A/N: This is not a real story, Tiben is not a real person. But I didn't just make up this thing about Kony, that part is real. /

Kony 2012 - Prologue

In a small town in Uganda, lives a young boy. His name is Tiben. His whole life is just one small part in the bigger mayhem which is Northern Uganda. Running from town to town, sleeping with thousands of other children and adults on the floors of abandoned sheds and ruined school houses. Fear soaks his life every day, fear of being took, being stolen. There is no end to this torture for him, he is alone. His family dead. And they made him watch. That's how sick this whole ordeal is. They made him WATCH. Watch as his own brother shot his parents down dead, and then watching him turn to Tiben and raise his gun, watching as his lips mouthed the words, "I'm so sorry". And then as he turned the gun around, trying to shoot at Them, the LRA people. But it gave Tiben a chance to escape. To run from the madness of trying to force young, innocent children, who had no grudge against them, to become soldiers. Trying to force children to become Child Soldiers. This is his diary. This is his life.