The city was named Twilight City for some reason. Back when it was a town, it was simply called Desertcliff Heights, a good name for a small town in a desert near a cliff. The cliff wasn't there anymore, of course. It had been broken and shattered and rolled down until it was simply a steep hill. It was pretty useless for housing, so it became the Inter-Zone highway. And the town was no longer in a desert. Well, technically it was, as everything that wasn't the town was the desert. However where the old town had stood was all city now, and that was surrounded by farmland.

Twilight City's growth was awkward and ill-planned. It was a pretty small town at first, and so it made sense that it was boarded by farmland and irrigation. But then as the population grew, the town had to expand. The farmland was all quite well, so they simply built outside of it. And as it grew, more farmland was needed so that was put beyond the new city and so on and so on. The most important thing to realize is that Twilight city was pretty badly put together, forming itself into rings extending from the center like a target. Each city was called a zone, and in total there were five of them. Each zone was continuously bigger, and the rich generally preferred the tighter, more selective center zone.

Each zone was separated by canals, and was connected by the previously mentioned Inter-Zone highway. It moved from the center and connected all the city zones, only stopping at the ocean. The ocean was often jokingly referred to the reason the city had decided to stop ringing the city and adding more zones. Most people said the planners couldn't take the idea of not having a perfect circle for the next zone (Others said they were still going to build a zone six, and that to up keep the pattern there would be housing built on top of the ocean).

The Rosy Dawn was built at the other end of Twilight City, the dusty and empty end. The IZ only ran in one direction (towards the ocean), so if one were to be living in the center zone, they would have to the the IZ to zone 5, and then drive to the other side of the city just to get to the bar. It seemed incredibly pointless, yet people kept showing up anyways. Some school age kids showed up as a joke, probably planning to brag about going to the dead-end bar to their buddies later. But among them there were regulars who kept coming back. Plenty were people who lived in the dead-end of zone 5, but there were a few who came from the richer and more distant places.

Veronica Angelica Clay came from zone 1, and was a minor philanthropist and general richwoman. She was nineteen and owned two yachts, three cars and a number of assorted animals. She had sleek red hair, intense blue eyes and a large assortment of fancy dresses and jewelry. Yet every Saturday she threw on her worst clothes (a designer trench coat she had bought on a whim, that only managed to look somewhat normal after a few dust baths and a few changes Veronica had to carry out herself) and went down to The Rosy Dawn.

The food was good enough, but it probably wasn't good enough that someone would purposely sneak out and travel all the way over to the other side of the city. If she wanted to be completely honest, it was probably because she was a hopeless romantic at heart. There weren't many movies in Twilight City, but there were plenty of books. And Veronica loved reading. She especially loved sappy romantic stories of forbidden love and lust.

So on some deep subconscious level, she knew she went to The Rosy Dawn because it was just like in her sappy novels. She would meet some charming ruffian who would sweep her off her feet and they would have to hide their true love because he was actually a supernatural monster or something and maybe there would be a love triangle in there somewhere, because hey, if you're going to have one thing, might as well have them all.

She had yet to meet anyone yet (besides a few men who had tried to pick her up, but Veronica had been quick to figure none these guys were The One for her), but Veronica had developed a bit of a crush on the manager. He pretty much filled the stereotype tall, dark and handsome perfectly. He also seemed to lack emotions, which wasn't usually her thing, but she figured he was probably hiding them and decided she would be the one who would bring him out of his shell. Plus he also had a brother. She had only seen him once, but he was okay looking, and would probably fall in love with Veronica and be part of the inevitable love triangle.

This Saturday morning, Veronica did not see the manager anywhere. She did see his brother, which was pretty strange, as she was pretty sure he did the accounting in the back or something. Yet the brother seemed to be filling in today, checking on employees and generally looking completely pissed. He grinned when he saw Veronica, which was not unlike seeing a rabid badger suddenly start smiling.

"Having a good meal, are you?" He asked when he walked up to her table, "Having a good night?" He said in a sarcastic sing-song voice.

Veronica was quite confused. She had never met this man, and yet here he was, leering at her with an ugly grin. She decided to not even try to figure it out, and instead ignored him.

He continued to leer. "How are you doing tonight, Veronica? How well do you feel?"

She sat silently. She was actually doing quite well, and definitely wouldn't have minded to gush him about it.

He leaned on her table and held his head in his hands. "You look well. Are you doing good, Veronica? I do hope so. Very much, actually."

Veronica did not react. This was on purpose, as she didn't even want to give him the pleasure of responding. She just wanted to finish her meal and leave.

"Come back again." He said, much to the confusion of Veronica.

This confusion soon faded, as a minute later she was no longer confused.

In fact, a moment later Veronica Angelica Clay was nothing more then another dead body to be buried in the sands.