Diana Dalton considered herself pretty typical. She had long dark hair and dark eyes. She was allergic to bees and pollen. She liked to read books. Her hobbies were sewing and designing clothes, but she wasn't that great at either. She was twenty-one and worked in a grocery store. There wasn't much special about her.

Her family was rich, of course, but she didn't want that to define her. So maybe that was why she decided to skimp out on the exclusive college they wanted to send her to, or the invitations to fancy dinner parties. What would probably be taken as a great luxury to many was only a pain to her. She would have liked to revel in the frivolity of it all, but she considered herself to be above it, a sort of hero who did not give in to finery but rather preferred to live a simple life among the poor.

However, she would be lying if she ever said this out loud. Because as terrible to was to conform to what everyone expected of her, she really liked the high life. There really wasn't anything terrible (for her, that is) in indulging in fancy wine and fine dresses while relaxing in a custom made couch. Sure, Diana did think a bit less of some of the wealthy, especially the snobs, but that didn't mean there weren't any people she liked. She had a few 'party friends' with whom she would attend balls and dinners.

One of them was Shelley Ridgewell, who was currently pestering Diana over the phone about going to a party. Shelley was blond, short and whiny. But if one managed to conversation with her long enough, they would find her to really be a friendly, energetic girl. Even though Diana thought of Shelley as a friend, she never looked forward to her calls- they were usually a request to go to some formal event, which Shelly still hadn't realized Diana was done with.

"C'mon Diana!" Urged Shelly with a hint of fake exasperation, "We haven't gone in ages- it honestly can't be that hard to just... go. I mean, if you're privileged, you ought to live it right?"

Diana gritted her teeth. As much as her recently defined morals said otherwise, she really could go for a night out. She wanted to punch herself when she heard herself say, "Okay, fine. When should I be there?"

Shelley let out a squeeing noise that sounded quite ridiculous. "Seven! On the hour! Wear something nice!" As Diana was about to hang up the phone, Shelley shouted loudly, "Actually don't even bother! All your clothes suck- just use mine!"

Diana hung up feeling slightly disappointed in herself and slightly excited for herself.

They were going to meet up at Shelley's high-end flat before heading to the party, naturally. And, naturally, there were going to be other girls there. There was Suzanne Silver, a lanky, awkward redhead who had a bit of a superiority complex. And there was Lucille Redd, a gorgeous girl with sleek black hair and bright green eyes. She was always the talk of the party, though unfortunately for the many classy men who tried to court her, she was completely uninterested in their advances. Pretty much all of the young girls attending the party met up at Shelley's, and there were four girls who Diana did not recognize. One of them in particular stood out, a girl with unusually curly short blonde hair and stunningly bright blue eyes. She was smiling excitedly at everyone, though no one seemed to know who she was. She didn't talk either, just make overly excited faces and flash people thumbs up. She looked like a teen girl meeting her idols.

While the other girls were busy getting dolled up on make-up (Shelley had already insisted on doing Diana's, when she first arrived), Diana sat down next to the blonde on the couch. She seemed cheerful enough, but no one seemed to be paying any attention to her.

"How are you?" Said Diana, in an attempt to make small talk.

"I'm good! Actually, quite great!" She said a wide grin.

While it was good to meet such a happy person, the level of her happiness put her off a bit. Diana sat, awkwardly trying to think of something to say while the other girl smiled like a fool next to her. Diana was going to say something similar to, 'That's good, I'm doing fine too', when the blonde suddenly leapt up and skipped away without explanation.

They drove to the party, even though everything in zone one was in reasonable walking distance. Diana was wearing light blue layered dress that was slightly big on her and not at all to her tastes as well as high heels that were a bit higher then she preferred.

At least the limousine was comfortable.

It was being held in a large building usually used for office meetings. It had been cleaned up and cleared for the party and scattered throughout the room were a few tables and couches. It was quite crowded, however most of the attendees were of older age. Most of the youth were in the same sitting area, few interested in the idle chitchat and music of the old.

Diana knew how to dance, but that didn't mean she wanted to. Shelley could also dance, though it was up to debate if she was any good at it (her enthusiasm was genuine though). After they stumbled their way through a waltz, Diana found herself partners with the ever-enthusiastic blonde. It was awkward for Diana, who didn't really know the girl she was now slow-dancing with, but didn't seem to be bothered.

When the song ended (thankfully it was short), Diana managed to escape the dance floor and plopped down next to Lucille on a couch. She let out a light sigh of relief, which Lucille smirked at. "Good to be out of the cage, huh?"

"Yeah. Shelley dragged me up, I ended up staying a little bit longer then I wanted."

Lucille sipped her drink casually, "Seems to always happen, doesn't it? At least the girl you were dancing with was cute. Do you know her name?"

"Nah, I haven't exactly been attending these events lately." Said Diana, absentmindedly playing with her hair.

"I have, and I haven't seen her around at all. I assumed she was your date, considering you arrived at the same time."

"Did we? I didn't see her come in."

There wasn't much more to say, so the two of them sat in silence for a moment.

"Did you get her number though?"