I got good grades, was a complete loner, a bitch at most times, and didn't say much…but I was actually the opposite of half of those assumptions. I was quiet because I didn't bother in saying much unless someone tipped me off or I had to answer something important. I was a loner because I didn't bother socializing since it was just high school and I didn't exactly like anyone at my school. And lastly I was only quiet because no one really knew me when I was around my band. And lastly I was a bitch true to code because I got annoyed when certain people tried to chat my ear off. Once school was over and I didn't have to be around the spoiled rich lot of teens, I was in a band. I had friends, just people that were crazy, talented, and a bunch of complete morons but they were the best people I knew. If it weren't for my mother, I wouldn't have stayed at that academy. Turning into a night owl every day and actually being able to be myself when I was around my band mates after hours. It was the high light of my day.

I talked even less and completely shut myself off even more if it were possible, from socializing or talking during school after my mom's passing sophomore year. I already didn't like the people here but after she was gone I literally rejected everyone who crossed my path at school. But my band was there when it happened. They were the ones that saw me in my lowest state. They were there to get me through it, and I honestly don't know what I'd be doing right now if it weren't for them. I owed them a lot and was glad that they stood as my escape.

If I could have it my way, my entire band would live under the same roof and I wouldn't have to stress about being who I wasn't at school. I shrugged to myself, it wouldn't really matter though because in a year I'd be out of this place.

As the bus came to its last stop, my heart fell at the sight of the school. I shook my head, stepping off the bus and making my trench to the front entrance. Like every day, I'd be holding in a lot of insults and flipping people off. It was funny how someone could complete disguise their true personality so well and have no one realize that the quiet, disheveled haired Georgina Rossum was really a rich kids worst nightmare who lived in the heart of New York city. But no one really knew me at this school, and I was adamant on keeping it that way.

Shit would be the right words that formed in my head as irritation grew, and I turned around to see who had been following me and staring at me on the bus. Dressed in the Whitford academy uniform, stood a perfect description of a guy I thought I could only conjure in my head. He had matted dark hair with a few pieces in the front standing up in different directions looking almost like art, and the side of his hair shaved slightly with a light layer still left. A beany adorned his head that complimented his overall appearance. His ears were gauged and his eyes were an iridescent orb of light green, almost cat like and were fiercely staring at me. His lips were soft looking and plump. He towered over me by at least half a foot and I could see the lining of his tattoos peeking through his collar. I loved a man with tattoos; it was just one of the things I secretly thought were hot on men. I myself had a large tattoo, which was part of the reason I liked it on guys. He was a bit on the lean side but looked like he could definitely hold his own in a brawl. His tie was loosely done around his neck and his khaki's didn't look too shabby on him either as he paired them with some type of solid high top of a brand name I probably couldn't afford or even knew of. Overall he was stunning but I didn't let it show as my irritation didn't go away just because of his damn good looks. He was definitely a new guy.

After he didn't say anything I just snapped at him before turning away. "Take a picture, maybe it would have lasted you longer on the bus."

I rolled my eyes, pulling on the straps to my backpack as I walked up the steps to Whitford Academy.

I almost wanted to burn the banner that hung above the entrance that said, 'welcome back'.


I had gone through my first two classes in a breeze after getting my senior schedule. The beginning of the day was pretty mellow as I started out with AP English and then Art. Apparently I had first lunch which didn't bother me much but I was used to second lunch since sophomore year. The halls were jammed pack and I luckily hadn't seen much of Mr. Tattoo guy which relieved me a bit. I had to push and shove my way through senior and junior hall before making it out into the open fresh summer air. Yup, Whitford opened its school doors on the last day of August so we went in a week earlier than public schools. It was especially great when the heat was just coming down in one full blast towards the end of the month.

I cursed under my breath as I was roughly pushed out of the way. I looked up to see that it was the one and only group of girls that thought they were better than everyone. Her name was Michelle and the rest of the girls might as well have been her groupies because they thought they ruled the place since they had the most cash. Michelle's father paid for half of the buildings the academy had and apparently the bitch thought that gave her all the power in the world. Well, unfortunately it kind of did. That was why when she threw a grin over her pale shoulder my way, I had to bite back every comment that came to mind. If I tried any funny business then I was pretty much guaranteed to be kicked out of the school. Michelle had a way of manipulating any situation possible and she made her control over people known freshmen year when she got a girl expelled for something she really did. It was my last year here; I could make it under the radar for just a bit longer. I had been doing it for the past couple years now, I could do it this last one.

I took a deep breath, not paying her any more attention as I continued my walk down the cement strip that led to the commons and cafeteria. It was another awkward day as everyone was just waiting to stare at me at the beginning of the year like always to see if I would yet again stay to my lonesome self. This time I decided to change things up a bit. As I pushed open the double doors to the cafeteria you could hear the chatter coming from every table in ten-folds. There was a large guffaw from the baseball players that ruled beside Michelle and her gang of clones, and I could also make out the musicians doing random stuff in their corner with their silver wear and human produced beats. I was always kind of intrigued by the beats some of them made and since I myself was a musician I always had little tweaks and stuff I knew could be added to their sounds but I held myself back. I walked up to the line and ordered what I usually got from the Mondays menu which was the chicken alfredo. After she punched out the points on my lunch card I grabbed a water bottle and fled from the scene. I had almost made my way out before my stalker of the century showed up right before I could reach the doors.

I sighed, glancing up at Aaron annoyingly. "Yes?"

Aaron was someone I met freshmen year who had unfortunately noticed my lack of wanting to socialize and noticed it even more when he heard of my mother's death a year after that. Nothing was kept a secret around here so everyone knew each other's business within one or two days. He unfortunately was an outgoing guy who floated amongst almost every crowd and had pestered me since I started high school. Why he kept trying to talk to me and get my attention? I had no clue. Yet he made it his daily goal to talk to me, no matter how much I shook him off he kept coming back like a bad rash.

"Why don't you come sit with me?" He asked, his blue eyes sparkling with hope. But to his dismay I shot that hope down to the lowest point possible every day when he asked me the same things over again.

I shook my head. "I don't think so Aaron. I kind of want to sit alone. Nothing's really going to change this year."

I saw the flash of determination in his eyes and wished Aaron could just leave me alone for once. This was the most I had ever talked to him.

"Well this year will be the year I'll get to befriend you. You, Georgina, will have to crack under the pressure some time. And I won't give up, I haven't since the beginning and won't stop now," he replied with a smile. I sighed, resorting back to my quiet strategic ways.

I didn't answer him and instead gave him a blank stare that I knew he easily recognized as me not wanting to talk, so I side stepped him. On my way out I felt a familiar pair of eyes on my back, and sure enough when I glanced over my shoulder I saw Mr. Tattoo guy stare at me and then glance at Aaron and back. I turned my head back around, pushing through the doors to the commons where I sat on the steps and ate.

I grabbed my iPod from my bag and plugged in my headphones, switching my playlist on shuffle as Fire by Sleeping with Sirens blasted through. I sighed, content with my music and began to shove some spoonfuls of pasta into my mouth. Lunch was forty five minutes which meant I had half an hour left after Aaron completely wasted my time since it took forever to get out of that cafeteria. I had closed my eyes after I had finished eating and took a swig of water. I could feel the brightness of the sun filter through my lids and create different bright reds and yellows. I smiled to myself as my favorite song from Asking Alexandria came on next – Not the American Average. The lyrics were raunchy and something that resembled my band. I was half way through the school day, so close from getting on the first bus to meet them.

I was momentarily startled out my thoughts as someone sat beside me and took my left ear bud out. I was about to snap because I got serious when someone messed with my quiet zone time that I had to myself. I glared at no other than Mr. Tattoo guy who had just my ear bud into his ear to take a listen. He instantly grinned, a dimple prominently shown. And did, my heart just speed up? I shook my head and instantly took my ear bud back. His subtle cologne infiltrated my senses, and I had to admit…the guy had good taste.

"Nice taste in music, not the american average right?" he asked in his deep velvety smooth voice.

I narrowed my eyes. "What exactly do you think you're doing here?"

He cocked his eyebrows. "What, is your boyfriend back in there going to get mad at me?" he pointed a thumb back to the cafeteria as he stretched back and placed his hands behind his head. I couldn't help but notice his arm muscle.

"Aaron is not my boyfriend," I responded gruffly. Why was I still talking to this guy? Because you find men with tattoos simply hot. I tried to shut the little voice in my head up.

"So he's a creep who wants to get in your skirt?" he asked coyly.

Now it as my turn to raise an eyebrow. "You really are new here aren't you?" With that said I plugged my ear bud back in, sighing and hoping to wait out his presence with silence, turning up the volume so if he spoke I still wouldn't be able to hear him. I remember once someone asked me why I turned my music up so loud, all I had to say was so I could drown out everyone's stupidity. Toby asked me that when we first had our band together. It was also something he had incorporated into a lyric when we were having a writing session.

I couldn't help but peek through my eyelid to see Mr. Tattoo guy lying next to me on the steps still but with his own music out. I furrowed my eyebrows, he was weird and for some reason it intrigued me why he also still stuck around. No one had ever done this. No one actually really tried to stick around me. Something at the pit of my stomach dropped and I shook off the feeling before diving back into my thoughts, letting my music sail me away to a distant place.


Luckily the rest of the day went without a hitch and I had to endure my last period math class with Mr. Tattoo guy that I yet to learn the actual name of. Luckily he had come in late and we sat on opposite sides of the room. Although his stare didn't waver as I felt his eyes on me every other five minutes. I could only smirk as I caught him once and what do you think the cocky ass did? He winked, his dimple showing once again. He was a ladies man, I could tell by his confidence. Yet, he somehow ignored the approaches of everyone trying to converse and be friends with him. I mean, I was snappy most of the time and reserved, he was confident and witty with remarks, and we both didn't like making friends at Whitford. Maybe we weren't that much different from each other.

As the bell rang I had bolted out of my seat, making a dash for the door out of Pre-Calc. I hated math with a burning passion. If I could I'd burn every math book known to man. Everything my math teachers had ever tried to teach me, never really stuck with me. I was just naturally put off by math and it always was a pain in the ass. I got out of the room quicker than I thought and headed towards the bathroom, glad to finally be rid of my uniform. I found the biggest stall, stripping down into my panties and lacy bra. I took my black shorts that had a tattered edge to them out, quickly slipping them on and then tugging on a purple Ramones t-shirt on. I grabbed my black converse, slipping my uniform back in my bag before quickly checking my profile in the mirror. My auburn hair was still in its disheveled, curly and wavy look just like it had been this morning. My dark brown eyes alert with the little foundation I had put on to cover how sleep deprived I had been this week from late nights and playing too many gigs. I stared annoyingly at the freckles splashed over my cheeks and nose, tucking my long hair behind my ear before dashing out of the bathroom. I got the usual odd stares on my way out.

As I speeded down the entrance and hopped on the bus in record time, I let a sigh of relief out as I finally relaxed. It took only a half hour bus ride before I had stopped in the middle of a large neighborhood. I walked up the small uphill road the houses were spaced out on before I walked up to the last one where it sat on a dead end curve. I couldn't hear any sounds because they were probably in Toby's soundproof recording area. I walked up to the wood lined house filled with weeds and trees, and slightly overgrown grass. His station wagon stood parked in front of his parent's home where they were gracious enough to let us practically stay over all the time. In all honesty I barely slept at my apartment. I literally lived at Toby's house, and he never minded it because he knew my situation and had even offered to let me stay at his house however long I needed to. He also kept on telling me that I shouldn't give up on his great offer he was giving me because instead of paying my rent for my tiny apartment I could be saving that money for whatever use I'd need in the future.

I always declined though, just sleeping over once or twice a week.

I then spotted another car parked in front that wasn't any of the guys'. It was an old red truck, but I had no idea who it belonged to. Curiosity stayed with me as I didn't bother to knock but just enter the unlocked home. Toby's mom greeted me from the kitchen and I smiled politely back to her. Her tantalizing food drifted to my nose and I couldn't help but grin at Toby's mom's cooking. It was to die for. I walked up the stairs and hung a right, walking to the end of the long hallway before opening up the last door. Archie was lying on the floor laughing as Cam stood above him smirking with a beer in his hand he had most likely snuck in, trying to hold in his laughter over whatever they had been joking about. Toby shook his head and rolled his eyes as he sat in a chair in front of all the recording equipment.

Once Toby had spotted me by the door a stupid grin appeared on his face as he dove in for the kill. A noise escaped my throat as his arms snaked itself below my butt but just above my knees. I was hoisted over his shoulder and I groaned in disapproval. I was only a measly five foot five and these gorillas were all at least six foot or taller. It really didn't help me in situations like these. I glared at the back of Toby's black mop of raven hair.

"What the hell are you trying to do Tobias O'Conner!" I yelled, using his full name. All I got was a chuckle from him before he set me down. His brown eyes looked down at me with mirth. He kissed my forehead as I continued to glare at him before he tucked me under his arm. I could never stay mad at him or one of the guys for long. It was impossible for me and they all knew it too.

"Oh Cherie, you amuse the hell out of me, you know that?" I bit back a retort. I could only sigh and they took that as my sign of defeat which it pretty much was. Toby called me Cherie, a nickname I received from him a while back which I still to this day don't really know why or how I got it. He out of all the guys called me it the most. Archie and Cam only called me Cherie when they tried to butter me up or where really sorry about something. Otherwise I was just known as G.

I shrugged his arm off, waving off his comments. "Yea, yea, whatever," I smirked as I plopped on a beanbag next to Archie. Archie was our incredible drummer from Florida who moved up here when he was ten. Archie was like the kid of the group which may have been hard to believe seeing as Toby didn't exactly look as mature when I came in. Archie was the most carefree, laid back, and worry free one out of all of us. He had a free spirit about him that just made you feel at peace when you were around him. Archie was my age, a good solid 18 but was probably the best drummer I ever knew. Archie was also somehow a complete chick magnet, hell, every single guy in the band was. Archie was a dashingly good looking guy with stubble, dark brown hair and some to die for aquamarine eyes. His build was on the lean side but he was also a charmer with strong bone structure.

Cam on the other hand is our bass player along with Toby's guitar skills who switched with vocals. Cam was someone who I actually went to elementary school with and lost complete contact with later on but we were reunited during the summer before freshmen year when the band started. Cam was a blond hunk with hazel eyes and a surfers build, broad shouldered, and also a fan of the ladies. Cam was the jokester and the oldest of the group because he would be turning twenty in three weeks.

Now Toby, he was the craziest man I had ever met in my entire life. He's reckless, loving, and probably my best friend. I tell him the most and I'm practically the daughter his mother has never had. Even though his mother hints at times how great we both look together, I know it wouldn't exactly work out. Me and Toby had actually dated for a bit when the band first started out but soon found ourselves both just seeing each other as best friends. We were literally each other's other half but not in the romantic way. And yes, that didn't deter me from crashing at his or any of the guys' houses since we were only kids back then, and to me it didn't make it awkward in the least. Anyway, Toby was just the regular tall, dark, and handsome type that girls fawned over as he also had the ego the size of Russia. And whenever we did a gig, the girls there always seemed to inflate it even more. Toby was just a year older than me, and he was the one that started this group.

And where did I fit in in all of this? I was their singer who could also play the acoustic guitar.

I took a swig of the beer that Cam had offered before giving it back after a gulp or two. I needed to unwind a bit. School like always had been hell-ish.

I peered over Toby's shoulder to look into the recording booth, noticing the same light green, cat eyes on the same tattooed new guy from my school. My lips parted in shock and I swear my eyes almost bugged out. I couldn't form any words as I looked at my band mates and then back at a smirking whatever-his-name-is in the booth. I stood up abruptly.

"Toby?" I asked.

He looked over his shoulder, taking off his head phones. "Yea?"

"Who the fuck is in the booth?"

He smiled a boy-ish grin. "That's Levi, our new pianist and the guy also has some mean vocals."

Levi…that was the guy's name. I stared up at him with curiosity as his eyes pierced right back into mine.

This was really, reallyweird.

"Cam, pass me a beer would ya?" I asked as I went back to sit next to a puzzled Archie when he took in my expression. I caught the beer Cam tossed at me, popping it open and taking a large gulp before reorganizing my thoughts. I wasn't happy about this, at all. The guys hadn't even told me they were considering getting a pianist! I was always a conservative person and change was something I didn't deal well with in my life.

I stood up, needing some fresh air as I exited the recording room.

And that's chapter one.