One day I went to confront my tense issues when I came to face it head on.

An appointment was set up with that guy so we can discuss a way to work things out...but it wasn't meant to be.

"Hey asshole, it time for you to change or leave, you have been plaguing my vocabulary long enough, if you don't c-"

"Me? You're the one with the problems, maybe if you have been more careful with the proofread-"

I punched it in the face before it could finish the sentence.

"What was that for?" it yelled.

It jump kicked me across the room and I get up pick up 2X4 and beating it with it, break it on it's head.

Tense smile and say, "That doesn't hurt you fool!"

Then it starts punching me in the stomach several time before kicked me to the air and knock me back down. Afterward the tense kick me in the stomach before I can got up, it hurt. Then the tense pick me up by my shirt and I can see it crazy look on its face...the bloodshot eyes and the foam coming out of it's mouth!

The monster then said,"For all these years, you have been blaming your problems on me! I couldn't take it anymore...what I'll do w-" only to get interrupted by a ring.

I opened the door and saw some of my neighbors standing together, some of them with a bat, pipe, and a machete (where did he get that from?).

One of them said, "Dennis, if you don't fix your tense issues, we'll have to drag you to the writing tutor by force!"

Then the other said, "It's 3 A.M., some of us have to go to work, unlike you!"

I closed the door, walked to the kitchen, fixed myself a pot of coffee, and returned to the living room where I laid down on the sofa to stare at the ceiling...