-a oneshot-

Wrote this for something on You-tube, but I like it all the same. It's something I've been thinking about for awhile. (: Reviews are always welcome. Oh, and if it has some errors, I apologize. Honestly, I wrote it in about twenty minutes, so…yeah. Lol.



It's just one of those things, you think to yourself as you observe the two people in front of you. The girl is bent over, her blue eyes drooping as they flick to check the time on her phone. The boy next to her groans, fingers tensing against the table-top. He watches the basketball game playing on the television set across the room with avid attention. His butt slides forward and he nearly leaps from his seat, mouth gaping.

Boys and their sports, you think with a little smile.

The girl glances up at him, making sure that he is okay. Once she determines that her companion is safe, a secret little smile touches her lips and a blush stains her cheeks. She turns her attention back to her phone and flips it open, probably looking at her text messages. The only part of her that moves for awhile is her thumb against the keyboard of the phone. It is only when the boy's phone vibrates that she jumps a little, surprised then mildly irritated. He looks at her, cocks an eyebrow at her reaction, and then reaches for his phone. The girl leans unconsciously towards him, trying to read the message. Then her features dim, just for a second. One little second in which a handful of emotions fight across her face; a second later they are replaced by a tired smile.

It's just one of those things, you think again, watching the two friends both focused on their phones. You smile as their knees bump and neither jumps at the contact. It's one of those things – times – when you look at people and get this niggling truth. If you didn't know the two people sitting in front of you, texting other people and glancing surreptitiously at one another from time to time, you'd think they were going out. You've known them for what seems like forever, but really has only been a year, and it still kind of surprises you just how much he rambles when they're together, how her eyes light up and shine until he goes away.

You watched them meet, when she only had eyes for someone else. Time passed. You watched them grow closer. You watched them sit together, the last two people at work, and chat about nothing in particular. Smiles happened and trust happened; it would only make sense that things would happen this way. Sometimes she'd look over at him and see him talking to other girls. For a moment that beautiful smile of hers would dim, though she'd pretend that nothing had happened; like she was trying to deny the stirrings in her heart. You saw his eyes follow her as she left when her shift was over, the door slamming behind her. If you could see their Face-book messages and texts, they'd probably be littered with little snippets from one another. It's only been a year, but with the way they're acting right now (in their personal bubble) it feels like an eternity.

And yet…they're not together. You watch his eyes slide over to you and gulp, wishing that he would just stop. Sure, there's a little thrumming in your heart when he looks at you all smoldering like, but you don't care about him as much as she does. She has turned those sapphire eyes on you and there's something heartbreaking in them, something so very sad that you can't understand for the life of you. It looks like blue ink for a moment, ink from a tattoo that would belong to him if she had it, binding her to him. You feel like a perpetrator, having him look at you. It seems as if he belongs to her. Because no matter how many times his eyes waver, no matter the times he's let her down, the boy always goes back to her. She always forgives him, smiling like the world's happiest person.

He's looking away again and you sigh in relief. His brown eyes meet those of his companion and he says something. She smiles, the heartbreak in her eyes receding almost immediately. A glow fills her cheeks as she giggles, fingertips brushing his arm accidentally on the table-top. They both get up and head for the door, the boy slowing his pace so the girl can keep up with him.

It's just one of those things, you think to yourself, sighing. Something beyond mere love can happen in a blink and though you can't put many words to it, you know it is truth all the same.

When the boy and the girl are together, no matter how much they might deny it, they look alive.