For the past week, I felt like a character in a "Final Destination" movie and with that I had to be careful of my surroundings. One day, a sign fell and I barely got out of the way only to end up in a path of wrecking ball which grazed my shirt when I barely hard time to move to the side. Then the next day as I was camping out at the park, a fly flew at my face and I freaked out, causing me to stumble and fell right next to a rake that was discarded for some reason.

That's when I remember the "script" I read and the whole thing was starting to occur. But why would the writer take the time to torment me rather than just killing me off?

I had no time to think about that as I heard a loud horn.

A massive oil tanker was driving toward me and I dove out of the way as the vehicle then veered down the hill which resulted in a massive explosion. Truth is...I actually had plenty of time to move, it's just that I thought it would be much more bad ass if I waited until the last second to make a move. Remember, they do this all the time in action films.

For the next few days, I survived series of mishaps that were aimed toward me thanks to the fact that I was able to remember that part of the script I read. After dodging a kid on a tricycle in the middle of a intersection, I figured that it would be safer to stay at home but then another thought came up...being that I forgot that section of the script, what if he planned for me to return home?

Unable to risk going back to my home that might have been turned into a death trap, I went to the safest place I could find...the local marshmallow store (they would close down shortly after).

Unfortunately for me, the marshmallow store has products that are contaminated so even the soft cushy products are hazardous. As I was ready to get out, the door locked and even the people running the store were stunned.

"I don't remember locking the door!" said one of the employees.

"Where is the key?" said another.

Then someone came and threw a giant stale marshmallow through the window, shattering it.

We climbed our way out of the store while the store owner was busy screaming at us but honestly, screw him. Maybe if he had gotten the door fixed, this wouldn't have had happened. For the next few days, I was in hiding and thankfully, I remember that part of the script or at least hoped it was that part anyways and so I could try to wait until the situation blows over.

Blow over it did since the events finally stopped happening...or so I thought.

When I got home, a car from across the street blew up...

On the bright side, the writer's aiming became off more than usual. After that, I took a rest and went back to look at the script whoever it is wrote and to my relief, it was over.

But then my stomach growled and I went out to eat something.